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Lions 2023

This is page is no longer used, please see classes Lions, Zebras and Pangolins. Thanks

Week Beginning - 18.12.23-

Tuesday the 19th of December-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World-

Today, the Lion boys met Santa!  They all received a present and were very brave - some of the class even went up for a closer look!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Week Beginning -11.12.23-

Friday the 15th of December-

Personal, Social and Emotional Development-

This morning, we visited Kosmic Kingdom with Zebra class. We all had  a fantastic time. We climbed up , slid down the slides and ran around an awful lot. We were very tired at the end of the trip!

Thursday the 14th of December-

Personal, Social and Emotional Development-

Today, it was the Lion’s Christmas party. We all had lots of fun dancing together in the hall with our friends. Then we went back to our classroom to eat our party tea.

Week beginning- 4.12.23-

Friday the 8th of December-

Physical Development- Fine Motor Skills-

We have had a very busy week practising our singing and our Christmas song ready for our Christmas performance. We have also been wearing our Christmas jumpers and looking marvellous in them.

 Today, we practised our fine motor skills by picking up and placing buttons on some Christmas pictures. We all tried very hard.

Week beginning- 27.11.23-

Friday the 1st of December-

Personal, Social and Emotional Development/Physical Development-

Today was a really busy day in Lion Class. First of all we went to the Christmas Fayre. We all had lots of fun and spent all of our money. We played some games and we all won a prize on the tombola.

After this, we returned to the classroom and made some gingerbread biscuits in the shape of a house after listening to the story of 

“Hansel and Gretel.”

Wednesday the 29th of November-

Physical Development-

Today, Lion class practised our fine motor skills. We did this by practising our cutting skills. It was very tricky but we all tried really hard and managed with some help from the grown ups.

Week beginning- 20.11.23-

Friday the 24th of November-

Expressive Arts-

Today, we went outside to paint. We put on our suits so we didn’t get too messy. We had a brilliant time spraying and painting all over the garden! It was very cold today but lots of fun.

Tuesday the 21st of November-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World-

Today, Lion class began to make their contribution to the school Christmas Fayre. We began to make our hot chocolate reindeers. We had a lot of fun and it got very messy. Please remember to send in some money for Lion class to spend at the fayre. Thank you.

Week beginning - 13.11.23-

Wednesday the 15th of November-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World-

Today was our class assembly, which we shared with Zebra class. Today, we celebrated the festival of Diwali. We had a fantastic time! We showed our parents a video of Diwali and then we made some Rangoli patterns and tasted some very different foods. Some of us liked this but some of us did not! We also created some painted patterns and made some patterns in rice. Have a look at the pictures-


Monday the 13th of November-

Physical Education/ Communication and Interaction-

Today, Lion class went swimming in the pool. While we were there, we practiced our communication skills using PECS in the pool. The Lions were brilliant at this new skill. They chose their toy from a sign and then they swam over and collected their toy. Well done today Lions!

Week beginning - 6.10.23-

Friday the 10th of November-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World-

Today we made some poppies to commemorate Poppy Day. This is held on the 11th of November to remember all of the people who died during the wars.

We decorated some poppies using red paint and our fine motor skills. 

Monday the 6th of November-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World-

Today we had a brilliant time. We visited another class to celebrate Bonfire Night. We watched some sparklers and ate hot dogs. It was a great sensory experience. Andrew even let off some fireworks- pretend of course!

Thank you to Annette and Andrew for organising.


Week beginning- 23.10.23-

Physical and Sensory Education -

This week, Lions have had a busy week. We all went to an assembly, led by Sam, who told us a story about “ A Very Hungry Caterpillar.” We tasted lots of the food that the caterpillar ate and some of us really enjoyed the different tastes and textures. We did get a bit messy!

Later this week, we had a sensory Halloween experience where we touched and tasted all things spooky! We had a foam filled pumpkin, some bats in rice and some beans in jelly. Unfortunately, we got messy again but we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

Week beginning - 16.10.23

Friday the 20th of October-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World/Expressive Arts and Design-

Today, we spent some time thinking about Autumn. We played in some leaves and used a fan to pretend to be blown about in the wind. Then we moved onto some crafts. We painted some leaves that we had collected, we printed with some play dough and we made our own leaves. Everyone tried very hard to work independently.

Wednesday the 18th of October-

Physical Development-

Today we had a Rebound session together. We use Rebound sessions in school to help improve our posture and to help us regulate our emotions. We also use it to help improve our communication skills. The Lion boys worked very hard today. They tried hard to listen to the instructions given and they also had a lot of fun bouncing!

Week Beginning - 9th of October-

Wednesday the 11th of October-

Physical Development-

Today, we visited the Headland Park. We love it here as it is safe and there is equipment for everyone. We all had a run around and everyone had lots of fun playing together.

Tuesday the 10th of October-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World -

Today, we went to Seaton Carew to visit the arcades. We had a walk along the sea front and then we had lots of fun in the arcades. Some of us even had some chips for lunch! We all had a brilliant morning!


Week beginning- Monday the 2nd of October-

Friday the 6th of October-


Today, we began by singing “Five Little Ducks.” We sang along with the nursery rhyme , wearing our hats. We sang along and took away the ducks in turn. Then we splashed about in the water with the ducks. Finally, we made our own feathered ducks.

Thursday the 5th of October-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World-

Today, we had a walk to Ward Jackson Park to look at the season changing. It was a long way and it rained a little bit but we all enjoyed ourselves. Some of us walked nearly all of the way there and back and we are very proud of them. We saw all of the leaves that had fallen from the trees and we were lucky enough to find some conkers. We even found some Spooky Spiders in the park!

Tuesday the 3rd of October-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World-

Today, Lion Class visited Tweddle’s Farm. It was also a special day as it was Jack’s 7th birthday!

We had a brilliant time at the farm. We played on the playground, bounced on the pillows and visited the animals. Everyone had a great time.

Week beginning- Monday the 25th of September-

Friday the 29th of September-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World/ Expressive Art and Design-

Today, we started the day by listening to “ We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt.”

Then, we went outside and had our own leaf hunt. We played in the leaves and collected some leaves of different sizes for our activity later. The leaves are all falling down now because it is Autumn. We went inside a made a hedgehog and covered it with our leaves. They looked beautiful.

Thursday the 28th of September-

Personal, Social and Emotional Development-

Today, we walked to Bishop Cuthbert park to play on the swings. After this, we went to  Hartfields cafe for a drink and a biscuit. We had a lovely time in the cafe and everyone was brilliantly behaved! 

Tuesday the 26 th of September-


Today, the library lady, Joanna, came to visit is. We very much enjoy her weekly sensory sessions and this week she told us all a story about pirates. We tried very hard to listen and we enjoyed all of the sensory activities. Afterwards, we made a boat, with Joanna’s help. Thank you Joanna for coming to visit us.

Tuesday the 26th of September-

Communication and Language-

This morning, we used our PECS boards to help choose our breakfast. Everyone tried really hard to choose an item from the board, give it to Sarah and then choose the same thing to eat. The children really concentrated on what they wanted and paid attention to the instructions. Well done everyone. 

Week Beginning- 18.09.23-

Friday the 22nd of September-

Physical Development-

Today, we used lots of our fine motor skills to make some shortbread. We did a lot of stirring and mixing and tasting of the ingredients. We then rolled out the shortbread and used a cutter to make it into a number 1. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of mess!

Tuesday 19.09.23-

Knowledge and Understanding of the World-

This morning, Lion Class have visited the Historic Quay to look at old and new objects as part of our topic. We had a fabulous time and looked at the old boats, machinery and even some costumes. We had a little walk around and even fitted in time for a snack.

Monday 18.09.23-

Physical Development-

This morning, Lion class have been swimming. Everyone was brilliantly behaved. The children waited until Sarah was in the water and then they tried to enter the water as independently as they could. Some children moved freely in the pool and others used some armbands. Well done everyone.

Week Beginning-11.9.23- Physical Development-

This week, we visited Ward Jackson Park. This is one of the first times we have been out as Lion Class. We had a fabulous time and the weather stayed dry too! We played on the swings and went down the slide. Everyone had a great time.


Today, we finger printed our names using paint. Everyone tried very hard . The children concentrated really well and, with adult support, paid attention to what they were doing. The names are going on the wall. Well done boys!