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Sharks (ARP)





Meet the Teaching Staff


Class Teacher: Mr. Hillan 

HLTA: Stacey 

Teaching Assistants: Cheryl, Emma & Niamh 



Shark Class have swimming every Thursday morning and our new P.E days are Wednesday afternoons. 


  • Springwell School & Throston Primary School are celebrating turning 50 years of age in May 2023. Together we have planned some exciting birthday celebrations and we cant wait to share these with you. Please keep your eyes peeled for further    





Springwell & Throston celebrated both of our schools turning 50 together. 

Over two days we had lots of fun, Sharks went to spend the morning with Reception class at Throston. 

Sharks go Canoeing 


Sharks spent the day at Osmotherley canoeing, we had lots of fun!! 

We played games and enjoyed having a race.


As a class we making our way through a collection of stories, and are excited to read this one as we love Roald Dahl. 

On Friday 28th April we had no pens day, Cheryl very kindly came into Shark Class and carried out a very exciting activity with us. We all recieved an envelope with a mystery item in and we had to carefully answer questions from our peers which they asked to obtain clues and guess the mystery items!! We had so much fun laugh

In Science we have been looking at Sharks, the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the vast amount of species of Sharks there is. Together we were able to list 27 species of Sharks!! 


We the visited our local library to collect some fact books about Sharks. 

Shark Class have thoroughly enjoyed going up to Lion Class to read with the children. We have lots of fun sharing stories and we are making some lovely friendships smiley

Art- This week the children have been creating their own impressions of a bird. These pictures will then be displayed in the corridor all around the story "An Artist's Eye" the children used water colours to create their paintings.

Art- This week we have been learning about Primary & Secondary colours, the children created their own colour wheels to show how Secondary colours can be formed from mixing Primary colours. 

Well Done to some of Shark Class who won their sports competition on 19.01.2023

W/C 16.01.23


Science- This term we are looking at Sound, we are exploring at how sound travels. We have learnt about the difference in how it travels in solids, liquids & gases. 

W/C  09.01.2023 


Maths- this week we have been learning all about fractions, the children have been working on comparing and ordering fractions and working out equivalent fractions. 

History- Our topic this term is 'Crime and Punishment' the children have really enjoyed beginning to learn all about this. Together we created a Mind Map of all the key words which we will further explore. 


We began by exploring all about Prisons; firstly we looked at Victorian prisons and then at modern day prisons. Next we compared both prisons and gave reasons as to how prisons have changed.  

PSHE- We have been learning all about Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours. 

We have spoken about jealousy, worry and anger. The children have showcased some great ideas on how to reduce our feelings and the things we can do to help. 

January 2023- Our current class reading book is "There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom" we are very excited to see what is going to happen

Here is our handwriting from the beginning of term, we cant wait to look back at these pictures and see how much we have improved!! 

R.E- Our topic is ' I need a Hero' - the children have been describing what a hero is and who their heroes are. 

We then learnt about Malala Yousafza and her powerful story. 

Maths- In Maths we have been learning about Fractions- proper & improper fractions, Decimals- their meaning and the key decimals. 

Geography- In Geography we have been learning about The Seven Continents and labelling these on our map, we also labelled the map of Europe. 

History- In History we have learning all about World War Two: 

  • Adolf Hitler 
  • The Home Front
  • The Battle of Britain


We then looked at Bonfire Night & The Gunpowder Plot. 

Here is some of the things we have been up too ....

Well done to Tyler, Tommy & Llayton who won the Boccia competition