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Happy Tuesday Pangolins.


Remember to work on those dressing skills this morning. I hope that you are making good choices at breakfast and helping to make your breakfast. I love seeing photos of you buttering your toast.


Time to get started, we are still reading our story Little Red Riding Hood, singing 5 Currant Buns and enjoying some sensory play.



Good Morning Pangolins

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Tuesday is a blue day

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CBeebies: Tuesday Song

How's the Weather Song

Makaton Topic - WEATHER - Singing Hands

Activity - Find something blue in your house and complete the colour matching game.


Time for our story Little Red Riding Hood. The video is on the main page.

Song 1 - I love Red - Full Song | Music - Little Red Riding Hood

Song 2 - Wolfie Blues - Full Song | Music - Little Red Riding Hood

Song 3 - Let's make a cake for Grandma - Full Song | Music - Little Red Riding Hood

Activity - Share a story that you have at home. Ask your child to point to things in the story, name different objects in the picture.

Complete a puzzle.


Time for Snack. Keep trying those new foods.


Time for Numbers.

Makaton - FIVE CURRANT BUNS - Singing Hands

Here's a fun number song with one of our favourite signs........CAKE!! Enjoy!

Activity - Sing the rhyme, play the matching game, count the buns. Swop the buns for a penny.


Lunch Time.
Keep trying new foods, remember to wash your hands.



Activity- Sensory Play

Paint, play dough, different dry foods like cereal, pasta cooked and uncooked, water play.

If there is still some snow go outside and play in it.


Play with toys, talk about what you are doing while you play together.


You have worked hard Pangolins.


Janis, Karen, Niamh, Sandra and Sue