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Springwell School - Remote Learning


If your child is absent from school because they are unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness we will not provide work. Your child will need time to recover and return to school as normal.


If your child is absent from school because they have been required to isolate and they feel well, we will contact you to agree work which you feel your child will be able to undertake at home. This will vary depending upon the class and your child’s special educational needs.


In the event of a whole class bubble having to isolate the class teacher will put the work for the whole class on the class page of the school website (in the same way as we did during the national lockdown).



Remote Learning in Lion Class

What to expect if your child is required to isolate at home and is well enough to undertake school work:


The class teacher will telephone on the first day of absence to agree appropriate learning tasks which you feel able to support your child with whilst at home.


“No-one expects parents to act as teachers. Parents and carers should do their best to help children and support their learning while dealing with other demands.”

DfE Guidance – Supporting your child’s education during Coronavirus


Learning tasks will be posted on the 'Lion' class page on the school website.


The class teacher will telephone again the following week to review the learning tasks and agree further tasks for the remainder of the isolation period.


Please note:


If a whole class bubble is required to isolate the teacher will be working from home. They will therefore need to call from their home phone/mobile and will withhold their personal number. Please do not phone the school office regarding your child’s learning tasks.


If you have any queries about your child’s learning tasks, please email using the following address:


A teacher will respond via email or telephone as soon as possible during school hours.


Thank you for your support and have fun learning with your child at home.