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In-School Photos

21 1 21 - Road Safety (PSHE): We enjoyed exploring and role-playing road safety rules on the road track in the outside area.

20/1/21 DT: We explored different materials in a bottle to find the best sound for a rainmaker.

1/2/21 Maths: Estimating and checking by counting

2/2/21 We have been practising Makaton signs for our 'feelings and emotions'.

3/2/21 Art (Sculptures) - We have explored clay and used our hands to change the shape, we have learned how to roll sausages and make clay pots using the sausages.

3/2/21 Road Safety (PSHE): We had fun building our own car track and then practiced our road safety rules when playing.

4/2/21 Maths - Heavier and lighter

4/2/21 Under the Sea (Science) - We have been discovering what creatures we can find under the sea, then we created our own model of under the sea and then we created under the sea pictures.

5/2/21 Theme Parks (History) : We went in to the sensory room experienced riding rollercoasters on the big screen.