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Hi Dragons,


I hope you are all safe and well.


This week's work is as follows:




For those of you working on Phase 4 Phonics, focus on the 'tr' sound. Write a list of as many words containing the 'tr' sound as you can think of, write these words into sentences and draw a picture to represent each word. Also, challenge yourself by writing a sentence using two/three words from your list.


Phase 3 - 'air' sound. Please watch and have a go at the worksheet below: 




Use the PowerPoints and worksheets below to improve your knowledge of Roman Numerals:



Continue to read and learn a range of different 'Fables' and attempt some of last week's suggested activities. 


Also, choose a Fable, write a script for your chosen Fable and act out the script. Try making puppets for key characters and create your own puppet show. 




Have a go at the below exercises:


Stay safe Dragons. 



Hi Dragons,


I hope you all enjoy your week. 


This week's work is as follows: 




In Literacy this week, I would like you all to read/listen to as 'Aesop Fables' as you can and try to complete the following tasks:


Identify the moral of the story,

Re-write key parts of the story in the correct sequence and illustrate with pictures,

Write an alternative version of a selected 'Aesop Fable',

Ask an adult to test your knowledge of a selected 'Aesop Fable' by asking you a series of questions about the story. 


Read this PowerPoint and complete the comprehension activity:



For those of you working on Phase 4 Phonics, focus on the 'lp' sound. Write a list of as many words containing the 'lp' sound as you can think of, write these words into sentences and draw a picture to represent each word. Also, challenge yourself by writing a sentence using two/three words from your list.


Phase 3 - 'oa' sound: 

After completing the above worksheets, write a list of words with the 'oa' sound in and place them in to sentences.



Use the PowerPoint below and have a go at completing the following worksheets:



Read through the two PowerPoints below and try to complete the below worksheets:



Please continue to access the videos posted on the school Facebook and Twitter accounts to take part in our 'Virtual Home Sports Day' - Monday 29th June - Friday 10th July 2020. 


Please follow the information on Facebook and Twitter and send us your videos!


Stay safe Dragons. 



Hi Dragons,




For those of you working on Phase 4 Phonics, focus on the 'mp' sound. Write a list of as many words containing the 'mp' sound as you can think of, write these words into sentences and draw a picture to represent each word. Also, challenge yourself by writing a sentence using two/three words from your list.


Phase 3 - 'ure' sound: 



Focus on sentence writing and ensuring you use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives. Read the following chapter from ' Gangsta Granny' and write your own version of events. 


Also, ask an adult to choose a selection of words for you to explain the meaning of before writing a sentence to include these words. 





This weeks Maths will be on 2D shape. Please use the PowerPoints for support, if required. Have a go at completing the below worksheets: 



Watch the below video, and read through both PowerPoints before having a go at labelling the Volcano on the worksheet below:




Please see the PE section (extra-curricular) of our website with regard to our 'Virtual Home Sport Day' - Monday 29th June - Friday 10th July 2020. Try these activities before testing yourself by making your own sporting challenges!!


Stay safe Dragons. 



Hi Dragons,




For those of you working on Phase 4 Phonics, focus on the 'nt' sound. Write a list of as many words containing the 'nt' sounds as you can think of, write these words into sentences and draw a picture to represent each word. Also, challenge yourself by writing a sentence using two/three words from your list.


Phase 3 - 'th' sound: 




This week's Math's work will be on subtraction:



This week's Literacy work will be on Grammar and Punctuation:



Have a go at the below activities:

Try to find as many ways as you can to stay active and exercise this week. Use ideas from previous weeks or simply just help out in the garden, go for a daily walk or create games and exercises to keep yourself healthy!


Stay safe Dragons. 





Hello Dragons at home,


I hope you are staying safe!


This week in school, we will be completing the following lessons and activities:




Use the below video to help you to complete the worksheet on number bonds: 




Following on from the work on 'Gangsta Granny' last week, draw a picture of 'Gangsta Granny' using an example from the below document (Art). Once you have drawn the picture, add adjectives to describe 'Gansta Granny,' then put these adjectives in to sentences. 


Finally, create a 'Wanted Poster' using the template below:



This week, Dragon Class will be working on the 'ng' and 'igh' sounds. Watch the below videos and try the worksheets:


'ng' sound:


'igh' sound:  




Check out this fun song on how to stay safe from 'Coronavirus:'


Please make your own poster to illustrate a new skill you have learnt during lockdown, something that has made you happy whilst at home or a particular set of rules that you have followed to stay safe. Make your poster colourful and creative!




Please complete some of the sports challenges from the list below:


 Challenge 1.pdf


 Challenge 2.pdf


 challenge 3.pdf


 Challenge 4.pdf


 Challenge 5.pdf


 Challenge 6.pdf


 Challenge 7.pdf


 Challenge 8.pdf

Record your scores and let us know how well you did!


Father's Day Card


Use the following link to make your own fathers day card:





Use the picture from the document below to sketch and paint two pictures of 'Gangsta Granny.' Compare both pictures and identify the differences and similarities between your two pieces of Art:


Stay safe.



Hi Dragons,

Below is a range of number bond challenges:

Parents/carers, ask your children to comprehend selected words and phrases from the above reading comprehension. 


Also, children can draw/paint their own 'Gangsta Granny,' using the illustration on page 18 as an example.

PE: use the following ideas to motivate you and your family to be active for 60 minutes every day!

Feel free to continue to access BBC Bitesize for a consistent lesson timetable and continue to work between year 1 & 3:

Take care Dragons!



Hi Dragons,


I hope you are all happy and healthy. I'm sure you have all been enjoying this fantastic weather and getting outside as much as possible to exercise!


Please continue with BBC Bitesize. Continue to work on years 1 & 3 depending on the topic and progress made throughout each lesson. There are some great lessons this week including: measuring/comparing volume capacity, habitats and lessons to develop punctuation. You will be familiar with most of these and they will continue to help secure your knowledge! 


BBC Bitesize link:


Also, below is a link to an 'Inclusive Booklet - Let's Play Together', which contains some amazing ideas and adaptations for a range of different sporting activities. Please try to exercise for at least one hour every day! Use these activities to motivate you to exercise:

Inclusive Booklet - Let's Play Together

Take care Dragons!



Hello Dragons,


I hope you are all well and staying safe.


Below is a list of 60 second challenges to stay healthy and active over half term:



Challenge other members of your household and feel free to create your own challenges. Have fun spending quality time with your family!


Stay safe everyone!



Hi Dragons,


I hope your are all safe and well. 


Please continue with the lessons on the BBC Bitesize website as they provide a good routine and lessons are beneficial for our class:


Physical activity challenge: find as many different ways as you can to stay active, from gardening with your parents/carers to creating an exciting outdoor obstacle course to challenge your family. 


Stay safe everyone!



Hello Dragons,


I hope your are all well.


Please continue with the lessons on the BBC Bitesize website:

Also, I've attached some more swimming related activities and some fun ways to 'Stay in, Work out'. See the links below: 

I hope you all enjoy the activities!


Stay safe. 



Hi Dragons,


I hope you are all well and managing to stay active!


Please continue with, or attempt some lessons via the following link to BBC Bitesize:


Start with year 1/2 and progress where possible. 


Also, below is a link for Oxford Owls. This is an online reading book website which provides a wide variety of stories (ebooks) for a range of age groups. Once an adult has signed up (it's free) feel free to read as many stories as you can: 


Take care Dragons!



Hello Dragons,


I hope everyone is happy and you are all manging to stay busy and active.


Please continue to follow the lessons on BBC Bitesize as they offer a great schedule for regular lessons in all subjects whilst also providing brilliant variations of activities that are progressive and fun. 


Here is the BBC Bitesize link: 


Also, Swim England have produced the below activities: 

Take care Dragons!



Good morning Dragons, 


I hope you’re all well and you’ve all had a fantastic Easter holidays! 

Here is a link for BBC Bitesize:


This is an excellent resource which provides daily lessons throughout the week. Try working on Year 1/2 and make progress when your child completes these lessons. 

Good luck and stay safe! 

W/C: 6.4.20 & 13.4.20


Happy Easter Holidays Dragons,


I hope everyone is staying healthy and active.


Here are some fun activities you may find useful to keep your children busy over Easter: 


Egg and Spoon Race - enjoy the nice weather by getting out in the garden and designing some fun ways of running the old fashioned sports day race. 


Decorate Eggs - use the boiled eggs from your egg and spoon race to decorate. Be creative, think of your favourite footballer, celebrity or book/TV character.


Create Easter Crafts - 


Make Easter Nests - 


Stay safe everyone!





Hi Dragons,


I hope everyone is safe and well.


Just a few ideas for activities this week:


We planned to make a Volcano this week, why not try making your own.

Here is a link to make a homemade Volcano - 


Anyone following Joe Wicks daily PE will have noticed that he has asked for everyone at home to design their own workout. Why not try designing your own creative ways of exercising at home! 

Please be creative and allow your children to use their imagination and think of their own ideas and activities to bring their favourite story to life:

- Read stories by the same author

- Draw different characters and different settings from the story

- Role play key parts of the story, asking other members of the household to take part

- Write an alternative version of the story

- Make finger puppets and put on your own puppet show


Feel free to keep working through the activities on the below links from last weeks ideas as there is a wide range of content on those websites.


Stay safe Dragons!









Please draw, paint or make a picture of a rainbow if possible. When complete, take a picture of it and email it to this address-

The postcards are designed to spread messages of support during these difficult times. We will be working alongside the children of Catcote to make these postcards. 




Hello parents and carers of Dragon class.


I hope everyone is safe and well. 


Every week I will put some activities/ideas on our class page. Please feel free to use these ideas and/or look at other ways to keep your children active and learning. 


Why not try some daily activity with The Body Coach (Joe Wicks): 


Some other useful resources:


Also, feel free to use Google and YouTube to research your own activities. Children may want to research some of the topics we've covered in class recently, which include The Battle of Britain - History and the David Walliams story Gansta Granny - Literacy.


Thanks for your continued support.





Welcome to Dragon Class


Our Teacher is called Scott, Kelly is our HLTA and our Teaching Assistants are Amanda, Zoe and Millie.


All about Dragon Class

In our class, we are a team.

We respect each other,

We take risks,

We learn from our mistakes,

We try our best,

We create,

We dream BIG!

We celebrate each other's success!

Dragon Class Topic Web - Spring Term - Old and New

Cooking Experience

Dragon class showed off their baking skills with their first cookery lesson of the year. 


George's Marvellous Medicine

In Literacy we have been learning about 'George's Marvellous Medicine. We made our own potions with lots of disgusting ingredients that we would have gave to Granny. We smelt them and as you can see we did not think they were fit to taste.

Dragon Class are Firefighters!

Dragon Class had a visit from the Firebrigade! Dragon Class loved the visit and in particular the hose and all the equipment...We now have a class full of aspiring Firefighters!


Tees Valley Inclusive Games

Dragon and Panda class attended a sports event at Durham University. We tried a range of new sports such as blanket volleyball, frisbee, boccia and bowling. The children showed great teamwork skills and competed against each other. Everyone tried very hard and had a wonderful time. Well done everyone! 

Dragons do Halloween!

In Dragon class we celebrated Halloween with a party. We mummified ourselfs with toilet paper, played apple bobbing , had halloween treats and danced to Thriller!

Remembrance Day

In Dragon Class for Remembrance Day we had a two minutes silence, listened to war music and made our own poppy wreaths. We also discussed what we were grateful for and lucky to have in our lives. 

Maisie the Therapy Dog

We had a visit from Maisie the Therapy Dog in Dragon class! Maisie enjoyed her hair being brushed and she even showed us some tricks!

The Sport Domes

Dragon, Panda and Toucan class had a morning at the Sport Domes playing various sports. We played football, hockey, and dodgeball. We had plenty of fun and enjoyed trying some new games!


Dragons and Anacondas went to St Hilds to learn all about coding! We worked in pairs to build and code a robot to follow a set of instructions. Everone worked hard and enjoyed working on the computers special coding programme!

The Great Springwell Bake off

Dragons were the judges of this years bake off we tried every single cake entred. We had lemon , gingerbread, red velvet AND chocolate cake!

Christmas Movie Morning

Dragon class had a christmas treat of a movie morning in the light and sound room. We had hot chocolate , popcorn and watched Home Alone.

The Northern School of Art

The children from Dragon and Shark class have designed their own animal masks, with the students from The Northern School of Art. Sharks and Dragon class later visited The Northern School of Art to paint their masks and see their designs come to life.


Joseph and the Technicoloured Dreamcoat

Dragon class throughly enjoyed taking part in the cluster primary production of Joseph and the Technicoloured Dreamcoat at High Tunstall College of Science.

World Book Day

Dragon class took part in World Book Day by dressing as our favourite character and bringing in our favourite book. We shared stories with each other, played games and had lots of fun.