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Welcome to Elephant Class

This is a brand new Springwell class for January 2019. Our teachers are called Louise and Aimee and our teaching assistants are called Michelle (HLTA), Jo,Claire and Mel.


We are all delighted with our brand new classroom!  

Our Topic for the Spring Term 2019 is, 'Stories'.

This term in Literacy we have been working on 'Instructions'. 

We made some cakes by reading and following a recipe. We also looked at different features of instructions and learnt how to write our own set of instructions. 

Elephant class love taking part in yoga activities. It is a great way to keep us fit and healthy!

In literacy this week we have been reading  the story of'The Twits' by Roald Dahl. We really enjoyed reading all about the different tricks Mr and Mrs Twit played on each other. In pairs we role played a character from the story and thought of our own tricks to play on each other. (31.1.19)

Playing tricks from Mr and Mrs Twit

Geography - As part of our topic work about Greece, we followed a recipe and made our own Greek salad. We enjoyed tasting new foods including olives and feta cheese! (05.02.19)

Making a Greek salad!

In Science this term we have been learning about 'Electricity'. We have:

  • Looked at the dangers of electricity and made our own safety posters.
  • Identified everyday appliances that use electricity.
  • Made circuits using batteries, wires and bulbs.

Elephant Class Assembly (11th February)

Maths- Elephant class enjoyed a trip to Larry's Lanes for lunch and a game of bowling. We practised our number bonds to 10 and used this knowledge to work out how many pins remained.  (12.02.19)

Bowling fun!

Pancake Day - Elephant class worked as  a team and had fun measuring and weighing ingredients to make pancakes. We enjoyed eating them using our favourite toppings - chocolate spread and golden syrup! (5th March)
Elephant class enjoyed a visit to Wynyard Woods with West View project. We took part in many outdoor activities such as making a campfire and toasting marshmallows, making a wooden medal and a wooden hammer. (7th March)
As part of our Ancient Greek topic in History, we experienced wearing Greek clothing. We enjoyed dressing up in the tunics and learnt lots of facts about them. 

Dressing up as Ancient Greeks

In Literacy we have been reading the story 'The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark'. We have researched lots of facts about owls and we had the opportunity to visit Kirkleatham Owl and Bird Sanctuary. We saw lots of different species of owls and birds and we had the chance to feed them. We were really brave and some of us faced our fears by handling an owl, rat, snake and a bearded dragon. (14.03.19)

Trip to Kirkleatham Hall and Owl Sanctuary

21/3/19: Today we joined Caiman Class to help them with their Communication session.

Elephant class had a visit from the Easter bunnies. We enjoyed going on an Easter egg hunt with them. (05.04.19)

Seven Stories Visit - 30.04.19

Elephant Class visited Seven Stories in Newcastle to see the 'Elmer the Elephant' exhibition. We had lots of fun and listened to lots of amazing stories. We made an elephant hat and all enjoyed joining in an elephant parade at the end of the day.

Today Elephant class visited our new hatchlings! We all had the opportunity to stroke them. We are excited to see see them grow. (02.05.19)
Elephant class received the 100% attendance award. Their reward was to go to Fizzy Izzys at Seaton. They all enjoyed an ice cream of their choice and played in the park area afterwards. Well done Elephants! (15.5.19)
The Science Man visited us today and we enjoyed watching his experiments! He showed us different effects with dry ice, bubbles and smoke tornadoes. We all thought it was fantastic! (21.5.19)

Elephant class went to Hartlepool food bank to take food that had been collected in school over lent. (21.05.19)


We all enjoyed a day playing Kwik Cricket at Hartlepool Cricket Club. Springwell came 1st place! Everyone had lots of fun in the sun! (22.05.19)
 Elephant class enjoyed a climbing trip to Scugdale. We climbed over and under lots of big rocks. We also used a harness to abseil the rock faces. We all had lots of fun climbing with our class friends and we were very brave. Well done Elephants! (4.6.19)
Elephant class have read the book 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' in literacy and we really enjoyed reading it together. We worked collaboratively to produce a display of Bradley's good and bad characteristics and also discussed how his behaviour changed throughout the story. Good work elephants!
Elephant Class had many wonderful experiences during our trip to the Jorvik Centre. On our arrival to York we visited the Dig Centre where we learned all about the Vikings, what they ate, what they wore and how they prepare for battle. We all dressed in Viking style clothes, they were very itchy and made out of wool. Then we walked to the Jorvik Centre where we looked at actual 1000-year-old Viking artifacts. We also enjoyed a ride around a simulated Viking street with life-like models. We had an amazing time. (19.06.19)
Lewis, Lilly and Emily from Elephant Class went on a canoeing trip with Summerhill staff. They learnt how to use an oar to help move the canoe and enjoyed playing team games with other classes. We had lots of fun!  (1.7.19)

Miles for Men run (05.07.19)


Elephant Class took part in sports day in school. They all tried very hard and took part in all the activities. Well done elephants!

16.7.2019 Elephant Class enjoyed their end of term visit to Tweddle Farm. We did lots of activities including; a tractor ride, barrel ride, animal petting, soft play, go karts and pillow jumping! We had a brilliant day!