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Hello Dragons,


I hope you are well. Here are today's lessons:


Lexia: Please try to access Lexia for 20-30 minutes a day as this will help with your child’s phonics and reading comprehension.


Daily Mile: Try practice some of your Gymnastic activities from your weekly PE lessons (15 minutes). 


Maths: To share objects into equal groups.


Use objects to practice sharing different amounts into equal groups of two (group 1), four (group 2 & 3 and three (group 4).


Group 1: Share objects into halves worksheet.

Group 2: Share objects into quarters worksheet.

Group 3: Share objects into halves and quarters worksheet.

Group 4: Share objects into thirds worksheet.

Review worksheets.



Literacy: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Read ‘The Big Day Arrives’

How do you think Charlie was feeling before he went to the chocolate factory? How does this compare with what the other four winners would have been feeling?

Write a diary entry, by Charlie, about his feelings on the day of going into the chocolate factory. Focus on using time connectives in their writing.


Group 1: Write a list of main events in the chapter (in order).

Group 2: Write three tick sentences to sequence the main events of the chapter.

Group 3: Write a recount on Charlie’s morning up until Willy Wonka comes out.

Group 4: Write a short paragraph on what you think Charlie wonders about what he will see inside the factory (write in future tense).   


Ask your child to reread their work and make further improvements.




Group 1 (page 3): Complete page two of the ‘oa’ sound booklet below. 

Group 2 & 3: Make a list of as many words as you can containing the sound – ‘tr'. 

Group 4: Make a list of as many words as you can containing the sound - ‘ie’.


Use the example lists below for support, if needed: 

Handwriting: complete one page of your handwriting booklet.


History: Anglo-Saxons


To analyse and describe Anglo-Saxon artefacts and explain what they can teach us about Anglo-Saxon culture.


Read through the attached PowerPoint with your child and ask them to make comments on some/all of the artefacts. Feel free to allow your child to research a particular artefact.


Group 1 & 2: Draw and annotate one of the Anglo-Saxon artefacts from the Lesson Presentation using your notes to help you.


Group 3 & 4: Children draw one of the artefacts on the Examining Artefacts Activity Sheet. Then annotate the drawing with your own ideas using the Historian Questions Activity Sheet prompts, then research for additional information.

I hope you all enjoy today's work!


Take care everyone.