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This week in Phonics, Grace has found objects with initial sound 'd' - dogs, duck, doll, digger and doritos! She has practised forming the letter 'd' correctly and worked hard on her writing, naming all of the objects she found in the house.



Tilly is missing everyone at school and wants to show off her new Toy Story bedding.  Looks so cosy!

She has been working super hard on her number formation and letters. She has also had fun dressing up as Woody from Toy Story! 

02.02.21 - Fantastic work Grace, keep it up!


Grace has been working extra hard at home! Well done, you have found lots of objects in your house with the sound of the week 'g' - girl, gloves, glasses, goggles, garbage truck, Grandma bear and giggle wiggle! 

She has also helped her Mum make a yummy cake and meatballs for tea! 



Tommy has been working hard today practising his number and letter formation. He has also been using chocolates to count! Super work, keep it up! 


Grace has been working super hard at home completing lots of 'Gruffalo' themed activities. I love the terrible creature you have drawn and your writing!

She has been practising her number formation and doing some addition work. She has also been writing CVC words and working on the sound 'th' in Phonics. I am so impressed, keep it up!