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Sharks (ARP)

Welcome to Shark Class.


Shark Class is made up of 12 children who follow Springwell School's Silver pathway.

The children are supported by; 

Caroline - Class Teacher.

Leslie/Stacey - HLTA 

Shaunie - TA

Emma - TA

Rachel- TA 






W/B 12.02.24 - Music


We have been concentrating on using our voices and changing the pitch of our voice. We have sung a variety of songs and followed the pitch and changed accordingly. 

We drew a line that was to represent our voices and then made a noise like a bird following the pitch being dictated by the line. 

W/C 05/02/2024    Computing.


The children in shark class have been learning about emails and how they are used to communicate. They are progressing on opening, composing and sending emails. 

The children received a special email from Mrs Westley to help her track down the cake thief! In groups the children composed their own reply on a shared laptop. They then as a class wrote a reply and sent it. We are awaiting another email - it is very exciting!

W/C - 29/01/24  Geography.


Our topic this term is rainforests. The children in shark class have enjoyed learning about the different layers of the rainforest and the animals that live there. We have made a beautiful display in the classroom showing off our wonderful work.

W/C - 22/01/2024    PE.


Shark class are enjoying learning to play handball. They have been carefully going over the rules of the game, and enjoying playing against their class mates and even their staff!


Maths W/C 15.01.24


In maths the children in shark class have been:

  • solving problems involving multiplication and division.
  • Reading and writing numbers to 50, 100, 1000

The children have been playing different games and completing a range of different activities over the past couple of weeks, and have become much more confident with this.   

W/C 08/01/2024     Geography


We have begun our Geography work this week looking at tropical rainforests. We have looked at where they are located on the map and what conditions they have in common. We looked at the weather conditions in these locations and were then given the task of producing and presenting a weather forecast for rainforests in Brazil, Australia and Indonesia. 

Remembrance Day - Seaham.

Shark class have been reading 'The day the crayons quit' we have linked this in with world mental health day.

World Mental Health Day - 10/10/23


This week we have been practicing our handwriting. In shark class we like to all try and join our writing. Here are some examples of some improved work. 



Swimming - Thursday 

PE - Thursday