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Welcome to Zebra Class



Zebra Class is a Key Stage One and Two class with 7 wonderful children.  

The Teacher is Louise and the Teaching Assistants are Mel, Chloe and Lindsey.  

We also have a class mascot.  His name is Ziggy and the children are very fond of him. 



Important Days

Tuesday - Swimming

Friday - PE


Our topic this term is 'Home and Away'.





Larry's Lane.

We had a fantastic time visiting Larry's lane for lunch and a game of bowling for our end of year trip. All the children had lots of fun.

Money Money Money 

The last couple of weeks we have enjoyed learning about money. We have done lots of fun activities also the children decorated their own purse and each child received 50p to take to the local shop and spend it on what they wanted. 

Tweddles Farm


We love the farm and playing in the play area. We also looked at the animals and even saw some baby bunnies.

Sports Day


We loved joining in the activities during Sports Day, showing you our talents. 

Trip to Seaton

Today we went on a trip to Seaton. We visited the park, arcades and Fizzy Izzy's. The children especially liked their ice creams. This trip was part of our Literacy lesson, as we have been reading 'T-Rex on tour'. We took the dinosaur costume with us and each child had a chance to dress up and had lots of fun with T-Rex. 



Library Visit


Tody we had a visit from the library lady. We shared a sensory story and made a craft to accompany the story. We had lots of fun!

Royal Navy Museum 

The children loved visiting the royal navy museum today. We looked at all of the artefacts from the past and had lots of fun dressing up, playing in the soft play and outdoor park too. 

Science : Experiment with water. 

Today in Science all the children enjoyed experimenting water outside. We watched how the water changed in speed depending on the angle of the tube. We love learning new things in science. 

5 little Superheroes.

We have been dressing up as superheroes after learning number rhymes. How fab do they look. 




The Queens Platinum Jubilee


We have loved celebrating the Queens Jubilee in school.

We joined with Throston School making crafts, as well parading through the streets as the Royal Family!

We also had afternoon tea with the Queen in class and a lovely Jubilee party in the playground with the full school. 

What The Ladybird Heard


We love acting out our current stories. We all chose characters and, whilst Louise read out the story, we listened with increasing attention and recall. We all enjoy acting and are very good at it.

Ladybird Cakes and characters.


In D.T., we made our own ladybird cakes and characters. We all helped each other by communicating as a group and individually.

We chose our own materials and waited our turn. We think they look fantastic, do you?



We love swimming in our hydro-therapy pool. This week, we have been participating in races. We tried running through the water, jumping, doing butterfly motions and walking backwards. We all received certificates too!

We were able to listen to instructions and be aware of physical changes our body makes with different movements, as well as developing our co-ordination skills. 


Easter Bunny visit


Today we had a very special visit from the Easter bunnies and a very happy Easter giraffe!! 

We also had an Easter egg hunt and found lots of yummy chocolate treats along the way.

Spring time at the farm


We love visiting the farm and today, we visited to see the new spring animals. We fed the lambs and saw all of the other animals whilst going round on the tractor. We also enjoyed the barrel ride and bouncing on the giant pillows.

We hope you like the pictures.  


Easter Egg Hunt


Following from our story, 'The Easter Hunt, ' the Easter bunny hid lots of eggs around soft play.

We searched high and low and waited our turn and counted the eggs into the basket. 

Literacy - 'The Easter Hunt'


We enjoyed a new story called The Easter Hunt. We all chose a character from the story and acted it out. We followed adult prompts, taking cues and entertained our friends by copying the actions of the characters in the book.

We also made some delicious Easter themed biscuits and enjoyed a sensory story as a group.


Science - Static electricity


In science we have been learning about electricity and this lesson we learnt all about static electricity. We used balloons charged with static to seperate pepper from salt and sorted out objects at home that use electricity and do not. 

St. Patrick's Day


Today we learnt about the history of St. Patrick's Day, Baked special pot of gold cakes, made mini leprechauns and danced to some special Irish music.

Visit to the park


We visited the park as a treat for working so hard in class. We practised taking turns on the swing, slide and climbing frame and helped each other when we needed it. 

We communicated to each other and talked about the times we come to the park with family and friends.



Well done boys for achieving your Duckling 1 certificates. You are all showing growing confidence in the water!

Science - Electricity


Today in science, we talked about electricity. We discussed different types of electrical items in our homes and schools and then looked at different ways we could see electricity.

We all loved noticing how static electricity changed our hair , moved a can and changed when we touched it safely. 

World Book Day 


This year for World Book Day, we dressed as our favourite book character or in our Pyjamas. 

We shared the story, "If You're Happy and You Know It," and talked about what we do when we feel happy. We acted out the story being different characters and even made special 'happy' cakes. 

We think the children look fabulous, don't you?



Shrove Tuesday


Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by decorating our own pancakes and choosing our own toppings as well as making real pancakes and choosing topping to eat! They were really yummy!


Valentines day


We were feeling very loved up today in Zebra class, we hope you liked you valentines gifts the boys brought home!

R.E. - Zebra Class Wedding


Today in Zebra class, we talked about a Christian wedding and decided to hold our own wedding in class.

We had the ceremony, followed by a party with lots of dancing and food!

We talked about the different parts of a wedding and who attends. We discussed different feelings and why the ceremony and special events happen. Don't we all look fantastic?



Design Technology - Alien cakes


Today we made alien cakes. We used our gross motor skills to mix, weigh and measure the ingredients.

We took turns and enjoyed decorating the cakes afterwards, using our imaginations to choose different colours and decorations.

Art - Aliens


Today we used our own hand prints to make aliens from the story, ' Aliens Love Underpants.'

We chose our own coloured paint and different materials to make our aliens our own.

We talked about how materials felt and looked. We wondered if our aliens would take underpants like those in the story????

Chinese New Year 2022


We really enjoyed learning about the year of the Tiger. We found out which animal we were and enjoyed trying Chinese food at lunch time.

We made tiger lanterns and decorated them with tiger faces.




In history we have been learning about inventions. We talked about which inventions we have in our homes and when walking around our school, we found a washing machine.

We looked at how it works and how to use it.

We did a really good job don't you think?






Continuing with our story, we've been learning lots of new signs from the story, 'Whatever Next!'

Can you show your families at home what you've been practising?

Literacy - 'Whatever Next!'


Our new story is called, 'Whatever Next!'

We listened to the story where bear has a picnic on the moon. We pretended we were bear and tried all of the yummy food and walked around the classroom as if we were in the rocket ship, flying to the moon.


Christmas party


We loved our Christmas disco, where we danced and played games for prizes.

Afterwards, we had some yummy part food too! We even won some prizes for the best dancers.

Santa's Grotto


We loved visiting Tweddle farm to see Santa in his Grotto.  We had fun on the tractor ride and we fed the sheep.  We told Santa what we would like for Christmas and we loved exploring his magical grotto. 

Christmas Shopping


We loved going shopping in Lidl.  We bought lots of Christmas goodies and enjoyed eating them back in school.

Christmas Dinner


We really enjoyed our Christmas dinner, it was delicious!  The adults were so proud of the children for tasting new foods. 

Panto time


We loved watching Red Riding Hood.  We laughed, danced and sang along.............Oh yes we did!

Christmas Play


We loved taking part in the Christmas Play.  We sang 'Santa got stuck up the chimney.' We hope you enjoyed watching us too.


Christmas Fayre


We had lots of fun buying gifts and playing games at the Fayre.  Some of the children were lucky and won a prize too. 

Special visit from the Christmas donkey's


We loved our visit from the Christmas donkey's, Bandit and Hobo.

We found out what they eat and where they live.

We asked them to send  a special message to Santa for us too! 

R.E - The Christmas story


We loved learning about the Christmas story and dressing up as different people. We talked to each other about who we were and what part we played.

Art - Christmas tree decorations.


We chose clay to make our Christmas tree decorations. We rolled out a ball and used tools, such as a rolling pin and cutters to make our special decorations. We chose lots of shapes and talked about them and why they are special for this time of year. 




Wintery weather - Geography


After a really cold and windy weekend, there was a lot of damage in and around school.

We looked at how the weather had changed the appearance of the school and felt, looked at and played with the ice. We even pretended to ice skate across the playground.

We had lots of fun as you can see!

Design technology - Festive baking


We were feeling very festive and decided to make some mince pies and Christmas cookies. We choose our own cutters and used our gross and fine motor skills to mix, measure and pour the ingredients. 

We smelt and tasted spices and enjoyed taking turns during the lesson.

Bear hunt and Teddy bears picnic


We loved bringing our bears in from home and showing them to our friends. 

Our bears went missing in school so we went on a bear hunt and thankfully we found them all. 

We enjoyed having a tea party with our bears.  The bears had lovely manners and are welcome to come back to Zebra class anytime. 

Hartlepool Historic Quay


Today, as a treat for doing so well in our assembly, we went to the museum to find more colours and play on the boat.

We tried costumes on and talked to each other about all of the displays. We had lots of fun.




P.E - Dancing


Every Friday we go into the hall and dance with our dance teacher. We really enjoy learning new techniques and ways to use our bodies to move. 

We love being bunnies and moving around the hall, listening to the teacher as we go.

Design technology- Bear cakes


We love going into the cookery room, but today it was extra special as we made bear cakes!

We used our skills to pour, measure and mix the ingredients together. After they had cooked, we choose our own chocolates, talking about the shapes of the ears and eyes to decorate the cake. They were delicious! 

Bear Sees Colours at Seaton Carew


We took Bear from our new story, 'Bear Sees Colours,' to Seaton Carew to find colours in the environment. We helped him find lots of colours in the play area and near the beach. We also played a game with bear, running to the coloured door that was called out. We think bear loved his colour adventure and we would love to take him out again with our Zebra friends.

Bonfire Night


We have learnt lots about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate bonfire night. We have made some beautiful fireworks pictures and used our bodies to make sounds like fireworks.

Celebration assembly


Today was our first celebration assembly. We got a good as gold sticker for working hard all week and one of us even got the Wonderful award! Well done everyone!

October 2021


Autumn Walk


We have been learning about Autumn and the children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Ward Jackson Park to look for signs of Autumn.  We found lots of different coloured leaves and we made a leaf pictogram.  We also found lots of conkers and pine cones. 

Maths - I can recognise numbers.


In Maths we have been learning about numbers up to 5.  We have been making different quantities up to 5 and practising our fine motor skills by picking different objects up using tweezers. 



We enjoyed visiting Summerhill.  We took turns on the play equipment and we had lots of fun with our friends. 



For Halloween, we had lots of fun. We made spider cakes, had a spooky party and even visited Tweddle's farm to see the pumpkins and the scary decorations. 


Therapy dog visit.



We had a surprise visit from Maisie, the therapy dog in her special costume and helped brush and walk her around the school.

We had so much fun!




September 2021


We have had lots of fun over the past few weeks learning about Colours and Elmer.  We have also loved getting to know each other too and exploring the different places in and around school. 

Design Technology - Elmer biscuits


We enjoyed making elephant biscuits and decorating them with different coloured icing. 

Art - Elmer cartons


We developed our fine motor skills by making a 3d Elmer from a milk carton and coloured squares. 

Music - Elmer


We learned lots of different rhymes and songs about elephants and we love performing them with our friends. 

Soft Play


One of our favourite places in school is 'Soft Play'. We love getting active, socialising with our friends and developing our gross motor skills. 



We also love the school pool and developing our water confidence.