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22nd-26th February


Hello my lovely Zebra class! 

This week you will be staying at home and learning. Our new story is called 'Elmer In The Snow.' You should have your work pack with you at home with sheets to complete linked to the story and there will be activities posted daily in this section to engage with. 


Literacy-  Look at the front cover of the book of Elmer in the snow below. 

What type of animal is Elmer? Does she look like a normal elephant? What do you know about elephants? Try and learn some facts about elephants before reading the story. Watch an Elephant fact video on youtube and read the elephant fact files attached below. 

Elephants for Children: Learn All About Elephants

Maths-Listen to the following video and sing out loud the days of the week. Now use your sheet in your work pack and cut and stick the days of the week in the correct order.

The 7 Days of the Week Song โ™ซ 7 Days of the Week โ™ซ Kids Songs by The Learning Station

The 7 Days of the Week Song is one of our popular songs for children by The Learning Station. It is from the CD,download, "Preschool Learning Fun"Download "P...

Science-This week in Science we are going to look at Seashores and Oceans again. Have a look on Google to see what you can find out about sea creatures. Can you name any of the sea creatures? Talk to your parents about the creatures and what you can find out about them. Now, draw/colour a picture of your favourite creature and write down what it is called.


Morning Zebra class! 


Literacy-Today I would like you to look at the front cover of 'Elmer in the Snow' story again.  What do you think the story will be about?  Listen to the story on the clip below and think about the following questions:

 What colour is Elmer? 

Can you sign any of the colours? 

Watch the singing hands Makaton colours video on youtube and learn how to say ‘Elmer is pink, red etc’’ in Makaton. 



Makaton Topic - COLOURS - Singing Hands

Maths-Recap on the days of the week song from yesterday. Can you remember the order? 

Trace over the days of the week in the correct order using the sheet in your work packs. 

Now have a go at playing the 'Days of the week' interactive game using the link below. Drag and drop the days of the week into their correct order. 

Well-being - After lunch we join in with yoga! Make yourself feel good by joining in with this Under the Sea themed yoga. Have fun!

Fine motor skills- Practise your  cutting skills by using the booklet provided in your work pack. 


Arts and Crafts-  Follow the instructions and have a go at making this Elmer Milk carton below. 


Morning my lovely Zebras! Today is my birthday and we would usually make a birthday cake in school during cookery. Have a go at following a recipe and making your own cake with your parents!


Literacy -Watch the 'Elmer in the Snow' sensory story on Youtube below. Pause the video to learn the different Makaton signs and demonstrate them to your parents. 

Take some photographs of you demonstrating the different signs. I would love to see them!




Elmer in the Snow Sensory Story 18012021

Gather up some props from round the house and join in the story.You need - something to represent a fir tree, perhaps a piece of fake Christmas tree, some gr...

Maths -Join in with the counting exercise below - counting the different sea creatures. Then practise your counting skills by completing the 'Under the sea' counting sheet in your work pack and record your answers. 


COUNTING TO 10 - for Kindergarten Preschool BEACH THEME Fun Count to 10 Video

Let's practise counting to 10 with sea creatures.

Wellbeing- After lunch join in with this Seahorse yoga.

Norris the Baby Seahorse | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

DT-Use the blank elephant template in your work packs and design and colour your own elephant like Elmer. Think about what patterns and lines you want to use on your elephant and what colours you will use. __PRESENT


Good morning everyone! 


Phonics-This week our letter sound is 'o'. Watch and join in with the jolly phonics 'o' song below and say out loud 'o' whilst doing the action. Complete the 'O' workbook that was sent home in your work pack. 

Phonics Song - O

Learn to sing the phonics song for the letter O

PE-Let's keep active and join in with this sea creature exercise video below. Can we jump up and down as many times as we can and then flap our hands up and down like a seal? Follow the instructions and have fun pretending to be different sea animals.  __PRESENT

10 Minute Sea Creatures Children's Exercise Video

You don't have to have a trampoline, just jump on the floor if you want. Come join us as we bounce with sea creatures, singing songs and making sea creature ...

Art (Sculpture)-

Remind the children how they have used clay and plasticine to make models and faces.

Look at photographs of sea creatures and encourage the children to name and describe their colours and shapes e.g. yellow body, round head, long, wiggly legs etc. You could use some of the sea animals from the picture uploaded yesterday. 

Ask the children to decide what sort of sea creature they would like to make.

Use some play dough and try to make a sea creature, manipulating it into different shapes (balls, sausage shapes) then join the pieces together to create your creature. 

Use any tools to make marks on the body of the animal. 

If you are struggling with this at home, you could always draw a sea creature and colour it in, ready to make in school. 

Here are some videos below that may help you make a play dough sea creature. 


How To Make Play Doh Crab | DIY Craft Ideas | Making Of Sea Animals Using Play Doh | Easy DIY Crafts

How To Make Play Doh Octopus | Making Of Sea Animals | Play Doh Ideas For Kids | Easy DIY Crafts

Play Doh Animals - How to make Whale


Hello Zebras, it is finally Friday! 


Phonics-Our letter sound is 'o'. Can you write some 'o' letters on a piece of paper. This is one of the easier letters to form.

Complete the 'I Spy o' sheet in your work pack. Now have a look around your house and see if you can find any objects beginning with the 'o' sound. Take some photographs of what you have found. 

Challenge - Play the Buried treasure' game on phonicsplay sorting words into real and nonsense. 



Geography-We have looked at different weathers in geography so far and we focused on snow the last time we were in school and experienced playing in the snow. Now we are going to be looking at rain and the changes in the environment when it rains. 

Can you remember what the Makaton sign is for rain?Have a go and show your parents.

Listen and join in with the 'Singing in the rain' song below. 

Think about how does the rain make you feel? 

What type of clothing and footwear should we wear when it is raining? Have a go at drawing these ?(wellies, umbrella) 

Singing in the Rain Song โ™ซ Original Kids Version โ™ซ Kid Songs by The Learning Station & Dream English

Singing in the Rain Song - Kids Version - Original Version for children is a HIT kids song! Join The Learning Station and Matt from Dream English for a singi...

๐ŸŒงโ˜”๏ธ What is rain? โ˜”๏ธ๐ŸŒง Explained for kids by Carl Cloud

Wellbeing- After lunch join in with this dolphin yoga.

Popcorn the Dolphin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Golden Time-We usually have golden time on a Friday afternoon so choose something that makes you happy and relaxed. You could play a game, watch a favourite movie, colour in, listen to music, do some arts and crafts or relax and chill, ready for a busy week ahead in school. 


I look forward to seeing you all next week and don't forget to send me any photographs of you completing the activities!

Have a lovely weekend,