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Welcome to Lion Class

Our teacher is called Jane and our teaching assistant are called Pam (HLTA), Sandra, Emily, Sue and Katie.

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About Lion Class

All the children follow an individualised multi-sensory curriculum. they are fully supported by experienced and skilled teaching staff at all times. The children are taught all subject areas within the National Curriculum. The children also have access to Hydrotherapy, Rebound Therapy, Passive Movements, Sensory Integration, Intensive Interaction, TacPac, Body Awareness, Occupational Therapy, Orthotics and Physiotherapy.


Important Dates

Tuesday 5th September 2017 - Return to School

Thursday 14th September 2017 - West View Project - Visiting Wynyard - Story in the woods.

Thursday 12th September 2017 - West View Project - Archery & Other Physical Activities.

Wednesday 11th October 2017 - Our Class Assembly (9:30am)

Friday 20th October 2017 - School Closed - Teacher Training Day & Half

Monday 30th October 2017 - Return to School

Tuesday 31st October 2017 - Halloween

Friday 22nd December 2017 - Break up for Christmas




Monday 11.09.17 - Our Mayor from Hartlepool presented the 'Grand Opening' of our school's 'New Front Entrance'