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Let your child listen to this hello song every day and support your child to join in with the actions e.g. waving their hand to say hello, clap their hands, stretch up high and stamp their feet etc.

Hello Hello! Can You Clap Your Hands?

When watching this song with your child - emphasis singing quietly, loudly and at a fast pace. Ask you child: 'What day is it today?'

After listening to this weather song each day, encourage your child to look out the window or better still, go outside and ask your child: 'What is the weather like today?'

Let you child watch this everyday and encourage them to communicate to you, how they are feeling e.g. happy, sad, excited, upset, ok, frightened, cheeky, shocked, angry etc.

"How Are You Feeling" is a song to help children learn how to express their emotions and feelings that ultimately affect their behaviors.

Well Being & Relaxation - Try doing this sensory 'Weather Story' massage on your child.


Mirror Play

Position your child in front of the mirror so that they can see both their reflection and your reflection.

  •  Imitation - make funny faces in the mirror and see if they do the same (wrinkle nose, stick out tongue, widen eyes, etc).
  • Copy their funny faces.
  • Point to your nose, hair, eyes, etc and name them. This helps to learn the names of body parts.
  • Put on glasses, hats, jewellery, make marks on face with make up or sauces. How do they respond?