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Pupil Progress

Springwell has developed a new system to track pupil progress which ensures all the achievements of pupils are recognised.


Children who are not able to access the National Curriculum appropriate for their age are assessed using P levels – P1 to P8 and P9-10 which have been written by Springwell School. In order to show the smallest achievement of pupils we use a further system called PIVATS which allows levels to have five further subdivisions. Therefore a child could attain P6a, P6b, P6c etc.


We expect each child in school to make at least 2 P levels progress across a Key Stage. This can be further subdivided into making at least two PIVAT levels per year.


In addition to this all teachers set Individual Education Targets (IEP’s) in English, maths, IT and PSHE. These are monitored and progress is checked every term.