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"Welcome to Toucan Class"

Our teacher is called Caroline and our teaching assistants are

Karen, Sue, Chelsea and Millie.


We are an Early Years/Key Stage 1 ASD specific class.


This term our topic is 'Healthy & Active Lives'


Literacy - The Gruffalo, From Head to Toes, Funny Bones, The Enormous Turnip and A Very Snowy Christmas

Science - Ourselves

History - Guy Fawkes

Art - Active Art

D&T - Myself/Playground

Geography - Harvest and Food

RE - Shabbat and Christmas

Music - Action Songs

PHSE - Healthy Choices



October 2018


In art we have been exploring using paint in a variety of ways; brushing , blowing , pressing , stamping , flicking , syringing and rolling objects. We've used different types of paint including textured paint and powder paint. We've also explored clay and experienced moulding and, manipulating the product with our own hands and tools. We've produced some magnificent works of art!


September - October 2018


We read the story of The Gruffalo in class : We even went on a Gruffalo hunt at Wynard Park!




This is our Gruffalo display board!

This is our Gruffalo assembly presentation!


November 2018


We've looked at recognising our own photo and, photos of others as well as trying to match them to the corresponding voice. We made a class presentation and, inserted photos and sounds. We held a classroom disco and made and controlled our own playlist. Starting and,stopping the songs and, controlling the volume.


We also programmed BeeBots to follow a specific path!