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Welcome to Caiman Class

Teacher Janis 

HLTA Sharron

Teaching Assistants Abbie, Gemma and Sue


Summer Term 2022


I hope you all had a lovely holiday and enjoyed the sunshine.

Welcome back to school Caimans.  We have  a very busy term this term.


Our topic is Home and Away.

Our first story is The Three Little Pigs and we will also be celebrating The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.


Good Bye Mitchell

We went on our end of term trip to the beach and lunch at Fishface. We really enjoyed our trip. We made sandcastles or just enjoyed the warm day on the sand.

Tuesday 24th May 2022. We had a visit from Timbadash Theatre Group this afternoon. Caiman Class really enjoyed the session.

As part of our work on The Platinum Jubilee we worked with some children from Throston Primary School to make some pictures of orchids. The children in Throston School have been learning about Papua New Guinea and their national flower is the Orchid. We worked together to decorate orchid pictures.

As part of our work on The Queen's Platinum Jubilee the whole school designed a stamp. Here are Caiman Class' stamps. We are really proud of our stamps. Well Done Caiman Class.

Attention Autism


Each day Caiman Class take part in Attention Autism which helps develop our attention skills and as well as our independence skills.

Stage 1 - The bucket is attention grabbing activities.

Stage 2 - A more focused activity to help build attention skills

Stage 3 - The children wait their turn and join in the teacher led activity.

Stage 4 - The children complete a task independently.


Caiman Class now take part in all 4 stages and they are beginning to work independently on different tasks, the tasks could be matching activities or craft activity.

Attention Autism Stage 1 The bucket. Bubbles are a favourite but we were not sure about streamers.

Stage 2: Chickpea Shower. This is a favourite activity as we like to watch the peas come out of the tub and the noise they make as they land in the tray. We find this activity really relaxing and soothing.

Stage 3.The children have a turn at the activity in Stage 3 and we have started to brush our teeth again at school today. It has been a long time so we practiced in our Attention Autism slot.

Stage 4; The children complete an activity. Today it was tooth brushing and we needed a little help to do this but we are going to work on this during our Attention Autism sessions for the next week as it is an important life skill to brush our teeth.

Our story is The Three Little Pigs.We have been using our PECs to name the characters in the story and name the materials that the little pigs used to build their houses.

We are working on numbers this half term and we have been making sets of objects, matching numbers to sets of objects and matching the Numicon to the shape.

Wednesday 30th March 2022. After last week's beautiful weather Caiman Class had to go outside and check the weather. Yes it is snowing, some of us liked it and some of us were not happy and went to shelter.

Monday 14th March 2022.We have been working on our role play skills using some of the props from our story. Janis told the story and we listened and followed the instructions to act out parts of the story.

Here is the Powerpoint from our assembly. We hope that you enjoyed it.

Our Story is Whatever Next! which is all about Baby Bear's adventure to the moon.

We explored different textures in our mark making work. We explored red lentils and shaving foam.

Caiman Class have been working on counting objects to 5. We made a number line to 5 and then counted out the pegs for each number. Great work Caimans

Each week Caiman Class share stories and visit the library to choose a book to take home. We love to read your comments about sharing the story with your child.

Our story is Rocket Racers and we have made our own rocket pictures for a display.

Here is our Topic Web for this Term.The topic is The Future.

Here is our topic web for the Autumn Term 2021. Our topic is Colours.

No Pens Wednesday 24th November. Cheryl designed a sensory walk for us to explore with our hands and feet. Some of us preferred exploring the different foods with our hands rather than our feet. Great work Caimans.

Fun with the parachute in PE. We really enjoyed playing with the parachute.

5th October 2021. Caiman Class had fun in soft play before their individual rebound session. The children enjoyed playing together.

Caiman Class are beginning to follow Dough Disco to help with our mark making. We had lots of fun with the dough. We rolled it and patted it.

Practice Dough Disco | Beginner Moves | Learn To Write

Prepare your childs finger muscles and brain for writing. This fun activity with play dough features our beginner moves to help you practice - Get your music...

Caiman Class Curriculum


The children in Caiman Class will follow the Sparkle Curriculum and will work on their own personalised learning goals.

We will continue to develop our communication skills through the use of PECs and will use symbols to request things and to comment on our class stories.

We will also work on self help and independence skill such as dressing and undressing.