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Good Morning Elephants! I would like you to wake yourselves up properly by joining in with the song below. 

Have a Good Morning, Have a Good Day | Morning Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

This week is 'Children's Mental Health Week'.  We always share our feelings in class so join in with the feelings song with your family and share how your feeling today with each other. 

How Are You Feeling Today? | Feelings Song | Taylor Dee Kids TV

Letters and Sounds - We are learning about the 'ck' digraph this week.  Watch the following song and then play the 'ck - Pack a rucksack' game in the homework section on education city. 

CK Digraph Sound | CK Song and Practice | ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children

Literacy - Watch the sensory story 'Elmer in the Snow' and join in with the Makaton signs.  Can you retell the story with some things from your house? For example,  you could use cotton wool balls to represent the snow and make some ice cubes for the ice rink. 

Elmer in the Snow Sensory Story 18012021

Gather up some props from round the house and join in the story.You need - something to represent a fir tree, perhaps a piece of fake Christmas tree, some gr...

Maths - You are continuing to tell the time today.  Watch the song below.  Can you move your arms like a clock?  After the song, play 'Tick Tock' in your homework section on education city. 

Rock and Tell the Time on the Clock | Analog & Digital Clock Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Well being - After lunch join in with this fun frozen yoga to make your mind and body feel good. 

Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Social Skills - This afternoon I would like you to have some fun by playing the 'Elmer dice game' that is in your work pack.  This will help to develop your social and fine motor skills and your number recognition.  Remember not to sulk if you don't win. 


Music - Join in with the music rhythm lesson below.  Use a drum if you have one or if not a pan or a plastic bowl will do.  Can you clap and tap to the rhythm?

Snow Day (Rhythm Lesson) | Preschool Prodigies Music Lesson From The Prodigies Music Curriculum

Story Time - Lets end the day with another snowy story because its National storytelling week.  Have you got any snowy stories of your own at home?  

The Snowy Day Read-aloud, an animated story