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Dragon Class is a Key Stage 2 class with 11 children and 4 staff. Nicola Hodgson (Teacher) is supported by Shelby, Karen and Jo. 

This term the topic is Home and Away. We are excited to learn about lots of different countries and comparing them to the UK. 

Topic Web for Home and Away.

Dragon Class visited the GAIA exhibition at Hartlepool Town Hall. The instillation is made of NASA imagery of the Earths surface. The children pretended they were on the moon looking down at Earth. We listened to real life commentary from space missions. It was amazing!!!!!

As part of our history topic, we visited Beamish Open Air Museum. We looked at all the houses from the different time periods and compared the features of the houses.

What an amazing day we had canoeing with Summerhill at Cod Beck. We had lots of fun learning how to paddle and steer a canoe!! We saw lots of wildlife including tadpoles and dragonflies.

We enjoyed doing our class assembly. We told everyone all about World Oceans Day and what we need to do to protect our planet.

Wow!! What a fantastic morning we have had celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. We dressed up as members of the Royal Family - Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Edward. Some of us were the footman and some were the Queen's horses. The whole school walked in a parade with Throston school cheering us on all the way. When we got back to school we had a picnic lunch outside and played lots of games. God Save Our Queen!!!

We have been doing lots of different activities in school and with Throston Primary to celebrate The Queen's Jubilee. Here are some photos of us making stamps and visiting Throston School to make a beautiful floral silhouette of The Queen.

We really enjoyed a trip out rock climbing with Summerhill. It was a challenge we all took on together encouraging each other throughout. After climbing up the rocks we played games and went through caves. It was amazing!! Well done Dragons!!!!

Grandad's Island

Read Aloud by Robert PowerAn unforgettable story by Benji Davies. Syd's Grandad takes him across the ocean to a wonderful island. The only problem is, Granda...

Dragon Class started their new music topic called Our Land. This topic looks at music and sounds to accompany myth and legends from the UK. Today we looked at Scotland- The Loch Ness Monster and Northern Ireland- The Giants Causeway. We used instruments to follow the pattern and rhythm. We also rehearsed and performed some descriptive music.

The topic this term is The Future!!! We have been exploring lots of different activities around this theme! 

This term we have been reading lots of new stories, we hope you enjoy!

STORYTIME: "Julian is a Mermaid" by Jessica Love

Tune in for a reading of "Julian is a Mermaid," written and illustrated by Jessica Love. The story uses words and stunning illustrations to tell the story of...

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth (Read Aloud)

✅ Thank you for watching! Please SUBSCRIBE HERE (It's free!): intention of this read aloud is to encourage reading and give k...

Ladybird First Favourites: Little Red Riding Hood (Share a Story Corner)

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The Gingerbread Man - Books Alive!

Books Alive reads aloud a good old classic folk tale about a a baker and his wife who bake their own little gingerbread boy only for the gingerbread boy to s...

In History we have been learning about Inventors ad their Inventions. We researched Steve Jobs, Alan Turing, The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell and Mary Anderson. Do you know what they invented? 

📚🍎Biography for Kids | Kids Book READ ALOUD | Books for Kids LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG DREAMS-STEVE JOBS

In this book from the critically acclaimed, multimillion-copy best-selling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the life of Steve Jobs, the visionary w...

Alan Turing book read aloud by EllaSkye_Kids book_The Reading Child

Alan Turing for KS1 Little people, Big dreams. copyright c 2020 by Ma ISABEL SÃNCHEZ VERGARA. -Illustrations copyright c 2020 by Ash...

The Wright Brothers | English Story for Kids | Grade 5 | Periwinkle

The Wright Brothers | English Story for Kids | Grade 5 | PeriwinkleWatch our other videos:English Stories for Kids:

Biography of Alexander Graham Bell for Children: Famous Inventors for Kids - FreeSchool - Help support more content like this!Alexander Graham Bell went down in history as the inventor of the telephone. He was born...

The Windshield Wiper: A Female Innovation

The first mass-produced car in America was basically a lawnmower with leather trim, but it was a start, right? This is the story of Mary Anderson and the Win...

We enjoyed our Easter Egg Hunt. Happy Easter Everyone!!

For completing all our homework this term, we got a special trip to Mcdonalds for lunch. It was delicious!!

We enjoyed a visit to Drake The Bookshop in Stockton - On - Tees. We went to choose our own book using the token we received from World Book Day.

World Book Day 2022!!

We love our music session on a Wednesday with Mike. We have been learning to play different rhythms and beats on the xylophone.

Sensory Wednesdays!!! We have been having lots of fun exploring different materials and textures.

The topic this term is colour!

This term we are looking at stories with a colour theme. We have read My Many Coloured Days, The Mixed Up Chameleon and The Day The Crayons Quit! We have been exploring emotions and feelings associated with colour. 


My Many Colored Days Story, music, read aloud

This is for my distance learners and features small portions of the Minnesota Orchestra playing while I read the story aloud.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon (The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Stories)

The Mixed-Up Chameleon learns an important lesson about being itself when it wishes it could be more like all the other animals it sees, but soon decides it ...

The Day the crayons quit - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for children

Books Alive! Read aloud Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers hilarious account of the revolt of Ducan's misused and unhappy crayons. A great children's book for c...

Some of the children have been exploring Greek Myths! They have loved all the different characters and the gory endings!!! 

Theseus and the Minotaur | Ancient Greek Mythology Stories |

Theseus and the Minotaur | Ancient Greek Mythology Stories |The Minotaur and the Labyrinth of Crete. ... The third year, Theseus, son of Aegeus decided to be...

Pandora's Box | The Greek Myth of Pandora and Her Box | Greek Mythology Story

Pandora's Box | The Greek Myth of Pandora and Her Box | Greek Mythology StoryPandora was, according to the myth, the first woman on Earth. She was created by...