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Physical Education Cirriculum

At Springwell School we believe that Physical Education and Sports are an integral part of every child’s education and development. Extending the success of the London Olympic Games we aim to inspire the next generation by providing a wide range of sporting opportunities that cater for children of all abilities. We feel that all children should have access to quality PE provision, with the intention of increasing the amount of young people taking part in regular sporting activity throughout their lives.

Dragon Class

In PE, Dragons have been developing their skills in hockey. They practised passing and controlling the ball. They enjoyed playing matches against each other and another class. 

Dragons also enjoy swimming lessons at High Tunstall School. They are trying really hard to develop their confidence in the water and their swimming skills. 

Panda Class

Panda Class have been practising and developing their football skills. We used our motor skills and coordination to dribble and move the ball. Teaming up in pairs, we worked on our passing skills and control of the ball. Putting all the skills together, we then played in matches against other classes.

Panda Class enjoyed developing their skills in hockey. They used their hand eye coordination to maneuver the hockey stick and try to hit the ball. Passing activities were used to help develop skills in controlling the balls. They absolutely loved having matches against their peers. 

Tilly from Pandas, has weekly Rebound Therapy sessions. It provides opportunities for Tilly to engage in movement freely, strengthen her limbs and increase muscle tone. Also, relaxation and having fun!

Anaconda Class

Anaconda class enjoy stretching to start their PE lessons. They have been practising their football skills by trying to control the football and scoring goals. 

Lion Class

The children in Lions enjoy a weekly swimming session in our pool. 

Children in lion class enjoy rebound once a week. 

The children in Lion class enjoy a regular soft play session where they use physical needs are met. they like to go up and down the slide, play on the ball and climb the step along with exploring the full area. 

Lion Cubs

Lion Cubs enjoy using our hyrdro therapy pool every week. The warmth of the water aims to help relax muscles and increase range of movement in joints. As the water supports the children's weight this helps to relieve any pain or stiffness. The children complete physio session in the pool and obviously have lots of fun too!

Lion Cubs regularly use their standing frames following their physio plans. Standing frames help skin health and integrity by allowing more oxygenated blood to reach tissues and relieving pressure areas caused by sitting. Standing can also improve the children's bone density reducing the risk of fractures. There is an evidence base for the benefits is has to circulatory, respiratory and digestive health too.

Zebra Class

The children in Zebra class love a weekly swimming session in our pool. We follow the program and the children are progressing. 

We also enjoy a hall slot where we can do obstacle courses, jumping, climbing etc.

The children enjoy a weekly rebound session, each child uses pecs to go, stop and bounce. We sometimes add relaxation to these sessions also. 

Toucan Class

Toucan Class love to engage in their weekly swimming sessions in the school pool. 

Caiman Class