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 Hello and welcome to Shark Class. We are mostly Year Six and as you will see the brainiest class in Springwell who never show off or tell anyone about how clever, funny, good-looking and polite we are!!! smiley







This is my handwriting from the first day back to school.........

Picture 1
...and this is it now...
Picture 1

I am very proud of how much it has improved. 





We have been learning how to collect and show information on graphs... here is one of mine ...

Picture 1





In History this term we have been learning all about The Tudors. There were five Tudor monarchs. 

Here is how we learned about them ........

Picture 1

We Also made some news reports showing how each wife of King Henry VIII was got rid of......

Design and Technology 


We have been looking at photo frames this half term and how they work, what they are made from and ending with making our own from wood. We had to design the frame, make it and decorate it. We all enjoyed working with the tools and paints.