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Week beginning 13th July 2020


It is the last week of the School Year. It has been a strange year and we have spent lots of time with our families and staying safe.


It is time to say goodbye to some of the Pangolins who are going to start new adventures at their new schools.

Some of the Pangolins are moving to new classes in September and some Pangolins will be coming back to Pangolin Class in September ready to make new friends.


We wish all the Pangolins well and hope that you all have a good Summer and stay safe.


Janis, Kay, Grace, Nicola and Sandra.


CBeebies: Something Special - Friends Song

Sing along with Mr Tumble and all his friends. Visit to find even more fun games and videos for your pre-schooler in a safe chi...

Goodbye, School Song For Kids

Say goodbye to your teachers, friends and school in this rockin' song! Free mp3 here: Original song by Matt copyrigh...

Week Beginning 6th July 2020


Hello Pangolins,


Our focus this week is Keeping Active.

Last week in school, we tried to be outside and practiced our throwing and climbing and running. We had to come inside when it rained.


This week you could go for a walk, visit the park and you can play on the playgrounds now.

Think about different ways to be active. I am going to walk Bowie this week as I am working from home.


Stay Safe from Janis, Kay, Grace, Sandra and Nicola.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with Makaton - Singing Hands

Let's get our bodies moving with this little #Makaton warm-up song! #HeadsShouldersKneesandToes #nurseryrhyme Remember to download this track from your prefe...

CBeebies | Something Special | Mr Tumble's Keep Fit Song

Mr Tumble from Something Special helps us to stay healthy with the Keep Fit song! Grab your little one, have a wiggle and play the keep fit song! Like they s...

Week beginning 29th June 2020


This week some of the Pangolins will be in school and some of the Pangolins will be staying safe at home.

I hope that you have enjoyed the sunshine and played in your gardens.

We had lots of rain and thunder on Saturday so we stayed safe in the house. Bowie liked to look through the window and watch the rain.


Our story this week is one of my favourites, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Stay Safe

Janis, Kay, Grace, Sandra and Nicola.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week. Taken from The Very Hungry ...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Song

This is The Very Hungry Caterpillar Song based on the story written by Eric Carle This song was written and produced by Matt Rever for ZzZoundAsleep Nursery ...

Activities to try

Make your own caterpillar using some circles - you can draw round a small plate.

Try some of the foods the caterpillar eats - I love strawberries and ice cream too! Which one is your favourite?

Can you find any caterpillars or butterflies in your garden?

You can plant some flowers in a pot as butterflies like flowers.

You could look for some other mini beasts in your garden. I found some wood lice when I was gardening this week.



Makaton Topic - COLOURS - Singing Hands

As butterflies are beautiful and have lots of colours, you can practice the Makaton signs for the colours.

Makaton Topic - DAYS OF THE WEEK - Singing Hands

For our maths activity, practice signing the days of the week as they are in our story and we sing the days of the week song every day as part of our morning greetings.

Week beginning 22nd June 2020


It was lovely to see some of the Pangolins last week and to speak to some of you on the phone last week.

This week our story is Oliver’s Vegetables.

Stay Safe Pangolins and see you soon

Janis, Kay, Sandra, Grace and Nicola

Oliver's Vegetables

Author: Vivian French Illustrated by: Alison Bartlett Read by: Matthew Willsher Do you like chips? Oliver does, in fact, he won't eat anything else - until h...

Makaton Topic - VEGETABLES - Singing Hands

This week's theme for our #Makaton Topic video is #Vegetables - and you can use some of these signs in our songs such as 'I Dig my Garden', 'Sitting in a Hig...

Please practice singing the different vegetables.

How many different vegetables can you try this week?
My favourite vegetable is Asparagus.

You could try paint printing with different vegetables.

Vegetable Song | Songs for kids | The Singing Walrus

Get the mp3 on Apple, Amazon, or Google Play!

As part of our virtual Sports Day take part in the actions in this song.

Jump, Run and Shout! | Action song for kids | The Singing Walrus

Our new song, "Jump, Run and Shout!" is another fun action song for kids to get your preschool, kindergarten, or elementary students up and moving! The third...

Week Beginning 15th June 2020


Hello Pangolins,


This week some of Pangolins are coming back to school and some Pangolins are staying safe at home. 

We still working on our story Oliver’s Fruit Salad.

I have also put down some of the activities we will do during the week so the Pangolins at home can try these activities too.


Stay safe


Oliver's Fruit Salad

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Makaton Topic - FRUIT - Singing Hands

Practice your signing.

Five Fat Sausages | The Baby Club

Our activities this week include


Exploring cereal

Printing with apples

Outside Play

Exploring jelly

Water Play

Mark Making with shaving foam

Trying different fruits.


Along with our morning greetings and days of the week song and the weather song.


The 7 Days of the Week Song ♫ 7 Days of the Week ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station

How's the Weather Song

Week beginning 8th June 2020


Hello Pangolins,


I hope that you are all well and staying safe at home.

I am looking forward to seeing some of you next week while some of you stay safe at home. 

Our work for the next two weeks is all about Fruit..yum yum.

Our story is Oliver’s Fruit Salad.

I will speak to your Mums and Dads on Wednesday.

Stay Safe


Oliver's Fruit Salad


This week I would like you to try some different fruits.

Which one is your favourite fruit? My favourite fruit is strawberries.

You could make your own fruit salad.


Enjoy trying the different fruits.

Fruit Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus

The fruit song for kids is a fun way for children to learn some of the more common fruits we eat. The song uses an interactive call and response structure th...

Makaton Topic - FRUIT - Singing Hands

Practice singing the different fruits.

Here are some counting activities too.


You could count the fruits you eat this week. We are suppose to eat 5 to 7 portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

How many have you tried? It is hard sometimes but they can be hidden in your tea like the tomatoes in Spaghetti Bolognese, my favourite tea.


We will try some fruits in class next week.


I Like Counting Fruits Children's Song | Numbers Song for Kids | Count 1 to 10 | Patty Shukla

Numbers song for children. Count to 10. Learn to count from 1 to 10. Counting fruits including blueberries, strawberries, bananas, oranges and plums. 1, 2, 3...

Five Fat Sausages | The Baby Club

Nigel sings "Five Fat Sausages". Join in at home! The Baby Club encourages parents, carers and their babies to explore everyday objects through discovery, pl...

Week Beginning 1st June 2020


Hello Pangolins,


I hope that you are well and staying safe. I have enjoyed the sunshine last week.

This week our story is Old McDonald.


I hope that you enjoy it.



Old MacDonald had a Farm for Preschoolers I Farm Animals I Nursery Rhymes I Kid Songs I The Teolets

Subscribe to get all the carefully crafted videos for your lovely kids - - Old MacDonald had a Farm for Preschoolers I Farm Animals So...

Singing Hands: Old MacDonald had a Farm - Makaton Sign Language

Makaton signing: Sing and sign along with us down at the farm! This song is taken from our first nursery rhymes DVD "It's Signing Time". All songs feature Ma...


Practice signing the animals and making some animal sounds.


Hid some animals in the garden or house and go on a farm animal hunt.

Have fun !

Remember to go for your walk each day.

   Week beginning 25th May 2020

 Happy Half Term


I hope you all enjoy the half term week and stay safe.

During the break I am going to read some books in my garden, go on walks with Bowie and Jason.

It was good to talk to your Mums and Dads this week and know that you are all well and staying safe.


Have a good week and remember to stay home but go for your walk each day and wash your hands.

If you do anything exciting, you can send photos to Dani on the family support email.

See you soon.


Week Beginning 18th May 2020


Hello Pangolins, I hope that you are all well and staying safe at home.

Last week we went on a bear hunt so this week we are going to see some different animals.

Our story this week is Dear Zoo.


I am in school from Wednesday lunch time till Friday so I hope to speak to you or if you want to call school to speak to me.

Stay Safe


Makaton Signed Story: Dear Zoo by Singing Hands

We love singing and signing, but we also LOVE signing stories! We sign stories in all our sessions as they are the perfect vehicle to rehearse and utilise ke...

Makaton Topic - WILD ANIMALS - Singing Hands

For our #Makaton Topic series - here are some useful #WildAnimals signs. We spend so much of our time singing, signing and telling stories with wild animals ...

You can practise signing the different animals in the story and in the video.


You could use some of your cuddly toys to make your own zoo.

You can sign the animals’ names and you could make some animal noises too.

I am not sure what noise a camel makes!



Learn to count 1 to 10 with Number Zoo | Toddler Fun Learning

Have fun counting the animals.


Week beginning 11th May 2020


Hello Pangolins, I hope you are all well.

This week we are going to read one of my favourite stories We’re going on a Bearhunt and there are some tasks to do which link to the story.


Have fun with the bearhunt.

Stay safe and see you soon Pangolins.

Janis, Kay, Sandra, Nicola and Grace


Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt For a quarter of a century, readers have been swishy-swashying and splash-sploshing through the award-winning favourite pictur...

  One of your tasks is to look for look for any bears in the windows during your walk each day.

  How many can you see?

Mr Tumble On A Bear Hunt

Mr Tumble is going on a bear hunt and using his binoculars to search for the bear. What other animals will he find along the way? Where will he find the bear...

 You could go on your own bearhunt in the garden or when you are out on your walk. 

  You could walk through the grass... swishy swishy, swishy, swashy

  You could put some water in your paddling pool..... splash splosh, splash splosh

 What else can you find ? Did you find the bear?

Makaton Topic - WOODLAND ANIMALS - Singing Hands

You could learn some animal signs.

Teddy Bear Counting Song by Peter Weatherall

Join in with counting the bears

 Week beginning 4th May 2020


We hope that you are all well and staying safe at home. 

This week is a special week as we are celebrating VE Day which is Victory in Europe Day which celebrates the day the Second World War ended in 1945. 

During the war, children often went to stay away from their Mams and Dads in the country and they could only get a little bit of chocolate or sweets. I would find that really hard. 


Your tasks this week are to learn about celebrations, have a party in your garden to celebrate VE Day on Friday 8th May 2020.


The first video shows people celebrating VE Day in 1945 which is a long time ago, older than my Mam and Dad and probably your Grandma and Grandad.


Stay Safe Pangolins and we miss you.


Janis, Kay, Sandra, Nicola and Grace

VE day street party celebration 1945.m4v

A street party from VE Day, 1945 showing children in a fancy dress parade and eating a celebration tea.

I thought you might also want to watch Peppa Pig celebrate birthdays and a school fete. You might get some ideas for your own party.

Peppa Pig - Parties and Celebrations (3 episodes)

Party with Peppa at birthdays, school fetes and fancy dress parties! You can experience bouncy castles and face painting too! Subscribe to Peppa on YouTube ►...



You could make some bunting for your garden. You can colour some triangles of paper and then hang them up in your garden.

Tea Party


You could have a tea party with your Mam and Dad, brothers and sisters in your garden. You could help to make some sandwiches or help bake some cakes.


You could wear fancy dress or dress up in your party clothes.

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Our last video is to celebrate Colonel Tom Moore who was 100 years old last week and walked 100 laps of his garden to raise money for our NHS. I know that our Pangolin Mums and Dads are very grateful to the NHS for all the help that they gave you amazing Pangolins.

Please send Dani your photos I love seeing them on Facebook.

Stay Safe Pangolins and see you soon.


You'll Never Walk Alone - Captain Tom Moore, Michael Ball & The NHS Voices of Care Choir

Captain Tom Moore, Michael Ball & The NHS Voices of Care Choir present You'll Never Walk Alone. Download the track here:

Week beginning 27th April 2020


I hope that the Pangolins are all well.  We all miss you and hope to see you soon.


I hope you have watched the school video from all the staff.  On the video you can see that lots of staff have pets so our work this week is all about pets.


I have enjoyed playing in the garden with Bowie my dog, he is on the video with me.


Stay safe Pangolins

Playing in the garden with Bowie. He loves to play with a ball.

FunnyBones - The Pet Shop

A story about finding a pet.

  • If you have pet you could help your Mum and Dad take care of it by helping feed the pet or going for a walk.
  • You could practise making some different pets sounds - woof for the dog, miaow for the cat and cluck for chickens, Cheryl has some chickens.
  • You could look for different pets on your walk.
  • You can practice the Makaton signs for pets after watching the Singing Hands video.

Makaton Topic - PETS - Singing Hands

This week's theme for our #Makaton Topic video is #PETS and we've enlisted the help of our friends Lucinda and her Mummy Nikki to help us (Makaton with Lucin...

Ten Little Puppy Dogs | Mother Goose Club Nursery Rhymes

Practice counting the puppy dogs.

Week beginning 20th April 2020


Good Morning the amazing Pangolins. I hope you are all well and staying safe at home. I hope the Easter Bunny sent you lots of eggs and you enjoyed eating them.


Our story this week is The Gingerbread Man.

I hope you enjoy it.

I am really missing our swimming sessions so here are some ideas to try. You can try them in the bath or as the weather is nice in a paddling pool or if you are really lucky a hot tub.

THE GINGERBREAD MAN STORY ♫| Nursery Rhyme Song for Kids| Pancake Manor

The Gingerbread Man Nursery Rhyme Song for Kids features the famous gingerbread man who hops off the pan and runs away! He really doesn't want anyone to eat ...

Here are some activities to try.


  • Making your own Gingerbread Men and decorating them.
  • Finding the different animals in the story in your house.
  • Drawing round a gingerbread man cutter and doing some mark making on the page.
  • Exploring the different ingredients used to make a gingerbread man - flour, sugar, ginger. You can explore them dry or mix them to with water to make a dough to play with. Have fun rolling it and cutting out shapes.

5 Gingerbread Men | Song Lyrics Video | Kids Christmas Songs | The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers! Gingerbread Man Song! Kids Christmas Songs! Lyrics! ★Get this song on iTunes:


Happy Easter Holidays


I hope that you are all well and enjoying the warm weather in your gardens.

Stay safe.

Here are some Easter Songs to enjoy


Janis and Pangolins Staff

Boom Chicka Boom 🐰 Easter Songs for Kids 🐰 Best Kids Songs 🐰 The Learning Station

Boom Chicka Boom Easter Songs for Kids, Camp Song, Dance & Action song for Kids: #1 Best kids songs for children! Your kids will enjoy our popular Boom Chick...

Hop Hop Little Bunny | Kids Song | The Kiboomers | Easter Songs | Easter Bunny | Children

Here's Hop Hop Little Bunny by The Kiboomers! It's a fun kids action song for Easter. "Hop, hop, little bunny Hop, hop, little bunny Hop, hop, little bunny E...

Week beginning Monday 30th March 

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the break. It was good to see the sunshine last week. I did not enjoy the hailstones on Sunday.

Here are some activities for this week. I hope you enjoy them.

Take Care

Janis and Pangolin Staff.

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

One of my favourite stories.

Singing Hands: Little Peter Rabbit - Makaton Sign Language

Makaton signing: You could try to learn some signs from this song.

Ten Bunnies Counting Song 1-10 | Easter Song | Lyrics | Easter Bunny | Kids Song

Sing, count and copy the actions in the number rhyme.

 Can you see any signs of Spring in your garden or the park or near your house? 
I have some daffodils in my front garden. 

Rainbow Pictures.


I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. You may have seen the rainbow pictures in people’s windows over the last few days. 
If possible could you make one for your window and then send a photograph of the rainbow to this email  
Your picture will become part of a PowerPoint of photos of rainbows made by our children and Catcote School. 
Thank you.



Week beginning 23rd March 2020


Good Morning Pangolins and their parents.

I hope you are all well and trying to have some fun at the moment.


This term we have been learning about Dinosaurs. 

Here are some dinosaurs ideas if you want to try them at home.



Dinosaur Rap

Get ready to ROOOOOAR! Join 7 children on a hip hop romp through the prehistoric past to meet the cool creatures every child loves: dinosaurs! As you rap and...


  • Make some dinosaur nests, using breakfast cereal - cornflakes or rice crispies. Melt some chocolate carefully in the microwave and add the cereal and some golden syrup. Stir in the cereal and then put on a greased baking tray. Add some dinosaur eggs (mini eggs) to the nest. Put in the fridge till they are hard. Then enjoy.
  • Walk round the garden like a dinosaur, big steps, small steps, flapping arms pretending to fly.
  • Make some dinosaur noises too.


   Take care and have fun with these activities.


  Janis and Pangolin Staff



Welcome to Pangolin Class


Staff in Pangolin Class are

Teacher -  Janis, HLTA - Pam and Teaching Assistants - Kay,Nicola , Sandra S and our Apprentice Grace.

Our Curriculum


Pangolin Class uses the Sparkle Curriculum which is learning through play and exploration of the world. Each child has their own personalised learning plan and staff build in opportunities and experiences to help children develop their skills. 

The personalised learning plan covers four areas of learning, Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Physical and Sensory Needs.


Each week we have different activities as well Swimming, Hydrotherapy Pool, Rebound Therapy and Soft Play as well as visits to different places in the local environment such as the town and local library.


If you want to know anything else, please contact us.


 We have been learning about Dinosaurs this half term. Here is a dinosaur song to sing and dance to.

The Prehistoric Animal Brigade | Dinosaur Song | Toddler Fun Learning

Dinosaur Song for toddlers featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl and Woolly Mammoth! The Prehistoric Animal Brigade is a fun so...

Our Topic this term is Old and New. Here is our planning for this half term.

Exploring Cause and Effect Toys as part of our ICT work. We love making sounds or watching the animals appear.

Our number rhyme is 5 fat Sausages sizzling in the pan.

Exploring fruit from our story Handa's Surprise. Some of us did not like the fruit, some of us have enjoyed eating the fruit.

Here is our activities for the first half term of Autumn 2019

Our class number rhyme for the last two weeks has been 5 Little Speckled Frogs. We have sang it, explored the props and listened to the rhyme on the board and used our computing skills to make the rhyme play.

Sensory Play. We really enjoy exploring different materials. We can make marks or watch as we pour the different materials in class. Sometimes we get a little messy but it is so much fun.

Our story this half term is Big Red Bath. We loved explored the bubbles in the story and making sure the animals got in the bath !

We also decorated the animals from the story. We use communication boards to request what we needed.

Exploring our new soft play area. We really like it.