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Class Song: Africa - Shakira

Welcome to Lion Class

Our teacher is called Jane and our teaching assistant are called Pam (HLTA), Sandra, Emily, Sue, Lynn and Sandra

About Lion Class

All the children follow an individualised multi-sensory curriculum. They are fully supported by experienced and skilled teaching staff at all times. The children also have access to Hydrotherapy, Rebound Therapy, Passive Movements, Sensory Integration, Intensive Interaction, TacPac, Body Awareness, Occupational Therapy, Orthotics and Physiotherapy.


Important Dates

Tuesday 4th September 2018 - Return to School

Monday 24th September 2018 - Lion Class Assembly at 9:30am

Wednesday 24th October 2018 - Parents Evening

Thursday 25th October 2018 - Half Term

Friday 26th October 2018 - Teacher Training Day

Monday 5th November 2018 - Return to School

Friday 7th December 2018 - Christmas Jumper Day

                                              - Christmas Fayre 10-2pm

Wednesday 12th December 2018 at 10:30am - Christmas Play (Please can parents/carers of pupils from Pangolins, Lions, Dragons, Caimans, Jaguars and Toucans attend this show).

Thursday 13th December 2018 at 10:30am - Christmas Play (Please can parents/carers of pupils from Anacondas, Tigers, Dragons and Pandas attend this show).

Friday 14th December 2018 - Lion Class Polar Express - Children to come into school wearing their PJs & it is also Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Bake-Off in the afternoon.

Monday 17th December 2018 at 10:30am - Christmas Service at St Hilda's

Tuesday 18th December 2018 - Whole School Visit to Hartlepool Town Hall to see Cinderella

Wednesday 19th December 2018 - Lions Christmas Party

Friday 21st December 2018 - Christmas Jumper Day

                                                  Christmas Dinner

                                                  Christmas Visitor



Sparkle Curriculum


Sam and Jane have been working together this term, creating a new ‘Sparkle Multi-Sensory Curriculum’ for Lion Class and Pangolin Class. Our new curriculum will start in January 2019 and it will be fantastic for our children.


Sparkle curriculum will be delivered in a multi-sensory, creative way which will enable pupils to access learning using their senses through a holistic approach. It has been designed for our pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) and Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) who require specialised management for physical disabilities, sensory impairments and complex medical needs.



· MOTIVATING Our pupils learn when they are interested, stimulated and engaged.

· RELEVANT It is relevant to the learning styles of the pupils and takes into account their prior knowledge and learning needs.

· CHALLENGING All teaching staff have high and realistic expectations of the pupils and with specialised, inclusive teaching — progress is evident.

· FOCUSED Shared targets from EHCP, physiotherapists, SALT etc. are central to the pupils provision.


All the children will have a (PLP) Personalised Learning Plan. This plan will include all the targets your child will be working towards and it will include targets from everyone who works with your child in school e.g. physiotherapy targets, occupational therapy targets, speech and language targets and targets from visual impaired teacher if applicable. The PLP will reflect the same targets that will be included in your child’s Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP).


Our Sparkle Curriculum, endeavours to provide our pupils with motivating experiences and activities that will ensure a high level of engagement.

Pupils following the sparkle curriculum require a high level of adult support, both for their learning needs and also for their personal care. They need sensory stimulation and a curriculum broken down into very small achievable steps.

This new curriculum will predominantly be made up of sensory themed learning and therapeutic activities. More time will be spent on more beneficial, holistic and individualised activities e.g. positioning in specialised equipment, visual stimulation, hand and finger work (exploration – sensory play), therapies, movement, relaxation, Tac Pac, story massage etc.

For more information on our new 'Sparkle Curriculum' please read this leaflet.

13.12.18 Our ABC Christmas Nativity! The children in Lion Class were all little super stars!

Our Class Nativity Song: "Sing with me!"

Coding Week 29.11.18 PLAYING A WATER PIANO The children enjoyed dipping their fingers into jars of water in turn to activate the musical notes on the virtual piano.

Coding Week 28.11.18 The children enjoyed pressing the tin foil keyboard using the MaKey, Makey kit to activate the musical notes on the virtual piano.

Coding Week 27.11.18 The children enjoyed pressing the banana keyboard using the MaKey, Makey kit to activate the musical notes on the virtual piano.

Coding Week 26.11.18 The children enjoyed pressing the vegetable keyboard using the MaKey, Makey kit to activate the musical notes on the virtual piano.

Letters and Sounds - Phrase One (November 2018)

Anti-Bullying Week - Wearing Odd Socks (November 2018)

Remembrance Day - Painting Poppies (November 2018)

Creating Firework Pictures using Neon Paint and Glitter! (November 2018)

Hydrotherapy Pool - November 2018

Cookery - Making Halloween - 'Scary Bats' Shortbread Biscuits (October 2018)

Healthy and Active Lives - Class Assembly

This is "Healthy and Active Lives - Class Assembly" by jane on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

All the children in Lion Class happily participated in a game of 'Table Cricket' - October 2018

Whole School Topic Web: HEALTHLY AND ACTIVE LIVES (Autumn 2018)

Geography - Visiting Waverley Terrace Allotment - Where does our food come from? Exploring different vegetables growing in the allotment (13.09.18).