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Good Morning Pandas


Letters and Sounds, Reading, English and Maths today. Don't forget to email me with any questions or just to show me how magnificently you are getting on at home


Letters and Sounds


This week our sound is the trigraph 'AIR'. Please watch the following video:  

air Words | Phase 3 Phonics


Then practice your spellings for this week - which include the 'air' sound. If your child was in school last week, then this sheet is included in the pack sent home but if not then please print this or copy it out for your child. 




A reading book will have been included in the pack sent home - please read this with your child. A specific reading activity has also been set for your child to complete on Education City. 




We started this story last week in school - The Queen's Hat. Please watch the following video: 

The Queen's Hat | Kid's Book Read Aloud | Music | Funny


I would like you to help your child to re-enact this story within your house or garden. Please choose something to fly off your head, where could it fly to in your house or garden? What could it fly over? Where could it eventually land? I don't expect you to video your child because I'm sure you don't want to give me a full tour of your house but please email me to let me know how they get on. 




Blue / Green Tables: we started looking at doubling numbers last week in school. Please watch the following video: 

The Story of the Doubles (Numbers Doubles Facts)


Next, please get some lego or pasta and 2 bowls. Ask your child to count 3 lego/pasta into 1 bowl and then double 3 by counting another 3 into the second bowl - how many do we have all together?

Write 'double 3 = 6' Repeat this for all numbers up to 10. 


Red Table:  please complete the addition worksheet included in the pack. The blank numberlines have been included to help your child to complete the additions. If the question is 143 + 6, then write 143 at one end of the numberline and 'jump' along 6 points and look at what number you've arrived at, this will be your answer. Rub your markings on the numberline out and use again for each question. 



That's everything for today Panda Cubs.