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Anaconda Class is an ASD Specific Class for Key Stage 2.  In the class we have Nicola (Teacher), Gemma, Fay, Becca and Sharon (HLTA). 

As we are learning all about Autumn in Anaconda class, we made some Autumn tree paintings using different techniques to paint with. We used different Autumn colours to make out trees and had great fun whilst doing so!

As a class we went into the local area to find objects linked to Autumn. We had a check list and had to find things such as ; orange, yellow and brown leaves, berries, conkers and fungi. The children found lots of objects and had great fun whilst doing so!

History: Anaconda Class have been learning about World War 1. The children have been learning about the causes of the war, Remembrance Day and Edith Cavell. Edith Cavell was an English nurse who risked her life to save soldiers from both sides of the war. We visited 'Tommy' at Seaham, The Museum of Hartlepool to explore the poppy display and the Cenotaph at the Headland.

Splish Splash!!! Anacondas love swimming!

Odd Socks Day!!!!!!!! To raise awareness for anti bullying week some of the children wore odd socks for Odd Socks Day!

The children have been exploring coding on the computer. They have used different programs for this including Scratch and Espresso Coding.

Snow!!!!!! We love playing in the snow. We hope we get some more.

We have been learning about measuring in Maths. We used the skills we had learnt to make biscuits.We learnt about different units of measurement and reading scales. They were delicious.

In PE we have been improving our catching and throwing skills. We had lots of fun playing different games. We have been learning about under arm and over arm throws and catching balls.

Kai is our Super Swimmer!! He has overcome his fear of swimming and is making excellent progress.

As part of our measuring topic in Maths the children have been learning to read different scales including weighing scales and temperature scales. The children recorded the temperature of different liquids and the air outside.

World Book Day! As we are reading The Twits in Literacy we filled a builders tray with coloured noodles to represent Mr Twits beard. In the noodles we had to find different objects that would be found in Mr Twits beard.