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Welcome to Elephant class!


Elephant class follow Springwell School's Glitter pathway. On this page we will show you some of the great things we get up to and some of the wonderful work we produce. 

Meet the staff

Class Teacher: Scott

HLTA: Stacey

Teaching Assistants: Allison, Sue and Mia. 

Important dates

Swimming: Tuesday

PE: Friday


Elephant Class Topic Web - Summer Term - Healthy and Active Lives

Elephant Class Topic Web - Spring Term - Nature


Today Elephant class have enjoyed a trip to the shop to buy ingredients to make pizzas. They all even had a taste of them! 

We have loved playing with board games and learning how to take turns!


Elephant class loved their trip to the library, sharing story’s and singing nursery rhymes! 

Today we have enjoyed practicing writing our numbers and collecting the correct amount of sticks to the numbers. 

Goldilocks and the three bears!
While we have lovely weather we have been on the field to do our class story. We acted out the story with props and had so much fun!

Wonderful award!
Today Jack won the wonderful award for being so settled and helpful. Well done!

Fruit salad!
Today we had the chance to make our own fruit salad. We cut up the fruits independently and tried them all! 

Trip to the park!
Elephant class loved their trip to the park for a scavenger hunt!

Role play!
Today we enjoyed pretending to go the shop and buying what we would like to have for tea! This is following on from our story ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’. 

Old toys!
Elephant class loved exploring the toys from the past that their parents would have played with!

Tiger who came for tea!
Today we have enjoyed having a tea party! Making our own food out of play dough.

Easter egg hunt

Today we enjoyed our Easter egg hunt and meeting the Easter bunny!

World Down Syndrome day!!
Today we are celebrating world down syndrome day!

Today elephant class loved planting tulip bulbs for our garden, ready for summer!

Today Elephant class have made traditional food for Eid. 

People who help us!

Today we learnt about the people who help us in a hospital! We loved dressing up and using the medical equipment. 

World book day!
Elephant class love dressing up, all look amazing! 

World book day!
For world book day we have different stations set out from our favourite books. We have had lots of fun with the arts and crafts and getting messy!

Planting seeds!
Elephant class had so much fun buying and planting the cress seeds!

Pancake day! 
Elephant class loved making pancakes and decorating them. 

Art fun!
For our story ‘ We are going on a bear hunt’ we made a picture collage of the story line. 

Snow storm!
Today for our story ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ we had a snow storm tuff tray to represent the snow storm. We got very messy but had so much fun! 

Cave making!
For our story ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ the children built their own den! The children were experiencing what it would feel like to be in the cave! 

Number day!
Today in our PE lesson we had so much fun for number day! We rolled the dice, threw the bean bags and had a go at bowling!

Messy play!
For our golden time this week we got to play in the water tray and play with the shaving foam. We got very messy but we had so much fun!

History trip!
Today as a part of our history lesson we went to our local park to explore our topic ‘old and new’. And of course we ended the trip by playing on the swings and the slide! 

Today Elephant class had fun learning what is full and what is empty! They enjoyed having a go filling up the container of their choice. 

Elephant class have enjoyed a trip to the Museum for our History lesson. We have been looking at the old things and comparing them to what they are now.

Story time!
We have loved using our new PECs boards for story time!

Arts and crafts!
Today in Art we had lots of fun painting the hungry caterpillar and practicing our sewing skills by making our own puppet! 

Elephant class loved their visit from Santa!

Class disco!
Elephants had a mini disco in class! They all loved dancing to the party songs and eating lots of party snacks.

Christmas party!
Elephant class loved the Christmas party!

Christmas treat!
Today Elephant class went to the wacky for some dinner and a trip to the soft play!  They all had so much fun.

Ice skating!

Today Elephant class got a christmas treat and went ice skating. We all had so much fun, some of us even put the skating boots on!

Christmas fun!
Today Elephant class had a fun time going to the Christmas fair, decorating the class room and having a special Christmas treat from the lucky dip box! We are very excited for our Christmas activities the next few weeks!

Role play!
Today we learnt about the people who help us. We all dressed up as different job roles and acted them out. Understanding which people would help us and when.

Halloween fun!
What a fun morning we have had! Decorating our Halloween treats, trick or treating and a visit from Micky mouse! 

Happy Halloween!
Look at our spooky children in elephant class today. All ready for our Halloween fun!

Fun Science
Today, in our Science lesson we looked at toys that ‘spin’. We had fun exploring the different toys and counting how long each one could spin for. 


In PE we had great fun working on ‘balance’. We practiced jumping from hoop to hoop, walking on the benches, climbing up stairs, jumping off the beam and rolling on the roll!

Math's fun!

We enjoyed throwing the bean bags into the hoops and counting how many we could get in. We also counted how many pins we could knock down when bowling the ball. We had so much fun!

Getting involved in our science experiment!

In our science lesson, we explored toys that bounce. The children particularly enjoyed getting involved in a range of experiments, bouncing different balls and working out which one bounced the highest. 

Math's fun!

In our math's lesson, we had fun learning new shapes and matching them with different objects within the room.