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                        Welcome to Zebra Class!



Teacher: Aimee 


Teaching Assistants: Amanda, Cheryl and Emily

Apprentice TA: Jess

You will be missed so much!! Good luck Lewis!

Good luck Lewis in your new school! We will miss you!


Zebra class start time is still 8:40 am and finish time is 2:50pm.






  • Zebra Class will promptly start school at 8:40am.
  • Zebra Class will finish school promptly at 2:50pm. 
  • The children in Zebra Class who are usually transported to and from school via bus will be travelling in class bubbles. Transport will be in touch with parents and carers before school commences to notify them with times of collection and drop offs.
  • Parents and Carers who transport their children to school will be greeted by a member of staff within the school grounds at 8:40am and 2:50pm. Social distancing between adults and staff must be adhered to at all times and masks should be worn. Parents/carers must stay outside of the school building.


Important dates

11.6.21 - Walking bus starts for Africa team

02.7.21 - End of Year reports sent home

16.07.21 - Break up for Summer holidays! 



*Important information*

  • If you child, or a member of your household, shows any symptoms, they must not attend school and must isolate at home and let the school office know asap.
  • Please take your child's temperature each morning and do not send them to school if it is 37.8 or above.
  • All classes will continue to be 'cocooned'. Zebra Class children and staff with remain in their own little bubble, in their class/outside area throughout most of the day.
  • There will be no swimming, soft play, assemblies or out of school trips. 
  • Hand washing will occur regularly throughout the day. 
  • Regular cleaning of touch points, toys, tables, equipment etc will occur in an ongoing manner throughout the day.
  • Where possible, resources will not be shared between classes.
  • Social distancing will be followed as much as possible.
  • There will be hot school dinners available and they will be eaten in class.
  • At the moment, parents and carers are unable to come into our school building so any messages can be written in the children's orange 'Home School Books'.

  • When the children are working from home, please email the teacher between 9am and 3pm on the following email address with any questions or to send pictures :

Topic Web - Journeys Summer 2021

Topic Web - Extreme Earth Spring 2021

16.7.21 - Today in DT we made our own aeroplanes from plastic bottles and paper! We're off on our summer holidays with Zebra Airlines!!

13.7.21 - Zebra Class Sports Day!

09.07.21 - Fun at McDonalds and bowling for our friends leavers trip!

08.07.21 - Pizza Making in Cookery!

01.07.21 - Celebrating one of our friends birthdays!

18.6.21 - Come On England!

16.6.21- Zebra class had a fantastic day visiting Osmotherley with West View Project. We enjoyed walking around the lake, feeding the ducks, collecting flowers, having a picnic, plodging in the water and we even had time for icecreams!

9.6.21- Having fun trying out different styles of bikes on the daily mile track!

8.6.21- In History we have been looking at transport and how it has changed over the years. This week we looked at bikes in detail and experienced riding different bikes on the playground.

28.5.21- In Science we have been exploring different vehicles. This week we made our own bridges and used toy cars to show how vehicles transport over water.

20.5.21 - In Maths we have been exploring and investigating weight using different scales.

19.5.21- Enjoying water play!

18.5.21 - This week we have read the story 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and began to sequence the events and story. Luckily, we had the opportunity to explore some real butterflies, watch them feed on fruit and sugared water and hold them before releasing them into our garden.

13.5.21- The children have enjoyed role-playing and acting out the story of 'The Train Ride'. They built their own train tracks and used the trains to go on a journey, passing the different farm animals, tractor and tunnels. and

6.5.21- In Literacy this week our story is 'The Train Ride'. We discussed what we would like to take in our packed lunch for a train journey and the children had fun making their own sandwiches and choosing their fillings (cheese, jam or ham).

5.5.21 - Making Transport mobiles. We chose our favourite vehicles to collage and created our own mobiles.

4.4.21- Having relaxation time enjoying a TACPAC session (communication through touch and music).

30.4.21 - Running the daily mile for 'England does the Daily Mile Day'!

29.4.21 - Look at our fab sliding whale plates linked to 'The Snail and the Whale.' story.

29.4.21 - Zebra class painted and decorated rocks to look like whales from our story 'The Snail and the Whale.'

23.4.21 - Decorating paper plate snails in the sunshine!

20.4.21 - Our new story this term is 'The Snail and the Whale.' We have enjoyed making snail biscuits in cookery today!


In PSHE we have been looking at 'People who help us' and role playing the duties of firefighters, doctors/nurses, paramedics and police officers. 

26.3.21- Zebra class have enjoyed participating in lots of Easter activities. We have had fun making Easter crispy cakes, making craft Easter bunnies and completing an Easter egg hunt!

24.3.21 - In Maths we have been investigating length through practical activities and sensory play. We have learnt Makaton signs for 'big', 'small', 'longer' and 'shorter' and used these words to help our support us in problem solving activities.

23.3.21 - In Art we have been focusing on sculpture. We used coloured clay to make our own elephant models linked to our Literacy story on Elmer. We used our fingers and various tools to nip, pinch, press and squeeze the clay into different shapes to use for the head, body and legs.

22.3.21 - In Geography we have been looking at different types of weather. Linked to this, we focused on rain and made our own rainmakers in DT.

15.3.21 - Enjoying the sunshine outside!

March 2021 - Spring has arrived in Zebra class!

12.3.21 - Look at our fantastic Mothers Day cards and coasters!


Elmer cake -  We made an Elephant shaped cake and enjoyed decorating it with different coloured icing squares!

World Book Day - 4.3.21. We enjoyed dressing up in our pyjamas and sharing our favourite bedtime stories.

12.2.21- Zebra class enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and tasting different Chinese food!

12.2.21 - For Valentines Day, Zebra class got creative and made Valentines Heart biscuits and Valentines Day cards for their loved ones!

Having fun painting in the snow!


Today we had fun playing in snow, exploring the ice tray and making snow angels.


We had lots of fun joining in with dough disco today. We use the playdough to  help us develop our fine motor skills and strengthen our muscles in our hands before our writing activities. 

Dough Disco.MOV

Still image for this video

Look at our fantastic Gruffalo display!


Today in Literacy, Zebra Class enjoyed role-playing the different characters from The Gruffalo story.


Zebra class enjoyed Music today with Mike, singing nursery rhymes and using different instruments to bang, shake and tap. 

music mike video.MOV

Still image for this video

Zebra class are happy to be back at school and have been working very hard over the past two weeks. We have enjoyed making new friends and getting to know each other.

We enjoyed making fairy cakes in DT. We then decorated them with icing balls and used our math skills to count how many we needed to put on the cakes. 

PE- Moving in different ways like a Giraffe!

In Literacy this week we have been reading the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance'.  We enjoyed looking at pictures of Giraffes and then making some Giraffe shortbread biscuits in DT, decorating them with chocolate chips and raisins!

Making Giraffe shortbread biscuits!

Our topic in History is all about 'Clothes'! Firstly we looked at our Springwell school uniform and talked about the importance of wearing uniform and how it makes us feel part of something! We then took it in turn and used the puppets to dress them in our school uniform. 

Next, we all brought our favourite clothing in to school and showed our class friends what we love to wear at home. 

Our sound of the week this week is letter 't'. Some of us in Zebra class explored the shaving foam and practised forming our letter 't' in the foam, enjoying the sensory experience. Some children practised writing the letter 't' and words beginning with the initial sound 't' and some used the whiteboard to trace over letter 't'. 

Writing activities - Letter 't'


Zebra class enjoyed learning different facts about giraffes and dressing up giraffes themselves! 


This week in Computing, we enjoyed looking at different parts of a computer /laptop and labelling them. We loved being very creative  and making our own computers from junk modelling and recycled materials. 

Topic Web - Entertainment


In History we enjoyed looking at different items of clothing from the Museum. We talked about the past and present and what types of clothes would have been worn during these times. 


In Literacy we have been reading the story 'What the Ladybird Heard'. We enjoyed making our own plans and maps to steal the cow!


In PE today we had fun practising our throwing skills and aiming to get the beanbags into the hoops. 


Linked to the story 'What the Ladybird Heard', we decorated biscuits and painted rocks to look like ladybirds and made our own ladybirds from paper plates!

22.10.20 Non - Uniform day! Thank you for all of our chocolate donations, much appreciated!

22.10.20  Celebrating Halloween!

Zebra class enjoyed dressing up in Halloween costumes and taking part in different Halloween themed activities including pumpkin carving and exploring various sensory, feely boxes. We had lots of fun playing Halloween party games and eating party food!





Pumpkin Printing and Pumpkin Carving

Bonfire Night - 5th November 2020

Today in Literacy we listened to 'Sparks in the Sky' sensory story. We wrapped up warm in hats, scarves and gloves, pretending we were going to watch the fireworks. We made patterns in the air with the sparklers and enjoyed smelling and tasting hotdogs! 

09.11.20 - Zebra class enjoyed a visit to Waverley Allotments. We all picked onions and leeks and used them to make some delicious winter vegetable soup! 

Picking leeks and onions!

Making and tasting Winter Vegetable Soup

11.11.20 - Remembrance Day! 

Today we talked about Remembrance Day and discussed that it is always celebrated at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month!

We held a two minutes silence at 11am, practiced soldier salutes and made poppies. 


This week in Literacy we have read the story 'The Singing Mermaid' by Julia Donaldson. We made some rocking mermaids using paper plates and created a beach scenery collage. 

Mermaid Crafts


Today in DT, we made some mermaid biscuits and decorated them with icing and hundreds and thousands. They were so yummy! 


Today Zebra class came into school wearing Christmas jumpers!

Christmas Jumper Day

Decorating our Class Christmas Tree!

8.12.20 - Well done Grace for bringing in your Snowman picture for our competition! 


Today we watched 'The Polar Express' film in the sensory room. We all wore our pyjamas and used our imagination to pretend we were going to the North Pole on the 'magic train'. We then enjoyed having a drink of hot chocolate with marshmallows!

All Aboard The Polar Express!


Today in Maths we made snowmen using different 2D shapes and discussed big/small when choosing the cirlces! 


In Maths we have been practising our counting skills. We counted out candy canes and matched them to the correct numeral. 

11.12.20 - Enjoying our Christmas dinner!


Zebra class enjoyed our Christmas party today. We had lots of fun playing games including pass the parcel, musical statues and having dancing competitions. We also enjoyed our party food and visit from Santa!


17.12.20 - Creative Christmas Character Crafts!