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Hello there Pandas 


Some excellent work is happening at home - so keep up the great work. It's Thursday so that can only mean one thing .............. it's PE day! 




If you can then please get outside for a walk because exercise with fresh air can't be beaten but if you need to stay indoors today then clear a nice big space join in with these activities. 

CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | Night-time

Andy is off on an incredible adventure in the middle of the night! Andy begins his adventure with a wild warm up before heading off around the world to meet ...

The Masked Singer | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!




Using your story plan from yesterday, can we now turn the plan into a story? Please try to use story language similar to the story, for example, "One day Caroline was walking around Hartlepool when suddenly a gust of wind blew her hat flying from her head. The hat flew high into the sky and it flew over..........and across ............... and finally over ............... It eventually landed ...............". 

Please add some lines to the bordered paper to help your child to keep their writing neat and tidy. I'm looking forward to reading these stories smiley.



We're going to continue using Oak Academy for our music lessons. Please watch the following lesson and join in accordingly, just like last time you're going to need a teddy and 2 sticks. 


Design and Technology


We're going to continue our work looking at how we can transport a packed lunch so that it is still in good condition when it reaches the person or place. Warning for parents and carers, this activity may need you to collect together some recycling such as plastic yoghurt cartons, shoe box, any card, cardboard tubing etc. 

Please talk your child through the presentation again and then complete the attached worksheet. Happy designing!! 


That's everything for today. Ohhh, don't forget to keep practicing your spellings.