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Happy Friday everyone


Spelling test, Letters and Sounds, Maths and Chinese New Year activity today. 


Let's begin with the spelling test - please ask your child to spell the words they have been practicing all week with the sound 'AIR' in them.


Letters and Sounds


An activity has been set for your child on Education City in relation to our sound this week of 'AIR'. Then please play the following game (you'll need a dice, you'll have to borrow one from a board game). Roll the dice and then read a 'AIR' word for the number you have rolled - the activity is complete when your child has managed to complete a row of words. 




Red Table: please write your child a selection of addition and subtraction questions e.g. 435+5=  267-6=


Blue / Green table: an activity has been set for your child on Education City in relation to doubling numbers. If you need a reminder of your child's login details please email me. 

Then complete this worksheet. 


Chinese New Year


Today is Chinese New Year and if we were in school we would be doing something to celebrate this - probably with food! Please watch this short video which explains Chinese New Year and then you may like to complete this craft activity. I sent everyone who was in last week some card and tissue paper in your pack to help you complete the craft. I'd love to see your completed fish. 

CBeebies: Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate


That's everything for today - get out and continue to enjoy the snow whilst it's here. I hope everyone has a restful half term and stays safe and I will see you back in class the week beginning 22nd Feb if you would like your child to attend.