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Welcome to Panda Class!



Our teacher is Louise Charlton.

Our teaching assistants are Rachel, Val and Jordan.


Panda class is a class of 9 children with a variety of learning difficulties, alongside associated speech, language and communication difficulties.


On our class page you will find information about what we are learning in class and the many exciting events that are coming up throughout the year. We will also use this page to share photographs and videos of your child's learning and any other special activities that occur within our class.

Important Dates

Tuesday 4th September 2018 - Return to School.

Wednesday 17th October 2018 - Pizza Express Trip.

Thursday 25th October 2018 - Break up for half-term.

Monday 5th November 2018 - Return to School.

Thursday 15th November 2018 - Cinema Trip.

Friday 7th December 2018 - Christmas Jumper Day./Christmas Fayre.

Thursday 13th November 2018 - The ABC Nativity.

Monday 17th November 2018 - Christmas Service at St. Hilda's.

Tuesday 18th November 2018 - Pantomime at Town Hall (Cinderella).

Thursday 20th December 2018 - Christmas Party.

Friday 21st December 2018 - Christmas Jumper Day/Christmas Lunch.

Friday 21st December 2018 - Break up for Christmas.

Monday 3rd December 2018: Nativity Paintings - After learning about the Nativity in RE, we started to make our own Nativity scene paintings.

Monday 26th November 2018: Vegetable Glue - After reading the story 'Vegetable Glue', we made our very own vegetable glue. It was super tasty and super healthy.

Monday 26th November 2018: Shapes - In maths today, we have been learning about shapes. We constructed 2D shapes using lolly sticks.

Thursday 22nd November 2018: Tens and Units - We have been learning all about tens and units in maths today, using cubes to count and show the total tens and the total units in a number.

Wednesday 21st November 2018: Addition and Subtraction - In Maths, we used a number line to work out different addition and subtraction sums.

Wednesday 14th November 2018: Subtraction Game - In Maths, some children played a subtraction board game. Working out the sums as they moved along the ladder.

Wednesday 14th November 2018: Ugly Duckling - After reading the story 'The Ugly Duckling', some children made some fantastic paper plate swans.

Monday 12th November 2018: Anti-Bullying Week - Panda Class wore odd socks to show their support towards Anti-Bullying Week!

Friday 9th November 2018: Bowling - We had lots of fun at Larry's Lanes! We were practicing adding our number bonds to 10.

Thursday 8th November 2018: Cinderella Assembly - We had great fun acting out the story 'Give Us A Smile, Cinderella!' for our class assembly. Here are some of the wonderful characters!

Tuesday 6th November 2018: Adding Bingo - In Maths, we played addition bingo. Putting the highest number in our heads and using our fingers to add.

Monday 5th November 2018: Making Playground Equipment - In DT, we used different tools and materials to make our own miniture playground equipment.

Thursday 25th October 2018: PAT Dog - We had another visit from Maisie, the school's PAT Dog.

Thursday 25th October 2018: Frankenstein Cakes - For Halloween, we made some fantastic Frankenstein Cakes!

Thursday 25th October 2018: Halloween - Look at our fabulously spooky Halloween Costumes!

Monday 22nd October 2018: Cinderella's Carriage - In Art, we made our own Cinderella Carriages. The look magical!

Friday 19th October 2018: Cinderella's Shoe - We drew around Cinderella's shoe and measured it against our feet to see who it would fit.

Thursday 18th October 2018: Langar Meal - In RE, we have been learning about Sikhism and what Langar is. We made some Samosas as they are often part of a Langar Meal.

Thursday 18th October 2018: Kinex - After visiting a playground last week, we worked in groups and made our own playground equipment using Kinex. They looked marvelous.

Wednesday 17th October 2018: Pizza Express - We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Pizza Express. We made our own pizzas and enjoyed learning all about the different ingredients that we used to make our pizzas.

Tuesday 16th October 2018: Length - In Maths, we have been learning about length. We used paper clips to measure different objects.

Thursday 11th October 2018: O'Clock - We have been learning all about time this week, in Maths. We used clocks to show different o'clock times.

Friday 5th October 2018: Penny Bingo - In maths, we counted some pennies to match the correct numbers on our bingo boards. It was great fun!

Thursday 4th October 2018: Pinocchio - Some of the children in class retold the story of 'Pinocchio' using our puppet theatre.

Thursday 4th October 2018: Park! - In Design & Technology we went to visit a park in the local area as we are going to make our very own park models. We got lots of ideas for what we want to put in out model parks.

Thursday 4th October 2018: Acting out Pinocchio - We loved acting out this weeks story!

Wednesday 3rd October 2018: Pinocchio Cakes - We made some Pinocchio cakes to go with this weeks story. They looked and tasted amazing!

Wednesday 3rd October 2018: No Pens Day! - We had a great time making some of our own Pinocchio puppets with split-pins.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018: No Pens Day! - To celebrate 'No Pens Day' we played a sensory game where our classmates had to guess the object we were describing. It was great fun!

Friday 28th September 2018: Arcades - After learning about money in maths, we went to the arcades to use the machines. Looking at what different coins they all needed to work. We enjoyed an ice-cream afterwards too!

Friday 28th September 2018: PAT Dog - Maisie the PAT Dog came in to visit us today. She is so friendly!

Thursday 27th September 2018: Baking Cakes for MacMillan - We made some delicious cakes ready for our MacMillan Coffee Morning in school tomorrow!

Wednesday 26th September 2018: Money - In maths, after learning about money, we used money to buy fruit and vegetables in the role-play shop in class.

Monday 24th September 2018: Autumn - In art, we have been making some autumn pictures. Using autumnal colours for the leaves. They look beautiful!

Friday 21st September 2018: Hardwick Park - We went to Hardwick Park to see Rapunzel's tower. We also enjoyed playing on the swings while we were there!

Monday 17th September 2018: Number Bonds Bingo - In maths, we played a game of bingo. Making number bonds to 10.

Monday 17th September 2018: Paul Cezanne - In Art we have been learning all about the artist Paul Cezanne. We used different techniques to create our own fruit bowl paintings. We used water colour and printing techniques.

Thursday 13th September 2018: Making Gingerbread People - We designed and made our very own Gingerbread people.

Tuesday 11th September 2018: Ladybird Bingo - In maths, we have been learning about number bonds to 10. Using ladybirds, we played bingo to find how many more spots the ladybird needs to make 10.

Tuesday 11th September 2018: Finger Puppets - Some children in panda class retold the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' using finger puppets. It was great fun!

Friday 7th September 2018: Tesco - We went to Tesco's to look for some green vegetables, just like the ones in Eat Your Greens Goldilocks.

Friday 7th September 2018: Number Formation - We had some wonderful number formation in Maths today!

Thursday 6th September 2018: Eat Your Greens Goldilocks - Panda Class thoroughly enjoyed acting out this story.