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Speech and Language Archive: 2017 - 2018

Springwell School Speech Therapy Assistant

Springwell School Speech Therapy Assistant 1


Just a quick message to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about what I do in school.


My name is Cheryl DeCosemo. After working in Springwell School for 8 years as a Teaching Assistant, the opportunity for me to train as a Speech Therapy Assistant became available, and I haven't looked back since. That was 6 years ago now.


My role in school is to liaise with parents and carers, teachers, teaching assistants, NHS speech therapists and any other professionals who may be involved with the child.


I currently have many children on my case load. I see children on a 1-1 basis, group therapy and whole class sessions.


These sessions are structured around the assessments which the child's NHS therapist has carried out.

I try to make each session fun and engaging, no matter what my objectives are. This way the children are eager to join in and learn new strategies to help them with their communication and understanding, without realising.


At the moment my sessions include:

* two focused communication groups

* one peer communication group, which two classes participate in

* two sensory groups

* 1-1 therapy

* three ASD communication groups

* communication aid support around school

* Makaton signing support around school

* Lego therapy

* The Listening Programm

* staff training in Makaton, Eye Gaze, Communicate in Print

* make resources for school, as well as for in the home

and more to be added in September.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on the school number 01429 280600

I will always try my best to help.



Monday September 3rd 2018


Good Afternoon everyone. 

Just a short message to say I hope all of you had a lovely Summer Holiday and are feeling ready for our Autumn. Term.


As always, I am in school full time. Working with our pupils on a 1-1 basis, in small groups, in large groups and with full classes.


I liaise with the NHS Speech and Language team on a regular basis,  with other professionals, as well as the second most important people, you the parent and carers of pupils....the most important people being your children of course.


If at any time you would like to have a chat with me regarding what intervention I am currently working on with your child, if you'd like to sit in on a session so that you could maybe take some ideas home and carry on the practise, If I could offer you some support with Makaton signs or make up some visual time tables for in the home. I am always here and happy to help.

Our topic this term is 'NATURE'. I thought it would be useful for the families of our pupils to be able to access some of the Makaton signs we are using within school. This will reinforce what the children are signing in school and also allow you and others to communicate and discuss things when you're out and about together.

Each week the whole school learns a new sign. Our aim is to then use it as many times as we can to help us remember it.

Today is Monday 11th June 2018. 
This weeks sign is 'MORE'.

Here are some of the children in Anaconda Class helping us with the sign.

The sign of the week

Still image for this video

Here are some of the children in Tiger Class showing us all how to sign 'sun' in Makaton.

It is very very sunny so i am sure we will get to use this sign a lot over the next week.

Sign of the week

Still image for this video
Today is Monday 25TH June.
Today's sign is...'SUN'

22/6/18 - Peer Communication Group: Koalas & Tigers

11/05/2018: Peer communication group - Koalas and Tigers (Summer Term 2018)

04/05/2018: Peer communication group - Koalas and Tigers (Summer Term 2018)

25/04/18: Focused communication group - Tiger Class (Summer term)

18/04/2018: Focused communication group - Tiger Class (Summer Term 2018)

28/3/2018: Focused communication group (Spring term)

14/03/2018: Focused communication group - Tiger Class

Peer Communication group - Koalas and Tigers (Summer Term)