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Thank you very much to the parents and carers of the children in Toucan class. It's been truly wonderful to hear about all the activities you've been getting up to at home. Whether we've heard about them via talking over the phone, through the orange books, over e-mail, or at the school gates, it's great to know our children in Toucan class are so well cared for and looked after.


I know you all have other responsibilities, sometimes numerous ones, and the fact you've taken the time to work so hard with your children is fantastic. I'd just like to make a few shout outs to congratulate the children (and you!) for the things they're achieving over lockdown:


  • Victor: Well done in developing your counting, speaking, requesting and independence skills. You sound like you engage in your work really well, and always try hard. It's lovely to see how you're coming along since you started with us! You've achieved so much already! Keep up the good work!
  • Harry: Well done Harry for improving your understanding of number by using Numicon, and in doing more speaking, choosing and signing too! You're doing really well with your overwriting, and have improved your fine motor skills with the threading exercises. I can see you're working really hard!
  • Mila: Well done using your PECS - you're really flying with those now aren't you? The work you've done on your counting skills, and your interactional skills, will stand you in great stead for the future! It's wonderful to hear how you're getting more independent too! Keep going Mila!
  • Henry: Well done on your PECS use too Henry! You've been a star at this, and have really got the hang of it now. It's lovely to hear you're trying to make more sounds and, and you're copying, attention and overwriting have improved loads too. I hope you're not bringing the house down with your guitar! Great work Henry.
  • Isabelle: Well done on working on your dressing and undressing, climbing and walking! They'll be really useful for you in the future! It's great to hear you've enjoyed some of the songs we've sent home, and have worked hard on lots of activities in the packs. It sounds like you've been interacting lots with Mum and Dad as well! Well done Isabelle!


Thanks once again for all your help,


You know how to get in touch if you ever need anything, I'm always just at the end of an e-mail, or a phone call,


All the best,