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Benefits of a multi-sensory room in special education 

  • To develop the ability to focus & develop new skills
  • To increase attention levels & involvement
  • To help to build confidence & social skills


Our sensory room has benefits for everyone but is particularly beneficial for children with special needs, behavioural disorders, sensory processing disorders and disabilities. Our sensory room is 
multi-functional and helps to stimulate the children's senses and help them to gain a sensory experience, develop new skills and explore their senses. For children with behavioural disorders, our sensory room can help them to take time out and calm down when they are getting anxious and unsettled.
Senses can be stimulated by following flashing, colourful lights, pressing buttons, hearing noises and sounds and feeling different textured materials, but our sensory room can also have a calming
influence. The exciting flurry of lights and sounds can quickly be adapted to create a calming,
relaxing environment, where children can lie back and be soothed by dim, slow lighting, pleasant, soothing smells and calming music.