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Rebound Therapy



Rebound Therapy is the therapeutic use of the trampoline. It is designed to accommodate pupils’ individual abilities and disabilities and draws upon their likes and dislikes. It promotes communication, motor skills, body awareness, balance and co-ordination.


Rebound Therapy sessions improve health and fitness and give the children opportunities to succeed while having lots of fun!!


Rebound Therapy is accessible to pupils with a range of special needs such as specific physical disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, learning difficulties, and co-ordination difficulties.


Multi Sensory Environment



Individual children and small groups have the opportunity to use the Interactive Multi-Sensory Room.


Multi-Sensory Rooms are specifically designed to enable children to enjoy a wide range of sensory experiences, therapy, learning, relaxation and fun.


The concept is to create an environment that focuses on particular senses such as touch, vision and sound.


This can be provided through tactile experiences, sound and visual effects in many combinations, and variations. It also enables children with any degree of disability to change and influence their environment in a positive way.


Please click here to find out what we have been doing in our Sensory Room this year


Soft Play Environment



Individual children and small groups have the opportunity to use the Soft Play Room.


These rooms are specifically designed to enable children to safely enjoy a wide range of physical activity.


They can provide opportunity to develop gross motor skills and spatial awareness.


They provide opportunities for children to interact with their peers and adults or engage in either parallel or solitary play if they wish.


This environment can also be the ideal situation to practice ‘Intensive Interaction’ with children who are reluctant to communicate and encourage the children to request “more” “again” with gestures, signs and vocalizing. Soft play environments encourage children to be vocal using their full range of sounds in an appropriate space.


They also provide opportunity to model and copy play skills and fun activities.


Hydro Pool



Water therapy allows children to learn and develop skills in a soothing and stimulating environment.


Within the pool area sound, smells and stimulating lights can be used to create an atmosphere to fully engage the children. Swimming supports the development of motor skills, physical fitness and social interaction. Being in water enables a freedom of movement that may not exist on dry land, giving a greater feeling of independence A range of diverse activities encourages children to use concentration, control and co-ordination.


The increased resistance provided by the water helps build muscle tone, buoyancy helps reduce body weight – removing 80% of the weight from feet.


Children with special needs can sometimes have little safety awareness and can be over-confident around water, the therapy pool gives us the opportunity to model and practice water safety.


Water is a great leveller, and can help children have fun within a non-competitive environment.