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Welcome to Panda Class


Our teacher is Caroline and our assistants are Claire, Jo, Nicola (Mon, Tue & Wed) and Chelsea ( Wed, Thurs, & Fri). We have the pleasure of spending our day with 10 of the most delightful children in the world.


  • 9.00 is our start of day. We end our day at 3.10.
  • We are keeping our classroom Covid-19 safe by staying in our class 'bubble' as much as possible, regularly washing our hands and the adults are regularly washing the surfaces.

Key days to remember:

  • Monday - homework needs to be returned
  • Tuesday - swimming kit needed*
  • Thursday - P.E* 

*At the moment swimming isn't taking place due to issues with the pool at Mill House Leisure Centre but we'll let you know as soon as it's needed.

* If you haven't already done so please provide your child with a P.E kit (black shorts, plain white t-shirt and gym shoes) this will be kept in school and will be sent home for washing on a half-term/termly basis.





Remote Learning Friday 15th January 2021


Good morning and happy Friday everyone!!! 




Hopefully you've been practicing all week and are ready for your test. Remember adults - good scores should be rewarded. 


Letters and Sounds


Lets have a play with this online game. If this link still requires you to enter a login and password, then please use username jan21 and password home

Search for phases 3 and the game named Make a Match.





Green/Blue table: 

Red table: 


As I've said before - Friday afternoon is Golden Time in class and your child is rewarded for their hard work all week by allowing them to choose to play with a toy, play on an iPad or watch a film etc. 


Have a good weekend (well as good a weekend as anyone can have when they can't really leave their house in January wink) and see you Monday.




Remote Learning Thursday 14th January 2021


Good Morning Pandas


Don't forget that you can contact me on with any questions or to show me your child's work. 


Here's the plan for today.......




We begin a Thursday with PE. Please encourage your child to keep active by following the videos below and joining in - you can look for a Joe Wicks video on You Tube if you like but he is quite intense! 


CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | African Savannah

Andy heads to Africa and meets some incredible creatures along the way. He pronks with springbok, prowls with lions and swings his trunk with a herd of eleph...

Go On A Safari Adventure! 🦁 Yoga Club (Week 21) | Cosmic Kids

Take a walk on the wild side as we go on a safari adventure - Cosmic Kids style! ⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest challenge where you print out fu...




If your child needs to please watch the story again using the video below and then I would like you to help them to design their own crown and label the different parts i.e. diamonds, gold sparkles, dinosaur teeth (whatever they have decided would make a good crown!). Encourage them to try and sound out the words and make an attempt to spell independently. 

The Queens Knickers - Books Alive!

Books Alive reading of Nicholas Allan's The Queen's Knickers. Being Queen is a tough job there are many things she must get right and MOST important is what ...




We are continuing to look at Kings and Queens. Please read through this presentation with your child, then select 4 or 5 monarchs from the attached sheet and help your child to place the monarchs on a timeline from the monarch from the longest time ago right through to our current Queen. There are lots of images on the worksheet but I only want you to pick 4 or 5 (including our current Queen), maybe select the monarchs that were specifically mentioned in the presentation. 

Horrible Histories - The Monarchs Song | Horrible Songs

Could you name all the Kings and Queens of England?Subscribe for more Horrible History: our website: horrible-h...




Please watch this online lesson for music and encourage your child to join in. They will need a toy or teddy during the lesson. 


That's everything for Thursday. 




Remote Learning Wednesday 13th January 2021


Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well? Let's get started ......




We're still looking at the story The Queen's Knickers. If you need to watch the story again use the video below. 

The Queens Knickers - Books Alive!

Books Alive reading of Nicholas Allan's The Queen's Knickers. Being Queen is a tough job there are many things she must get right and MOST important is what ...


Then can you help your child to write a sentence to match each of the following images from the story? Can your child remember what was happening in these images? 




Don't forget to keep up your daily practice with your spellings. 




Blue/Green Table: we are continuing to look at number sequences forwards and backwards and filling in any number gaps in sequences. Please have a go at the following online game. 


Choose the 'sequencing' option and then pick 0-10 or 0-100 depending on how your child has been getting on. 


Then complete this worksheet. 


Red Table: more 3 x table practice. Play the following game and then complete this worksheet. 


Choose the 'times tables' option and then pick 'x3'. Play the game several times, see if your child can beat their score? 




Today is our day in the cookery room but I thought rather than putting a recipe on here for you to make when the chances are that you wouldn't have the ingredients in the house (I know I would never have the things I needed!), I thought it would be a nice idea to ask your child to help make either the lunch or the tea with you. I'd love to see how they get on and what they make. 


Take care of each other, see you tomorrow. 




Remote Learning Tuesday 12th January 2021


Good Morning Pandas


Let's see what we can do today .........


Letters and Sounds


Let's continue our revision of the sounds sh, ch, th, ng and zz. Please have a go at playing the game that is part of this Powerpoint presentation. Ask your child to select the images that include the specified sound. 



After playing the game please complete these worksheets. Ask your child to cut out the images (no harm in practicing scissor skills) and then stick on the grid for the relevant sound.

Again if you don't have a printer, bring the images up on the screen and ask them what specific sound they are hearing and you could maybe write the object name in a written grid for each sound. 




We always read again on a Tuesday. The same as yesterday please read either with your child or ask your child to read to you if you have a suitable book. 

An Education City activity has been set for you in relation to reading. 




This term we are going to look at how cookery shows are filmed with the ultimate goal of filming each other presenting how to make a specific recipe. To start this unit I would like your child to watch the following video clip of someone making food. Talk to your child about how each step of the process is explained and how it is important to complete each step before you move on to the next. 

CBeebies Recipes | Yorkshire Pudding with Sausages Easy Recipe For Kids

Mason has a really tasty version of Yorkshire Pudding with sausages. If you would like to have a go at cooking Mason's recipe you will need:- Broccoli- Kitch...


Then can your child sequence how to make a jam sandwich? 



This term we are going to look at keeping ourselves safe and to start this we are looking at road safety.

Please watch the video below and then discuss with an adult what the main rules we need to remember when crossing the road. You could then make a road safety poster to let others know how they can keep safe too.

Have fun.


The Moe Show: Moe Explores - Road Safety

Remote Learning Monday 11th January 2021


Good morning everyone. I loved seeing photos last week of the brilliant work going on at home - remember if you would like to send me any photos or have any questions for me then please use this email address:


The following is a reflection of a typical Monday in class. 


Letters and Sounds


Let's have a little revision of some of the digraphs (letter sounds) we should be quite comfortable with now. 

Please listen to the following video showing the Jolly Phonics songs for the majority of sounds. Encourage your child to join in with the songs and actions (they all know these well). 

Jolly Phonics Songs in correct order! Letters and Sounds


Watch a short video focusing on the digraphs sh, ch, th, ng and zz that has been selected for your child on Education City. Then complete the following worksheet. (Remember if you haven't got a printer try your best to copy the sheet out onto paper or ask your child to point on the screen as the worksheet is on the screen). 




We always read to an adult on a Monday. Please read with your child today; if you have any reading books at home that your child could manage then please read one of those or share a story with your child by you reading and encouraging your child to talk about the images or answer simple questions about what is happening. 

A reading activity has also been set for your child on Education City - please log in and complete. 




Please practice these spellings all week - remember we will have a test on Friday.  




We are going to continue reading our story The Queen's Knickers. Please watch the following video and then help your child to design their own pair of knickers - they can be colourful, spotty, stripy, have pictures on (wherever their imagination takes them).

I would really love to see their knicker designs because we are going to have a display in class based on this story and the work we do. To have work they have completed at home on the display board would make my year! 

The Queens Knickers - Books Alive!

Books Alive reading of Nicholas Allan's The Queen's Knickers. Being Queen is a tough job there are many things she must get right and MOST important is what ...




Blue / Green Tables: we are going to continue looking at number sequences. Please watch the following video and then complete the worksheet. 

Please only complete page 1 of the following worksheets (I couldn't work out how to get rid of the rest - it's obviously beyond my technological capabilities!). 


Red Table: more work looking at the 3 x table. watch the following video and then complete the worksheet. 

3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!


Okay then panda cubs and parents/carers I think that's enough for today. 




Remote Learning Friday 8th Jan. '21


Good morning everyone and what a wet/slushy Friday it is! Remember if you want to contact me please use the following email address:


The plan for today: 

Friday equals a spelling test in Panda class. Please test your child and see how they have got on with this week's sound. 


Letters and Sounds


There is an Education City activity around our sound 'OW' set for you. 

Please complete the following sheet: 


This is a great game for practising their letter sounds. 




Green/Blue Table : an activity has been set for you on Education City, please log in to complete. Then complete this worksheet. 


Red Table: more 3 x table work. 

3 Times Table Song - Numberjacks

How fast can you recite your 3 times table? Practice makes perfect!Remember to subscribe for more learning with Numberjacks!FUN FACT!WHAT is Numberjacks?It i...

Then please write your child some more 3 x table questions - as we all know with the times tables it's just practise, practise, practise! 


Golden Time


As always on Friday we have Golden Time on the afternoon - watch a film, play with your toys (just like we would in class). 


Have a safe weekend everyone, see you all again on Monday. 


Caroline smiley

Remote Learning Thurs 7th  Jan 21


Good morning panda cubs - I hope everyone slept well. This is the plan for today: 




We take part in PE on a Thursday morning. Make a space and copy the exercises Joe shows you - remember adults you can join in as well! 

P.E with Joe | Monday 30th March 2020




We started looking at this book on Monday and we loved it. Listen to this online version. 

The Queens Knickers - Books Alive!

Books Alive reading of Nicholas Allan's The Queen's Knickers. Being Queen is a tough job there are many things she must get right and MOST important is what ...


Next, print out the following sentences and cut the individual sentences up so that they are in a muddle. Help your child to read the sentences and then ask them to sort them from the beginning of the story to the ending. 




We are starting a new topic of looking at kings and queens. Please read through this Powerpoint presentation with your child and discuss each page. Then complete the worksheet looking at what makes a good or bad monarch. (If you haven't got a printer just try to copy the sheet out as best you can). 


That's everything for today - don't forget to practice your spellings. 




Remote Learning Wed. 6th Jan 2021


Good Morning


Please use the following email address if you have any questions or would like to share your work (or if you need a reminder about your login and password for Education City);


The plan for today is the following:




Please read a book at home or share a book with an adult. A reading activity has been set on Education City for you to complete.


Letters and Sounds


Our sound this week is 'OW'. 

Blue/Green Table Spellings: clown, town, down, owl, howl. 

Red Table Spellings: clown, town, down, owl, howl, pretty, again, climb, gold. 

Practise these spellings today and daily from today - we'll have a test on Friday! 


Watch the following video and complete this online activity. 

Phase 3 Phonics | ow Digraph

Phase 3 Phonics | ow DigraphThis is a short Phase 3 Phonics video to help teach or revise the /ow/ digraph, as taught through Letters and Sounds. It has seve...




Green/Blue Table

We started to look at continuing number sequences or filling in the gaps earlier in the week,

i.e 4, 5, 6, _, _, _ or 6, _, 8, 9, _, _ . 

Please watch the following video: 

Numberblocks - Finish the Sequence? | Learn to Count

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Numberblocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Try to help the Numberblocks finish the maths sequences in this ...

Please then write your child a selection of number sequences to finish, remember you can count forwards or backwards. 

12, 13, 14, _  _  _

10, 11, _   13, 14, _ 

16, 15, 14, _  _  _ 

and so on and so on.........


Red Table: 


You started looking at the 3 x table earlier in the week. There are a couple of activities I would like you to complete on Education City.

Then please write some general 3x table questions for your child i.e. 4 x 3 =  _   5 x 3 =   _


That's everything for today people. See you tomorrow.




Christmas Activities


Our Panda Cubs have had a fun-filled week in class. We have watched a virtual pantomime, enjoyed a visit from the big man in red, Santa Claus himself!! We practised our dancing in P.E ready for our Christmas party. Our Panda Cubs loved our class Christmas party, we all had a good boogie, played games and ate some of the lovely food you donated.


Merry Christmas to you all. Have a great time over the holidays and we look forward to seeing our Panda Cubs in the new year.


Merry Christmas!!!

Today we enjoyed our Christmas lunch. We arranged all our tables so we could all sit together as one big, happy, Panda family. We all pulled our crackers, we wore our hats and ate until we were stuffed! It was just amazing!

Our favourite joke was;

"What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?"


We were so tired after our lunch that we needed a little snooze!


Remote Learning for Friday 4th December 2020


We're on the final day - hooray! It's also our happy day - isn't it William? 


Letters and Sounds


The final day looking at the sound/digraph UR. Please complete the related activity set for you on Education City and then look at the worksheet below. If you haven't got a printer you can just look at the sheet on the screen - practice reading words with the UR sound and deciding if they are real words or nonsense? 




In class we love a game called Whack-a-Mole - have a play using the following link. Remember you need to hit the numbers in order. 

One more activity set for you on Education City, please login. 



Friday afternoon is Golden Time in class and I think everyone deserves a treat after working so hard this week from home - so relax this afternoon and watch a film or play with your toys just like you would in class. 


Also I am awarding Star of the Week to all of my Panda Cubs - you've all been brilliant in what has been a difficult week. 


Spelling Test


Ask your adult to test you on your spellings related to the digraph UR. Be warned adults ......... a good mark (you decide what is a good mark) gets your child a dip in the sweet tub in class! 

Look at Monday's post if you need a reminder of the spellings. 

Star of the Week Certificate


Have a good weekend everyone - remember you no longer have to isolate as of Saturday - and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.



Caroline, Claire, Jo, Nicola and Chelsea. 


Remote Learning for Thursday 3rd December 2020


Again thank-you to everyone who is making the effort to complete tasks at home - you're doing a great job. 



Thursdays begin with PE for Panda Class. Watch the following video and join in with the yoga. 

Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!




Please find your activity for English today on Education City. 




We've been learning all about the UK over the last couple of weeks. Can you tell your adult where you live? What country is that in? Can you remember the names of the 4 countries that make up the UK? 


Last week we looked at Scotland and this week we would have been looking at Wales. Talk through the following presentation and learn about Wales and then watch the video. Can you complete this job by drawing a magnificent Welsh dragon? 

CBeebies - Preparing For St David's Day - Let's Celebrate

Sian is busy preparing for St David's Day. She helps make a huge dragon with her friends at school.Visit CBeebies at to find ev...


That's everything for today Panda cubs - keep up the good work.


Caroline, Claire, Jo, Nicola and Chelsea. 

Remote Learning for Wednesday 2nd December 2020


Another successful day for everyone from what I can see via the feedback in emails and the work being completed on Education City. I love seeing what you're up to. 


The tasks for today:




Read through this version of our story The Enormous Turnip. 

Blue / Green table, can you order these images from the story (once your adult has muddled them up for you)? Can you remember what order the story happens in?

Grown-up: feel free to at least half the number of images here because there are rather a lot! 

If you haven't got a printer, can you draw 3 pictures showing the beginning, middle and ending of our story? Can you independently write some key words to match your drawings? 

Red table, can you read the sentences from the story and order these? 



Watch this video about things getting heavy. 

NUMBERJACKS | Getting Heavy | S1E8



Blue / Green table: We need to order items by weight today. Go around your house and gather together a collection of items. Choose 2 items at a time and place one in each hand, which item feels heavier? Order everything you have gathered together from heaviest to lightest. Take a photo to show me your great work. 

Red table: a task has been set for you on Education City. 

Design and Technology


This term we have been making biscuits or party food and Wednesday afternoon is our turn in the school cookery room. If you have the ingredients in the house and have the inclination feel free to follow this recipe and make yourselves a little treat. 

Keep up the good work Pandas. 


Caroline, Claire, Jo, Nicola and Chelsea. 

Remote Learning for Tuesday 1st December 2020


Well done to everyone who completed work yesterday. 


Here are today's jobs: 


Letters and Sounds

We are going to continue looking at the digraph/sound 'UR'.  Please complete the following online activity: 

Then complete this worksheet. Blue / Green table please complete the sheet where some of the word has been started for you and Red table please complete the sheet where the word box is empty. 
Don't forget to have another practice with your spellings for the week. 




We would have read our books  to an adult again today. Just like yesterday if you have a book you can read in the house then please do, otherwise a reading activity has been set on Education City again. 



An activity needs to be completed on Education City, please log in and complete your job. 



We've completed a lot of work within class about emotions and how these emotions may look on people's faces.

  • Talk to your adult about what makes you happy, sad and angry.
  • Show these emotions on your own face to your adult and ask them to take a photo of each. 
  • Complete the following activity sheet sorting these emotions into the correct circle. 

That's all for today Panda cubs. I'm loving seeing photos of your work and your brilliant scores on Education City, so keep up the hard work.


Stay safe,

Caroline, Claire, Jo, Nicola and Chelsea. 

Remote Learning for Monday 30th November 2020


Good morning Pandas 


A reminder to grown ups that if you would like to contact me please use the following email address:  Please put PANDA CLASS in the subject box. 

If I attach worksheets and you don't have a printer please just try your best to copy the sheet out onto paper. 

The tasks will be set for Green / Blue Table and Red Table - your child will know what table they sit on and so which task is theirs. 


If we were in school today this is what we would have been learning: 




We started reading the story The Enormous Turnip last week.  Listen to this version of the story. 

Task for today: Green / Blue Table, can you remember the characters that appear in the story? Make a list with your grown up, try to spell out the words yourself and write them independently. 

Red Table, choose 3 characters and write a sentence for each telling me something about that character. Don't forget to start your sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop. 

The Enormous Turnip (Retold by Irene Yates)

Letters and Sounds


This week we would have been introducing the digraph/sound 'UR'. Watch the following video and then practice writing out this week's spellings. 

Green / Blue table spellings: surf, curl, burn, burp, hurt.

Red table spellings: surf, curl, burn, burp, hurt, Christmas, birthday, holiday, year. 

Phase 3 Phonics | ur Digraph



We would have read our reading books today. If you have any suitable books at home then please do read today but don't worry about it if you haven't. I've set a reading activity for you on Education City, please log in and complete your activity. 



Today we would have been starting Measures in Maths. 

Longer or Shorter Song | Comparing Measurements

Sesame Street: Grover Finds the Tallest Monster

Green / Blue table: get a collection of socks, which is the longest? Which is the shortest? Can you order the socks by length? 
Red Table: you need to practice measuring items using a ruler. Please complete the following worksheet. 

So that's it for today Panda cubs. Any questions, comments or to share your work please use the email address mentioned above. 


Happy learning and as ever thank-you for your continued support,

Caroline, Claire, Jo, Nicola and Chelsea. 

Panda Class Topic Web Autumn 2020

Week beginning - 23/11/2020


This term in D.T. we are making biscuits and party food. Our aim is to master cutting, peeling and grating safely and hygienically. We are also working on using measuring cups and electronic scales to accurately measure out our ingredients. This week our Panda cubs baked hedgehog biscuits. They all took it in turns to help measure and mix the ingredients. They each worked independently with the dough to create a hedgehog shaped biscuit which they decorated with chocolate and coconut. The best part of the lesson was eating our biscuits. They tasted DELICIOUS! Great job Panda's.

Week beginning 16/11/2020


This term in Computing we are focusing on using programable toys.  To develop our skills in giving instructions, we placed a treasure chest on the yard. In pairs our Panda cubs had to give each other instructions such as; forwards, backwards, left, right, to guide their partner to the chest. Next we recorded our cubs giving instructions so they could replay it and see if they would get the same result. Finally we introduced the Bee-bots, a robot bee that is  programmed with an algorithm to move  around our map. Our cubs were so excited! This was by far their favourite lesson in computing and they all did an excellent job. Well done Pandas!

Week beginning - 9/11/2020


We are focusing on gymnastics this half term in P.E. This week we looked at different ways to balance. As you can see, our panda cubs did a great job! There were a few wobbles at first but everyone gave it real good try.

Week beginning 2/11/2020

This week in ENGLISH we have listened to the story; The Gingerbread Man. Our panda cubs have designed their own gingerbread man, acted out the story of The Gingerbread man, written our own sentences about the story and labelled the characters that appear in the story.

The Gingerbread Man

Still image for this video
Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can't catch me I'm The Gingerbread Man!

W/B 19.10.20


We concentrated on our ART work this week; we've been looking at the work of William Morris and we produced our own style of this art by printing with natural objects onto cloth. We concentrated on making a repeating pattern just like the artist. 

W/B 12.10.20


In class this week we have continued to look at materials in Science. This week we have concentrated on looking at materials that are magnetic and those which aren't. We loved experimenting with the magnets! The children were then set the challenge of trying to get a paperclip out of a jar full of water without getting their hands wet or spilling any water - look at the results in the photos. 

In HISTORY this week we completed our work of looking at seaside holidays from the past by bringing the beach to Panda Class. We dressed in modern and Victorian seaside clothes, went for a splash, built sandcastles, ate chips and licked ice-creams. Look at the fun we had!

Panda Class work - w/b 05/10/2020

It's all about 3D shapes!


Still image for this video

Panda Class work. Week beginning 28/09/2020

This week in Science Panda Class have looked at materials and their properties. In groups, our panda cubs were assigned a material. Each group helped to write and perform a song about their material. They are amazing!

The wood song.

Still image for this video
I love wood. I love wood. It is useful. It is useful. You find it everywhere, it come from trees. It is natural. It is natural.


Still image for this video

The plastic song.

Still image for this video
I love plastic. I love plastic. It's colourful, and very tough. It is man-made and very flexible. It's really useful. It's really useful.

Panda Class work week beginning 21/09/2020

Each day our Panda's go outside and take part in the 'mile a day' programme. We have a specific track on the field dedicated to this, 8 complete laps of the track equates to a mile! Some days when the weather is not great we follow an online 'walk a mile' class. it lasts for 15 minutes and gets all our hearts pumping more quickly! We love it!

W/B 14.09.20


This week we concentrated on our feelings in PHSE - we looked at what different feelings may look like physically. 


Panda Class work week beginning 02/09/20

It has been business as usual in Panda class since returning to school. We have looked at addition in Maths. In English we are reading the story 'The lighthouse keeper's lunch' the children created their own dream packed lunches. In our Art lesson we practised printing after learning about the art style of William Morris.