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Welcome to Pangolin Class


We are excited to be back in school and are looking forward to welcoming the Pangolins back. We will be in our Pangolin bubble for the day and will be regularly washing hands and cleaning surfaces as well as having fun and learning too.


Our school day will be a little different for now,  our start time is 8.40am and we finish at 2.50pm. 

Transport will be in touch to arrange pick up times with you.


Please could you send your child in clean clothes each day with spare clothes that we can keep in school. We also ask that you send in a packet of nappies at the start of term which we will store in our class bathroom.


At the moment, parents and carers are unable to come into school so any messages can be written in the Home School Books or a message can be left at the school office. Calls can only be returned at the end of the day due our class bubble.


We will be having lunch in class and we ask that there are NO NUTS OR SEEDS in any packed lunches due to allergies. Thank you.


We are unable to go swimming at the moment but we will let you know when this starts again. We are all excited for our new hydrotherapy pool in school. There are photos on our Facebook Page.



Janis - Class Teacher


Sandra, Sue, Karen our Teaching Assistants

Niamh our Apprentice

Tracey our Dinner Staff


We also supported by Cheryl and Kyra with our Speech and Language Therapy.










Pangolin Class follow the Sparkle Curriculum which is a sensory, play based curriculum. Each child has their own personalised objectives which are worked on daily through play and adult led activities.


Outside Play is important and we have access to our garden throughout the day.

We also access the trampoline for Rebound Therapy weekly.

We also have swimming and use the hydrotherapy pool (not at the present moment due to COVID-19)

These activities help the children develop their independence skills of dressing and undressing.

 Visits to the community are also part of our curriculum, again not at the moment due to COVID-19


We will update the page showing you some of our activities throughout the term.

Our Activities for Autumn Term First Half Term

 Our First Week Back at School.


 The Pangolins are happy to be back at school. We have had a busy week, rebound therapy and outside play.  We have painted some monkeys for our Jungle Jam display and exploring the cause and effect toys in class.


Our First Week Back.

We enjoyed mark making in the shaving foam this week.

As part of our early writing activities, Pangolins enjoy a wide range of sensory mark making including shaving foam, painting and colouring with pencils and crayons.

We have enjoyed cookery sessions in class and made some bread. We explored the flour and the dough. We were unsure of the texture of the dough but we all touched it. Well done Pangolins.

One of our favourite activities is to sing number rhymes with all our props.

We have worked really hard on developing on our communication skills. We use our PECs books to request our breakfast and lunch foods. We are starting to work on requesting some items to play with.