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Pupil Progress

Springwell has developed a new system to track pupil progress which ensures all the achievements of pupils are recognised.


Children who are not able to access the National Curriculum appropriate for their age are assessed using Springwell Outcomes which have been written by Springwell School. If you would like further information please contact Louise Hargreaves, Assistant Head Teacher.


In addition to this all teachers set Individual Education Targets (IEP’s) linked to the child's Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). These are monitored and progress is checked twice each year.


A summary of pupil progress in core curriculum areas is presented to Governors twice a year, due to the small number of pupils we do not publish it on the website.

Headlines are as follows for 2017-18:


  • In Speaking & Listening 94% of pupils met their target and 68% exceeded their target.
  • In Reading 92% of pupils met their target and 70% exceeded their target.
  • In writing 92% of pupils met their target and 70% exceeded their target.
  • In maths 93% of pupil met their target and 83% exceeded their target.
  • In PSHE 93% of pupil met their target and 77% exceeded their target.


  • In Early Years the data does not indicate any relative weaknesses.
  • In KS1 maths is strongest.
  • In KS2 maths and PSHE are strongest.


The data indicates:

  • Pupil premium pupils make better progress than non pupil premium pupils (3% gap).


If you would like to discuss pupil progress please contact Zoe Westley, Head Teacher.