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Staff Training

Refresher ICT/Computer Skills Training for Staff   2020-2021


Throughout the year, there are specific, allocated staff meetings which are designated in upskilling our staffs ICT knowledge, understanding and skills.


ICT Training Agenda

Uploading photos from a camera, ipod or ipad onto the computer

  • Putting photographs into files
  • Deleting photos
  • Printing photos

Searching Internet

  • Finding an image or piece of text from the internet.
  • Copying and text/image pasting onto a Microsoft document.
  • Resizing image, cropping image, editing text
  • Printing


  • Changing Font (colour, size, design)
  • Positioning (align left, right, centre)
  • Inserting Photo
  • Rotating Photo
  • Cropping Photo
  • Enlarge/make photo smaller

Power Point

  • Layout
  • Insert text
  • Insert photos
  • Insert moving images

Adding effects to Power Point

  • Add animations
  • Emphasis animations
  • Exit animations
  • Motion paths
  • Slide show transitions

'Microsoft Kodu Game Lab' Staff Training at the Space to Learn

'Lego We-Do Kits' at Space to Learn