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23rd February

Happy Tuesday Morning Elephants!


Letters and Sounds - Watch the letter 'e' video below and then play 'Elephant Escape' on your homework section on education city. 

Learn Letter E | The Alphabet with Akili and Me | Educational Cartoons for Preschoolers

Literacy - Read 'Starry - Eyed Stan' again and answer the questions anout the story in your work pack.  Then learn the Makaton signs for under the sea creatures and see if you can teach someone in your house how to sign them. 

Makaton Topic - UNDER THE SEA - Singing Hands

Maths - Practise your counting skills by completing the 'Find, colour and count' sheet in your work pack. 


Wellbeing - After lunch, join in with this Seahorse yoga.  

Norris the Baby Seahorse | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Science - Make your own under the sea scene (under the sea cutting skills activity in you work pack).  Can you labels all of the creatures in your scene? What is your favourite creature?  Can you describe your favourite creature?


That's it for today!  You have worked so hard! yes