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Good Morning Pandas and a big thank-you to the Panda Cubs who have sent me photos this week showing me their progress - keep up the good work yes. Remember you can contact me on  


Plan for today - English, Maths and Design and Technology. 




Watch our class story again if you need a reminder or inspiration. Today's video is read by a magician who has a little trick for you at the beginning and a joke at the end! 

Magic Martin's Story Time - The Queens Hat


Next I need you to help your child to create a story plan for their own story. On Monday I asked you to help your child imagine something blowing off their own head and going on a journey around your house or garden. We're going to use this to write a plan for their own story - imagine what could blow from your head? Where could it fly over? Where would it eventually land? What about a hat flying over the sights of Hartlepool? It could fly over the football ground, over Seaton beach, the Headland, Ward Jackson park, Asda. On this story plan sheet, make notes in each box of where the hat (or something else) could fly over. 


If you need to print the story plan sheet today, it's story map F that I would like you to print (I'm not tech savvy enough to be able to get rid of the other ones) - If your child was in school last week, then they have the story plan sheet included in the pack they brought home. 




Red Table: we're going to look at subtraction today. Use your numberline again but this time count backwards. Complete the following worksheet. 

Green / Blue Table: more doubles work. Watch the following video. 

Doubles Addition Facts Song

A song that helps kids learn and memorize doubles facts up to 12 plus 12.Subscribe! ➜ the Ho...

Then have a go at playing this game: 
Finally, complete this worksheet. 


Design and Technology


This is a new area for the children - we are going to look at how to improve delivering a packed lunch to someone. What makes a good container and what makes a poor container? Please talk your child through the following presentation and then complete the worksheet. 


Happy working everyone,