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Sports Premium

Springwell School should receive £16,580 Sport Premium funding for 2021-22.


Purpose of Sport Premium funding;


The premium funding is used to fund improvements to the provision of PE and Sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, to give the opportunity to develop healthy lifestyles and improve whole school PE. Further information can be viewed at 


Breakdown of some of the key areas where our Sport Premium will be spent during 2021-2022;


Ensure pupils have the opportunity to take part in a range of Hartlepool school sports activities and competitions, including our very own SEND Programme. Our school PE Coordinator to organise the events, liase with schools/colleges/key partners and continues to provide support and advice for other schools.

Buy resources, book facilities and use transport for all events - £4,500. 


Ensure all pupils take part in swimming lessons or water based activities every week (exceeding the statuary requirements) – £2,150


CPD to increase the opportunities for staff to develop their confidence in teaching a variety of PE lessons, particularly Dance and Gymnastic – £1,500


Rebound sessions, primarily for PMLD students as recommended by the Physiotherapist, including ensuring staff are qualified and experienced in delivering individual programmes - £1,500


Children will be given the opportunity to take part in more adventurous sports – e.g. Rock Climbing and Canoeing  - £2,000


Wider sporting opportunities. Children will be given the opportunity to take part in adventurous sports – e.g. Climbing and Canoeing - £2000


New outdoor sport equipment - climbing equipment - £1000


The effect of the Sport Premium funding on pupils PE and Sport participation and achievement;


At Springwell School we are able to offer –


  • Quality teaching and learning across all areas of PE and School Sport.
  • Deliver an extra-curricular sport club - Rebound. This club has a particular focus on increasing participation in pupils who require a specialised physiotherapy programme.
  • Ensure all equipment is appropriate and replenished where needed for our pupils to get the best possible experience and to suit specific needs.
  • Access a wide range of sporting activities and competitions in the local and regional area.  
  • Opportunities for a progressive competition calendar, including opportunities to participate in the School Games.
  • Improve staff professional development and ensure high quality PE and Sport is delivered across the whole school.
  • All children have the opportunity to be involved in whole school sports events such as; Sports Day, Comic Relief, Olympic and Paralympic celebration events, Dance and Wiggle and Cluster SEND events.
  • Give pupils the opportunity for Talent Identification and the opportunity to progress and showcase their talent.
  • Host our very own SEND sports network which offers sporting competitions, good practice sessions and information sharing for other schools.
  • Run a weekly in-reach Rebound programme for pupils from other schools to gain confidence and enjoy a range of Trampoline activities, utilising state of the art Rebound equipment. 
  • Work closely and positively with a wide range of sports clubs, organisations as a key partnership.
  • Access a range of opportunities including; learn to ride a bike, increase your confidence and ability to ride a bike safely and enjoy a fun way to exercise.


Ensuring all improvements are sustainable;


We are committed to ensuring all changes and developments are monitored and recorded to ensure they are sustainable and regularly reviewed to take every opportunity to further improve our whole school PE and School sport. All sports provision will be tailored specifically for individual children and fun and enjoyable, ensuring children are happy and continue to attend extra-curricular clubs, competitions and events. All training and professional development of staff will ensure PE and Sport is delivered with confidence and from highly skilled professionals.



Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding - 2021-22