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Welcome to Pangolin Class


Our class staff are: Aimee - Class teacher

                                  Jo - HLTA

                                  Amanda, Karen, Lynn, Katie, Sade, Emily H, Sue, Emily C, - Teaching Assistants

                                  Evie - Apprentice



The children in Pangolin Class follow 'SPARKLE CURRICULUM' which is delivered in a multi-sensory, creative way which will enables pupils to access learning using their senses through a holistic approach. It has been designed for our pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) and Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) who require specialised management for physical disabilities, sensory impairments and complex medical needs.



· MOTIVATING Our pupils learn when they are interested, stimulated and engaged.

· RELEVANT It is relevant to the learning styles of the pupils and takes into account their prior knowledge and learning needs.

· CHALLENGING All teaching staff have high and realistic expectations of the pupils and with specialised, inclusive teaching — progress is evident.

· FOCUSED Shared targets from EHCP, Physiotherapists, OT, SALT etc. are central to the pupils provision.


Sparkle curriculum is predominantly made up of sensory themed learning and therapeutic activities. More time will be spent on more beneficial, holistic and individualised activities e.g.  positioning in specialised equipment, visual stimulation, hand and finger work (exploration – sensory play), therapies (hydrotherapy, rebound therapy etc), movement, relaxation, Tac Pac, story massage etc.






  • 27.05.22 - Break up for half term.
  • 06.06.22 - Return to School
  • 21.07.22 - Break up for Summer Holidays



Our Autumn term topic is 'Colour'

Our Spring term topic is 'The Future'.

Our Summer term topic is 'Home and Away'

14.09.21 - First week back 

The children in Pangolin class are so happy to be back in school. Here are some photographs of the children exploring their new environment. 

15.09.21- The children enjoyed cookery and exploring all of the different ingredients to make cakes.

20.09.21- This week our sensory story is 'Elmer'. The children enjoyed exploring the characters in the story  and the different colours of Elmer!

Our Colour of the week is Red. Here are some of our children exploring the red objects.

21.09.21 - Today the children have enjoyed using their hands and fingers to paint elephants from our story 'Elmer'.

23.9.21 - Enjoying playing musical instruments to the song '10 Little Elephants'

24.9.21- Exploring books in our school library.

24.9.21- Making 'Elmer the Elephant' biscuits in cookery.

27.9.21- Dressing up as 'Elmer' during our sensory story.

29.09.21- Our class story is 'Elmer the Elephant', the children enjoyed painting different colours onto the elephants by printing using sponges.

1.10.21- Sparkler of the Week goes to Ayva for fantastic walking! Well done!

30.09.21 - Having fun exploring our school swing!

04.10.21- Pangolins enjoyed participating in Dance today. We had lots of fun stretching out and joining in with different action songs.

05.10.21- Getting creative- using milk cartons, tissue paper and felt squares to make Elmer the patchwork elephants.

07.10.21- Pangolin class enjoyed a visit from Maisie the PAT dog.

08.10.21- Pangolin class all enjoyed a trip to Ward Jackson Park. We collected different coloured leaves, conkers and acorns to explore back in class.

13.10.21- Exploring our 'Colour of the Week' table - Green!

14.10.21- This morning we enjoyed exploring how 'Diwali' is celebrated. We had fun dressing up and celebrating the 'Festival of Lights.'

14.10.21- This afternoon we loved working in groups with Lions and Cubs to complete Autumnal, sensory activities. We used leaves to make squirrels and enjoyed finger painting Autumn trees.

15.10.21- 'Sparkler of the Week' this week goes to Ryan for fantastic independent walking! Keep it up!

18.10.21- Autumn has arrived!

19.10.21 - Sensory Story- 'Winnie The Witch'

20.10.21- Halloween Sensory Activities - Exploring coloured spaghetti, orange jelly and spiders, and making Mummy Hotdogs!

Our Mummy Hotdogs!

21.10.21- Halloween Fun!

2.11.21- Our new sensory story this term is 'Bear Sees Colours'. We enjoyed listening to the story and exploring all of the props.

3.11.21- Look at our fantastic bear collages from our story 'Bear Sees Colours'.

4.11.21 - Fabulous Firework Printing!

4.11.21- Visit from Maisie the 'PAT' dog. We all took it in turns to stroke /brush her hair.

5.11.21- Making 'Sparkler Biscuits' and ' Catherine Wheel Cookies' in cookery this week.

5.11.21- Swimming fun at Springwell and High Tunstall Hydrotherapy pools - Working on our Discovery Duckling targets.

8.11.21- Developing our Gross Motor Skills in the hall!

8.11.21- Identifying colours in PE!

9.11.21- Eye Spy Blue! - From our story 'Bear Sees Colour' we focused on the colour blue and what Bear might see that is blue. We all enjoyed exploring the Blue textured materials and investigating blue resources and objects!

9.11.21- Today we visited Aldi to buy Harvest vegetables to make some Winter Vegetable soup . We used our senses to explore the vegetables!

9.11.21- Feeding the Bear picnic food from the story 'Bear Sees Colour'

10.11.21- Our assembly today was all about Harvest Festival. We enjoyed exploring lots of fruit and vegetables, some of us even had a taste!

10.11.21- Today we all helped make soup with the vegetables that we collected from Aldi yesterday. We all enjoyed tasting and smelling the soup.

11.11.21- Exploring the colours Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Brown in our sensory story 'Bear Sees Colour'. We all tasted/smelled the blueberries, raspberries, cherries, honey, peas. mint and cookies.

11.11.21- We celebrated Remembrance Day by exploring paper poppies, creating poppy paintings using our fingers and making poppy cakes.

11.11.21- Poppy, poppy what did you say? Wear me on Remembrance Day!

15.11.21- Our colour of the week is Yellow! Some of our children have enjoyed exploring our 'Yellow table' engaging with and naming different objects.

17.11.21- This week is 'Anti-Bullying Week'. We took part in an assembly with other classes outdoors to give 'One Kind Word' to children from another class.

17.11.21- Our Odd Socks for Anti-Bullying Day!

18.11.21- We had such fun outdoors today engaging in messy play with paint!

18.11.21- Making bear cakes to link with our story 'Bear Sees Colour'

19.11.21- Pangolins supporting Children In Need!

23.11.21- Exploring Red objects and naming each one. Fantastic work!

23.11.21- Today we had a visit from Joanna from our local library. She read us a sensory story which we all enjoyed and then we made a spider craft linked to the story. To finish, we sang 'Incy Wincy Spider'!

Incy Wincy Spider!

Still image for this video

24.11.21- This afternoon we enjoyed relaxation time- TACPAC session and hand and foot massage.

26.11.21- Today we took our teddy bears to Seaton and explored colours in the arcades and went on a colour hunt down at the beach front!

29.11.21 -Teddy Bear's Picnic! We all enjoyed tasting different bear themed snacks with our favourite teddies.

1.12.21- Christmas has arrived in Pangolin class! The children have enjoyed helping decorate our tree and communicated their choice of coloured bauble.

3.12.21- Visit from Maisie our 'Pets As Therapy' dog. We love to use the brush to groom her fur!

3.12.21- Christmas Jumper Day and our School Christmas Fayre!

6.12.21- Today we enjoyed a visit from the two Christmas Donkeys. We took turns and stroked their soft fur and rang their bells.

6.12.21- Sharing a story together in our reading area!

7.12.21- Pangolins ready for our Christmas performance - Bethlehem's Got Talent!

8.12.21- Wishing one of our children a Happy 8th Birthday!

09.12.21- Look at our festive 'Chocolate Pudding Crispy Cakes!'

10.12.21 - Christmas Dinner Day!

14.12.21- Developing our gross motor skills on the climbing equipment at the park!

15.12.21- Look at our fantastic 'King Sid' who participated in our school nativity.

15.12.21- Christmas Party Day! We all enjoyed lots of dancing, jumping, spinning and eating!

17.12.21- We have been busy this morning making festive cupcakes!

17.12.21- Polar Express day!.. we enjoyed watching Polar Express movie and tasting hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows!

17.12.21- Look at our special visitors - Santa and his Elf came to visit the children in Pangolin class and gave out presents for being on the 'Nice List'.

Merry Christmas from all of Pangolin Class!

04.01.22 - Having fun celebrating Sidney's birthday! Happy Birthday to you!!

04.01.22- Mark making with paint sticks!

5.1.22- Music with Mike from 'Tees Valley Music'.

10.1.22- Pangolin Class enjoyed 'Rebound Therapy' working on their individual targets.

13.1.22- Today Pangolin Class enjoyed focusing on developing their gross motor skills.

19.1.22 - Fantastic number skills when counting speckled frogs!

19.1.22- Engaging with 'Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer' song on the IWB!

20.1.22 - Dough Disco! - Developing our fine motor skills, manipulating playdough into different shapes.

20.1.22- Today we listened to the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' and used the multi-sensory props to explore.

21.1.22- Today we enjoyed decorating underpants from our story 'Aliens Love Underpants' . We explored different coloured paint and created patterns by printing.

21.1.22 - Sensory cooking- Today we made star, moon and rocket shaped biscuits.

21.1.22- Our 'Sparkler of the Week' this week goes to Jack for excellent interactions and engagement.

24.1.22 - Rebound Therapy!

28.1.22 - Mark making activities!

1.2.22- Celebrating Chinese New Year- Sensory story and exploring related animal props, making tiger masks for the year of the tiger, exploring red through different textures (sand, jelly, paint) and enjoying our Chinese themed dinner, trying new foods!

2.2.22- Sensory exploration with water beads!

04.02.22- Hydrotherapy session- Moving our whole bodies, developing our gross motor skills and co-ordination.

4.2.22- Intensive Interaction session!

08.02.22- Safer Internet Day - Today we explored a range of technological toys to express our knowledge of what different buttons and switches are used for . We practised being kind and shared our toys with our class friends.

09.02.22- Outdoor play- Developing our gross motor skills.

Children's Mental Health Week (7th - 11th Feb) 'Growing Together'. This week we have been doing lots of activities that make us feel happy (relaxation during TACPAC) and activities that help us play together (parachute games and dancing).

10.2.22- Sensory cooking- Look at our fantastic alien cupcakes!

11.2.22- Understanding the World- Exploring light and dark in our sensory room and locating glow in the dark moon and stars!

11.2.22- Dress to Express day! - One of our members of staff certainly expressed herself today by dressing up as a dinosaur! All of the children were fascinated!

14.2.22- Happy Valentines Day to all of our parents!

14.2.22- Exploring pink and red playdough making heart shapes for Valentines Day!

15.2.22- Shared Reading - We enjoyed listening to the story 'Guess How Much I Love You' and exploring the animal props.

15.2.22 - One of our children enjoying our new trampoline in class!

16.2.22 - Today we enjoyed exploring different materials as part of our Attention Autism session!

01.03.22 - Pancake Day! We loved going to the shops and buying the ingredients and toppings to make our own pancakes! We listened to the sensory story of 'The Runaway Pancake' and then enjoyed making and tasting the delicious pancakes!

02.03.22- Today we enjoyed joining in with different 'Pancake Day' activities - collaging pancakes, printing with pancakes and going on a pancake hunt.

03.03.22 - Dressing up for World Book Day and enjoying sharing stories!

03.03.22- Today we enjoyed playing a game of bowling and worked on our turn taking skills. We also improved our gross motor skills using different throwing techniques.

04.03.22- School Library visit - We enjoyed exploring the books and choosing one to take home to share with our parents.

04.03.22- 'Sparkler of the Week' this week goes to Guy! Well done for fantastic interacting with others.

08.03.22 - Today we worked on developing our problem solving skills and fine motor development- strengthening our fingers, hands and arms. The children enjoyed playing and exploring with the blocks, making arrangements and building towers.

10.03.22- Today for our outdoor activity we planted bulbs to make our outdoor area look pretty! First we visited the shops to buy some soil and explored the flowers. We then had fun exploring the texture of the soil, planting the bulbs and then watering them!

11.03.22 - Working on our individual swimming targets today in our hydrotherapy session and developing our confidence .

14.03.22- Today we enjoyed a walk around the park to discover the first signs of 'Spring'. We enjoyed looking at the flowerbeds and listening to the birds tweet in the trees. We also loved playing on the climbing equipment, swings and slides!

15.03.22 - Building houses using the stickle bricks for the dinosaurs!

The children can't wait to engage in todays messy activity of exploring space bath bombs and alien slime gel!

16.03.22- We had so much fun exploring 'Alien slime' and finding the aliens!

16.03.22- All set up for our first assembly of the year!

All dressed up in our animal characters from our favourite bedtime story 'Cuddle Up Tight'

17.03.22 - Celebrating St. Patrick's Day! We finger painted shamrocks, created handprint Leprechauns and used the interactive floormat to identify green objects.

Sensory cooking- Look at our fantastic St Patrick's Day themed cupcakes!

18.03.22 - Happy Red Nose Day from Pangolins!

22.03.22- Today we read 'Whatever Next' and enjoyed exploring the props. We then made our own rockets to fly to the moon.

23.03.22- Sharing a group story of 'Whatever Next' and showing interest by pointing at the pictures and exploring related props.

24.03.22- Linked with our story of 'Whatever Next', we made our own sandwiches to take to the park and enjoyed having a picnic.

Happy Birthday to you! Have a fantastic day celebrating your 8th birthday!

29.03.22 - Today we had so much fun pretending we were Baby Bear and going to the moon in a rocket!

Exploring rocket shaped bath bombs using all of our senses!

30.03.22 - Exploring dinosaurs in our tuff tray today and developing our understanding of number!

01.04.22- We're Going on an Easter Egg Hunt! Who will find the chocolate eggs?

'We're Going on an Easter Egg Hunt' sensory story!

04.04.22- Today we enjoyed a trip to Tweddle Farm. We experienced feeding and petting all of the new Spring time animals, giving the baby lambs their milk! We also had fun riding on the tractor and bouncing on the air pillows.