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Welcome to Jaguar Class


Jaguar Class is a class for children who have a diagnosis of Autism  and are aged between 6 years and 9 years old.

Communication Skills

The children will be encouraged to develop their communication skills through the use of sign, symbols, Picture Exchange Communication System and speech throughout the year.

Social Skills

The children will take part in various activities in the community such as visiting local shops and cafes, parks. We also swim each week at Millhouse swimming pool.

Children are encouraged in class to turn take and take part in class activities.


Our topic this term is Entertainment.

Children take part in class activities, one to one work with an adult in class and then complete their workbox activity following the TEACCH approach to consolidate their skills and learning.

Each child follows a personalised  path  building on their skills and learning new skills through small steps and repetition.


The class staff are

Janis Moore Class Teacher

Allison, Chloe and Jo M are the Teaching Assistants.


We hope that you enjoy looking at our class page throughout the year. We will post some of the activities and work that we have done over the year.


Thank You

Janis, Allison, Chloe and Jo.


Our Topic Web for Autumn 2017 - Entertainment

Week beginning Monday 11th September 2017


This week we will be learning about:

Literacy Our story is Kipper's Toybox.

Maths we are counting.

Rebound, PE and Swimming.

Letters and Sounds  Some listening Games, the letter t and how to spell and read words.

Geography We are visiting a playground to explore the equipment.

In ICT we are exercising and using symbols to say how we feel after exercise.

Music we are listening to and dancing to Disney Songs.

Art Exploring materials with our hands and paintbrushes

As well as Yoga, Our OT programmes and Therapy Pool.

Sensory Mark Making In Literacy. We made marks in the shaving foam.

Week beginning 18th September 2017


This week we will be learning about

Literacy- Kipper's Toybox

Maths - counting

Letters and Sounds - listening games, the letter a and reading and spelling words

Geography - Visiting a park to explore the play equipment as part of our work on playgrounds -while the weather is still nice (hopefully!). Then we will design our own playgrounds.

ICT - We will video ourselves exercising and using the playground equipment in school.

Music - We are listening to Disney songs and joining in with instruments.

Art - we are exploring different materials.

Swimming, PE, Rebound, Therapy Pool

Along with Yoga, our individual OT programmes and outside play and soft play.


Thank you 

Jaguar Class

Exploring Ward Jackson Park. The swings are our favourites in Jaguar Class

In Maths we have been counting things.

Week beginning 25th September 2017


This week we are learning about...

Literacy: Our story is The Big Red Bath

Maths: We are counting and beginning to add objects together.

Letters and Sounds: The letter p. Blending and reading words and matching words to pictures and listening games.

Rebound Therapy

Geography/Bus: We will visit Summerhill Park to explore the playground.

DT and RE with Annette.

Science: Exploring toy cars for our topic on cars.

ICT: Looking at food we like and don't like using pictures to record our answers.


Music: Listening to songs and playing instruments

Art: Exploring different materials.

PE and Soft Play

Therapy Pool.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Jaguar Class have been learning the Yoga Poses in September and they really enjoy it.

Week beginning 2nd October 2017


This week we are learning about

Literacy: Our story is The Big Red Bath and we are working on using our PECS to develop our communication skills in Literacy.

Letters and Sounds: Listening games and the letter i and the ai sound

Maths: Counting and Adding

Rebound and Soft Play

Geography: Visit to Hardwick Park to explore the park and grounds

DT and RE with Annette.

Science: Exploring cars and ramps.

ICT: Playing a game about sorting healthy and unhealthy foods.

Art: Practicing our cutting skills to make circus pictures.

PE, Swimming and Hydrotherapy Pool



We will add some photographs through the week.

No Pen Wednesday 4th October 2017. One of our favourite activities is exploring the shaving foam and making marks. We also made all the animal noises for the animals in our story Big Red Bath.

Week beginning 9th October 2017


This week we will be learning about :

Literacy: The Big Red Bath - we will be using PECs to request items to make collages, sequencing the story.

Maths - Shapes around us, sorting shapes.

Letters and Sounds - listening games the letter n and the oa sound.


Geography/Art - visiting Herrington Country Park to look at Autumn, hopefully find some leaves for our Art work.

DT and RE with Annette.

Art with our Autumn Leaves and sensory playdough.

ICT - e-safety work on staying safe on the internet.


Science Toys - exploring different balls and how they move.

PE and Soft Play

Hydrotherapy Pool.


We will add photos throughout the week.

Science Exploring Balls. We played with the balls afterwards but we were too busy to take photos.

Maths We looked for shapes around school and went on a shape walk.

Week beginning 16th October 2017


The last week of the half term.

This week we are learning about...

Literacy - Our new story is Meg's Egg, we will using dough and making spells.

Maths- Pattern -we will making our own repeating patterns.

Rebound Therapy

RE and DT with Annette - The South America Team HLTA

Hopefully visiting Herring Country Park to finish our Geography on playgrounds.

Science - We are carrying out an experiment to see how far the balls can roll.

ICT - work on e-safety and people that we can trust.


Yoga - our yoga this month has been Squish the Fish.


Then we break up on Thursday.

Have a great Half Term week.


Squish The Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Our Yoga for October 2017

Week beginning 30th October 2017


This week we will be learning about ....


Literacy - Meg's Egg baking Halloween biscuits, sequencing the story.

Phonics - Listening game, the letter n and oa sounds.

Maths - Measuring using non standard measure, using language about size big, bigger, small

Rebound Therapy

Bus visit to Toys R Us to begin our History topic on Old and New Toys.

DT and PHSE with Annette

Science - exploring balloons and making own hot air balloons

ICT - recording soundtracks, exploring the microphone and listening to our voices.

History - sorting toys into toys we like and toys we don't like.

Hydrotherapy Pool



We will add pictures and some work during the week.

Ruby Broom | A Halloween Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure for Halloween! 👻 Episode 47! A kids yoga adventure for kids aged 5+. In our Halloween Special we meet Ruby Broom. Now, Ruby's a witch and the kids at school have been teasing her about it.

Baking Halloween Biscuits.

Week beginning 6th November 2017


This week we are learning about


Literacy - Giraffe's can't dance is our new story.

Maths - We are learning about measuring, using words to describe size and measuring things with non-standard measures.

Letters and Sounds -listening games, the oa and n sound.

Rebound Therapy

History -Bus to visit Preston Park to look at the old toys. Also sorting toys into toys I like and toys I don't like.

PHSE and DT with Annette

Science- looking at windmills and making our own windmills.

ICT - recording and listening to ourselves using the microphone.


PE and Soft Play


We will add more photographs during the week.


Week beginning 20th November 2017


This week we are learning about ...

Literacy -Our story is still Giraffe's can't dance. We will be sequencing the story this week.

We are also using PECS to request items and to find items.

Phonics is the letter e and the ee sound.

Maths - we are counting objects to find out how many. Some of using are adding two groups of objects/number together to find the total.

Rebound and Soft Play

Bus to visit Preston Park to look at old and new toys.

Science - To make a parachute.

ICT - To record our own voices

History - To explore old and new toys.


Swimming and Therapy Pool.


Keep checking for photos during the week.