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Summer 23

Geography - 25/05/2023

The children watched a video all about rivers and canals in our Geography lesson this week. As a class we talked about the differences and features of the two. After, the children were each asked to identify rivers and canals from a set of pictures. They all did such a great job. Well done Elephant Class!


Rock Climbing!

How lucky are we? Today, the children in Elephant class joined together with some of the children in Anaconda class to go on a trip to Scugdale, rock climbing. It a lovely, sunny day with the most beautiful views. The children hiked up a steep hill first, then we walked and climbed over huge boulders and rocks. They even managed to squeeze between the rocks to explore a small cave! After dinner, the children and staff got fitted into their safety harnesses and the rock climbing began. Everyone was extremely brave and gave it a go. Great job kiddos, you made us all really proud with your efforts! Check out our pictures, would you be brave enough to give it a try?

I.C.T - 6/6/2023

During I.C.T lesson today, the children each took a turn to print and photocopy pictures that they had created using our interactive whiteboard. The children followed verbal instructions, from an adult, to successfully complete their task. They all did an amazing job!


History - 13/06/2023

Today in History we re-visited the topic of Captain James Cook. We are looking into past events and discovered some fascinating facts! We learned that Captain Cook and his crew used citrus fruits to brush their teeth to stop them from hurting, and to try and prevent scurvy! The children, and staff, each tried lemons, limes and oranges to see if it was effective. I think our faces tell you what we all thought of trying the fruits. It was a very funny lesson!


Fun in the sun!

Today Elephant Class made the most of the wonderful sunshine, while we still have it! As a treat, we decided to have a trip out to Ward Jackson Park. The children sat and ate a cooling ice-lolly in the shade before playing in the playground. It was such a fun couple of hours which the children, and staff, thoroughly  enjoyed!


D.T - 15/06/2023

The children really enjoyed our D.T lesson this week, we made and baked currant buns! The children each took it in turns to weigh and measure all of our ingredients before mixing them together to form a dough. They all had their own piece of dough which they rolled into balls to make a bun. We had to let the dough rest for 30 minutes before baking them in a hot oven. The buns smelt really delicious as they were cooking and the children ate them up whilst they were still warm! We definitely have some future, budding, bakers among us in Elephant Class!


Outdoor Area - 16/06/2023

The children in Elephant class are enjoying playing in our outdoor area this week. Today we filled up the tray and pool with water so that they could have fun splashing, pouring and measuring with the cups and toys. The children had so much fun!


Some of the children in Elephant Class joined forces with their friends in Anaconda Class and enjoyed a trip to Osmotherley to go canoeing. The children donned their life jackets, and in teams, they paddled around Cod Beck. Although the views were beautiful, the same could not be said about the weather. Despite the rain and wind, both the staff and children powered on, and did not allow it to dampen their spirits!  

Pirate Day

Pirates descended on Springwell School! The pirates in Elephant Class had a jolly day. They made treasure maps, pirate hats and pirate puppets before going on a treasure hunt. After lunch there was mutiny when all of our pirates took part in a sword fight. After that, they each had to walk the plank!!

Maths - 06.07.2023

In Maths this half term we are looking timers. The children have completed a range of activities that were timed using a range of devices. This week the children have timed each other in a running race, using the stopwatch app on the i-pad. The children can use the timers accurately and confidently. Great job Elephant Class!


ICT - 09.07.2023

This week in ICT we have practiced using Bee Bots. The children listened to an instruction from an adult before pressing the buttons to programme the bee bots. The children worked in pairs and each took it turns to set the programme. Great job!




In PHSE this week it was all about Pride and celebrating how we are all different, and wonderful. The children were taught the importance of everyone feeling like they can be themselves and that everyone should be allowed to be proud of who they are. Most importantly, the children were taught that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. As a class we talked about what LGTBQ+ means and we looked at stories that celebrate the LGTBQ+ community. The children had a wonderful time creating their own Pride hand prints and having their face painted too!

DT - Week beginning 10.07.2023

We are still looking at types of bread in DT. This week it was all about pizza! We watched a couple of videos showing us how to make pizza from scratch, before heading to the cookery room to make our own. The children mixed their dough and rolled it out flat. Then they each topped their dough with pizza sauce and a range of toppings. Cheese and pepperoni were  definite favourites. The pizzas were cooked in the oven and the children ate them for snack. They tasted delicious!