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WEEK BEGINNING 22.02.21 COMPLETED HOME LEARNING I am so proud of all the children in Lion Class, they have all worked extremely hard at home last week completing their home learning tasks. I was so impressed with the children's work today! Well done to you all, you are my little super stars! Jane

01.03.21 Eppy has enjoyed making a telescope and a rocket. I love your space helmet Eppy! She has made some delicious moon and star biscuits too. Eppy has also started to stand happily in her stander at home for longer periods of time. Well done Eppy!

01.03.21 - Antoni has enjoyed completing his remote learning activities with his mam and dad last week. I love your telescope Antoni and your rainbow numbers! Well done!

26.02.21 - Myla has completed her last tasks this morning. She's really enjoy getting messy with the glue and glitter. Her mam and her have been talking about her return to school and she’s excited for bouncing on the trampoline on Monday!

24.02.21 - Eppy had a lovely half term with her family. Eppy's mam had made a nice candle lit dinner for Valentine’s Day. Eppy helped prepare all the veg, make decorations and baked a red velvet cake. Eppy has made her mam and dad so proud with all her hard work and happily tolerating going in her standing frame. Well done Eppy, you are fantastic!

22.02.21 Myla has been a little super star! She’s eating every meal in her chair at home and drinking a full cup of juice or water with her meals. She’s been using her stander every day. She has completed a lot of school work with her mam and had so much fun doing it but she’s really looking forward to being back at school next week with her class friends.

15.02.21 - Myla's been improving her eating and drinking skills at home. She has also happily stood in her stander this morning. She is enjoying listening to our new story called: 'Whatever Next' and already started to completing her remote learning activities. I love your rainbow number formations Myla! Your doing amazing, keep up the good work!

15.02.21 Antoni has been doing some fantastic remote learning with his mam and dad. He's been making character puppets, animal foot prints and creating a picture of the Gruffalo using his own foot print. Well done Antoni!

01.02.21- 05.02.21 FANTASTIC REMOTE LEARNING: To all the children in my class, you have all worked extremely hard last week at home. I'm so proud of you all. I am so impressed with all your brilliant work! Well done to you all, keep up the good work! I just want to say to your parents and carers, thank you so much for your help and support! Jane

08.02.21 Eppy's mam hid the story characters in the garden. While Eppy's mam read the story, Eppy was the mouse and her brother George was the fox. Eppy has made a fantastic shadow puppet of the big bad mouse! Eppy has also had her face painted like the Gruffalo! What a brilliant idea! Well done!

07.02.21 - Myla's had a lovely week at home. She’s been for a walk in the forest, completed cooking, reading and her arts and crafts activities. Brilliant Myla!

07.02.21 Junior has worked extremely hard at home. He has made some fantastic hand puppets and a feathery owl collage. You look really engaged watching the story on your laptop Junior! Well done!

05.02.21 Ayva absolutely loves her new chicken coop. She has two new chickens named: 'Ariel' and 'Snow White'. Ayva is amazing at looking after them and has spent hours already in the garden (in the rain haha) looking after them and playing with them. She checks for eggs all by herself and pops then in her basket. She feeds them all by herself and fills up the water. Well done Ayva!

05.02.21 Nell has been creating a painting of the 'big, bad, mouse'. Nell has also been making shadow puppets and a lovely feather collage of the owl. Excellent work Nell!

03.02.21 Nell has had a fun morning with her mam, creating their own different animal foot print stamps. Nell helped her Grandma paint her Mammy's foot brown and Nell created the Gruffalo's child using her foot print. Fantastic art work Nell!

24.01.21 Myla has enjoyed completing her home learning activities this week. She loved getting messy, painting the Gruffalo and sticking the green pieces of material onto the snake. After reading her story pack, Myla's mam said her favourite character was the little mouse. Excellent work Myla! Your a little star!

24.01.21 - PAINTING THE GRUFFALO - Eppy made her own purple paint for the spikes on the Gruffalos back. She even helped her mam to clean up after her painting! STANDING - Eppy looks around her kitchen, looking for the hidden characters in the story. MAKING GRUFFALO CAKES Eppy, George and her mam had fun making some delicious Gruffalo cakes.

24.01.21 - Eppy and her mam work together making a brilliant collage of the snake!

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24.01.21 - Eppy becomes excited and bodily animated when she sees the Gruffalo picture card! Wonderful Eppy!

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21.01.21 READING Eppy enjoyed listening to the story: ‘Whatever Next’. When her mam asked her where the moon is, she looked out the window to the sky. Eppy is trying really hard to use her left hand, moving objects and sliding them off her tray to put them in the rocket. Well done Eppy, you are so clever!

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22.01.21 Nell has enjoyed making a nature sensory box! She has been happily, exploring the objects with her mam to see if they are soft, smooth, rough or bumpy. Nell especially liked the cone and the mud. With the spare pebbles she collect, she finger painted patterns on them using multi-coloured paints. Excellent home learning Nell!

22.01.21 - After listening to 'The Gruffalo' story, Junior has bee working extremely hard completing all the activities his teacher has asked him to complete at home. Well done Junior!

19.01.21 - Nell has been making some 'Gruffalo' cupcakes at home today. Well done Nell, they look delicious!

18.01.21 Nell has been watching 'The Gruffalo' story on her iPad today. She has been working extremely hard trying to identify the characters in the story. Then she has been making some fantastic bird feeders with her mam. She has also managed to go for a walk in the village collecting items to make her own Gruffalo sensory box. She has completed an ICT game and painting of the Gruffalo. Wow! Nell you have been a little busy bee today! Excellent Effort!

08.01.21 Eppy has loved watching 'The Gruffalo Song' and dancing to 'Shake Your Silly's Out'. Eppy has made a fantastic Gruffalo at home using a paper plate. First, she sponge painted the paper plate brown. She then chose her own shapes for the Gruffalo's eyes, horns and teeth. She helped her mam squeeze the glue on and together they stuck on the Gruffalo's black tongue and wart on the end of his nose. Eppy has also been developing her communication skills at home by using using the eye gaze machine. Excellent work Eppy!

04.12.20 - Eppy has been absent from school poorly but she has still managed to complete some circus themed related activities at home with her mam and dad. Eppy your teacher is so impressed! Well done!

08.12.20 Myla has been making Christmas cards at home. Myla they look amazing!

04.12.21 Eppy's mam and dad dressed her up as a 'ringmaster'. Eppy enjoyed pressing switch which activated the ringmasters voice - introducing the circus. Eppy's mam and dad are very proud of Eppy because even when she was poorly she wanted to do the work. Well done Eppy!

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04.12.20 Eppy is developing her writing skills at home with her mam.

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04.12.20 Eppy is developing her fine motor skills at home. Her mam is helping her to squeeze and roll the playdough.

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22.11.20 Myla has enjoyed having a walk to the park with her mam, She loved watching the ducks and swans! We love your smiley face Myla!

Eppy having fun at home, completing her remote learning tasks (Week beginning 02.11.20)