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Speech and Language

We have our own Speech and Language (SALT) team that work within Springwell School.


Specialist Speech and Language Therapist – Samantha Foy


Speech and Language Therapy Assistant – Cheryl Decosemo


Your child can be referred to the SALT team by classroom staff, we will require consent from parents/guardians before we can complete any assessment or therapy with your child. The Springwell SALT team are only able to see students within school, we are not able to complete home visits.


Our school team liaise with the local NHS Speech and Language service. It is possible for your child to work with our SALT team and the NHS SALT team at the same time where appropriate. 


What do we do?

  • The SALT team work closely with classroom staff and other support staff across the school.


  • Assessment – the therapist can assess a range of speech, language and communication skills for example understanding and use of language, speech sounds, social skills, memory and attention/listening skills.


  • Assessment – the therapist can assess a child’s ability to use alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) e.g. PECs, Makaton, eye gaze, switches


  • Therapy – direct therapy in a 1:1 or group setting, indirect therapy through classroom staff and target setting.


  • Therapy goals are identified through the course of assessment and can be linked to your child’s IEP.



Communication with parents/carers

  • Please phone school or come and visit us if you have any questions about your child’s speech, language and communication. Our therapist operates an open door policy and is always happy to meet with parents/carers.


  • Any reports or target sheets will be sent home.


  • The therapist may contact parents during the course of assessment to take case history information.



Communication with other professionals

  • Our school team liaise with other professionals that may be working with your child e.g. NHS SALT, OT, physiotherapy, educational psychology.


  • The therapist/assistant may attend meetings related to your child’s education, health and care plan or care-coordination.