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                                                  Welcome to Jaguar Class!!



Teacher: Sarah

HTLA: Annette

Teaching Assistants:-  Allison, Kay and Lyn

Lucy is our apprentice.


Important Information:-


Jaguar class staff are really looking forward to welcoming the children back into school. We will be staying in our "Jaguar Bubble" for the day and will be regularly washing hands and cleaning surfaces as well as learning and having lots of fun!


Our start times are now 8.50 am and our finish time is now 3.00pm.



Start and End of Day Arrangements:-

Jaguar Class will promptly start school at 8.50am.


Jaguar Class will finish school promptly at 3.00pm.


The children in Jaguar Class who are usually transported to and from school via bus will be travelling in class bubbles.


Parents and carers who transport their children to school will be greeted by a member of staff within the school grounds at 8.50am and 3.00pm. Social distancing between adults and staff must be adhered to at all times. Parents/carers must stay outside of the school building.


Whole School Opening Arrangements from the 2nd of September 2020:-

Attendance is mandatory. Parents and carers are expected to send their children to school unless they are ill.

If your child, or a member of your household, shows any symptoms, they must not attend school and must isolate at home.

Please take your child's temperature each morning and do not send them to school if it is 37.8 or above.

All classes will continue to be "cocooned." Jaguar Class children and staff will remain in their own little bubble, in their class/outside area throughout most of the day.

Initially, there will be no swimming, soft play, assemblies or out of school trips. We hope to resume these soon.

Handwashing will occur regularly throughout the day.

Social distancing will be followed as much as possible.

There will be hot school dinners available and they will be eaten in class.

At the moment, parents and carers are unable to come into our school building so any messages can be written in the children's orange "Home School Books." Please telephone school if you require any further information or want to speak  to a member of staff.


I know that this is a lot to digest, but please ask if you are unsure.

I look forward to seeing you all soon,

Sarah and the staff in Jaguar Class.








Please find our topic web for this term's topic, Entertainment, below:-







Here are the Jaguars Singing in the Rain today!

Here we are at the swings on Thursday the 8th of October. We had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed being outside.

13th of October.

Today, we completed some History. Our topic for this term is Clothes.  We talked about all of the things we had discussed earlier in the term; our school uniform, our favourite clothes and what we wore when we were little. Today, we talked about and dressed up in some very old clothes that we had borrowed from the museum. We all dressed up in several outfits and had a very happy time wearing the costumes and talking about what they were called and who would have worn them.


Tree Planting  -    19.11.20-


Today, Jaguar class went outside onto the field to plant some trees. We had a lot of fun but it was very cold! We managed to plant a tree each and then we left the rest of the planting to a couple of  friends  who turned up!

Week beginning- 30.11.20


Emmie Wood.

Emmie is our Star of the Week this week!

Emmie has displayed some  excellent waiting skills this week. We are very proud of her in Jaguar Class!

   Wednesday the 6th of January.

Hello Jaguars!

I am sorry that I haven't seen many of you today but I have spoken to all of your Mums and Dads.

As you are aware, we are now going to school  for alternate weeks. Jaguar class will be in school next week for those parents who agreed to send in their children . Some children will have work given out to them in the next couple of days. If you have any questions at all, or any worries, please use my email address to contact me. My address is:-

I will be posting work on here daily for your child to complete if they are at home.

Here is our topic web for this term on Extreme Earth. Please feel free to try any of the activities that you feel are appropriate during this term.


Literacy- First thing in the morning, it would be our Literacy Lesson. Please can you watch "The Gruffalo's Child." This will be our class text for the next few weeks. You can find this story on BBC iplayer. If you have this book at home, then this is even better. When you have watched, or read the story, please can you draw of picture of the Gruffalo's Child? If you can, please can you then write a sentence , or a word, about the Gruffalo's Child? Please practise your handwriting and remember your finger spaces!


Next it would be P.E. Please can you go out for a walk, maybe to a shop, or to the park? Remember to wrap up warm as it is cold at the moment! You could go to the swings to play if you are lucky enough to have some swings near your house. If you don't want to go that far, you could always play outside your house.


This afternoon, it would be time for some Numeracy. Please can you do some counting? You could count your toys or you could count your steps around your house, both upstairs and downstairs. 

If you can, you can then complete some addition sums. You can use numbers up to 20 if you can. Please write these down if you are able.

Take care Jaguars.

Thursday the 7th of January-

Hello Jaguars!


This morning, in Literacy, we are going  to get ready for our Computing lessons later on in the term.  Please can you have a go at using some positional language? Please can you-

Put something under a chair?

Put something in a cup?

Put something on the stairs?

Put something behind your Mum or Dad?

Please practise these a few times so that you can do them really quickly - you could even time yourself!


Food Technology - 

Today, we would usually go to the technology room to make some food. Please can you help your Mum or Dad to make your lunch? You could help to make a sandwich or some toast. Don't forget your drink! 



Please can you practise your handwriting skills? 

Remember to warm up your shoulders and fingers first!

Begin by writing your first name and then move on to copy your second name-remember your capital letters for the first letter.

Then you could write the names of the members of your family.

You could then write some other words that you know.

Take care mighty Jags!


Friday the 8th of January-

Hello Jaguars!



Read  "The Gruffalo's Child" again together or watch it on Youtube again.

This time, please can you point to and name all of the animals that you can see in the story?

Then , can you write down their names?

After this, please write down something that the animal can do; for example, The snake can slither.



We are going to think again about adding today. Please watch "Numberblocks - Learn to count Adding Numbers." This can be found on Youtube.

When you have watched this, please practise adding some numbers together. You can do this by adding together objects such as socks or shoes, or, if you can, you could add some numbers together formally using both the addition  and equals signs.


This afternoon , I think you deserve some relaxation time. Please have a go at Cosmic Kids which again can be found on Youtube. You can watch any episode you like. We have done this a few times now in class, so the children are used to this. Relax and enjoy yourselves!


Have a fantastic weekend Jaguars and I will see some of you next week.

Take care,

Love Sarah.

Monday the 11th of January-

Good morning Jaguars!

I hope that you are all well. I will be ringing Mums and Dads this week to check that you are all ok.

I am looking forward to seeing some of you this week.


This morning we are going to complete some Phonics work. Our letter for this week is "n."

Please watch Jolly Phonics which can be found on Youtube and practise the "n" action of an aeroplane. This is Jolly Phonics A-Z where they sing all of the letter songs. When you have done this, please practise writing the letter "n" as many times as you can. Check it is not too big!

Then, please can you find something in your house that begins with "n." When you have , please can you draw a picture of this and write down the word. If you are feeling really confident, you could write a sentence with the word inside it. Please remember your capital letter and your finger spaces.

Finally, please read the reading book that was sent home in your pack. This is really important. If this has gone missing, or you have read it lots of times, I can send another one home.



This morning, we are going to complete some more counting and, this time, taking away. Please count to the highest number that you can. Can you write down any of these numbers? Try to write them in order.

Next, please can you practise some taking away? You can do this practically by  gathering together some books or coins and removing some. If you can, you can move on to record this formally like this;

10-7= 3.



Finally, please read, or watch, "The Gruffalo's Child" again with your child. Then, please could you sequence the events of the story? There is a sheet below for you to print off which asks you to number the pictures in the correct order, or you could simply draw the animals that arrive in the correct order.



Take care Jaguars,



The Gruffalo Story sequencing

Tuesday the 12th of January.

Morning Jaguars!

It has been lovely to see some of you this week and to speak to Mums and Dads.


This morning we will be singing some counting songs and writing some numbers. We sing counting songs every day in class so the children will be used to this. The songs can be found on Google under BBC Nursery Rhymes A-Z. Some examples of the songs are "Five Little Apples" and "Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer."

Next, we will be moving on to writing  numbers. Please help your child by showing them how to form the number first and then asking them to copy the numbers themselves. You can write the numbers in order, as far as you can, or you can write them in a pattern.



We will be returning to our phonics letter of the week today. Can your child remember the letter of the week? Please watch the "Jolly Phonics" clip again and practise the letter "n" sound and action. Please practise the letter again writing the letter shape in the air and then onto paper. You can use pencils or felt-tips. Please then write some letter "n" words into a sentence. Your child can copy your sentence or write their own if they are able.


Art -

This afternoon, we are going to make some patterns in some clay as part of our Sculpture topic. This is the beginning of  our new Art topic.

If you have Playdough at home you can use this  or you can make your own Salt Dough recipe. The recipe is at the bottom of this page. Then you can make some patterns in the dough using simple household objects.

If you are unable to do any of this, you could make some of your own patterns on paper using crayons.

Take care Jags,




Salt Dough Recipe

Wednesday the 13th of January-

Good Morning Jags!

I hope you are all feeling well.



This will be our last look at the letter "n" this week. Please watch the "Jolly Phonics " clip again and complete the actions. Practise your letter formation first. Then, please draw some pictures of some words beginning with "n"  and then write the word to match. If you are struggling to write the words, then write over  the words written by your Mum or Dad. 



It is time for P.E. again this week. Please try to go outside for a walk or a run today. Just try to keep busy playing for a few minutes outside. You will need to do this to keep warm! You could play in your garden if you can, or you could go outside to a park or to the beach to exercise. Just be careful you don't slip on the ice.



We are going to be looking at a new topic today. We are going to be thinking about holidays. Have a chat to your Mum or Dad about any holidays that you have been on. Where did you go? How did you get there? Who did you go with? Now, have a look at the powerpoint below. Talk to your Mum or Dad about each page.

Well done Jags .

Take good care,


Thursday the 14th of January-

Good Morning Jags!

I hope you are all well today.


Numeracy - 

It will be Numeracy first this morning. Please practise your counting this morning. Please count forwards as far as you can and then count backwards until you reach 0 again.

Then it is time to look at subtraction again. Remember to use the words subtraction, or taking-away, and equals, when you get to the answer. Practise taking away  first with real objects. These can be anything you can find in the house. Then move on to recording your answers, if you can, on paper. Just try your very best and ask Mum or Dad for help if you need it.


Food Technology -

We are going to the cookery room this morning to make Gruffalo Crumble. Please help Mum or Dad to make something in the kitchen. It could be your lunch, or tea, or even your breakfast.  Try to be as helpful as you can. 

If you would like to make the crumble, the recipe is at the bottom of this page. If you make it, you could always send a picture to me using my email address.



This is the first lesson of our Science topic which is called Seashore and Ocean. Today we are going to talk about the beach. Who has been to the seaside? Who did you go with? What did you do there? Please draw or paint me a picture of the beach you visited. You could always send it into school for me to see.

Take care Jaguars,



Friday the 15th of January-

Morning Jaguars!

It is Friday today!


Please read your reading book today. If you have read your reading book, please read another book that you love at home. Please read with your Mum or Dad and talk about the book together. Look at the pictures together. Talk about what you can see.  Let your Mum and Dad ask you some questions about the story. Try to read some of the words yourself if you can. 

I have sent another reading book home this week but if you need some more, please email me and I will see what I can sort out. I would love to see some pictures of you reading together!


Speaking and Listening-

Please look at a picture of the seaside together. This ties in with our Science topic on the Seashore and Oceans. I have had a look on Google and there are lots of pictures of the seaside and beaches there. Talk with your Mum and Dad about the picture. 

What can you see?

Are there any children in the picture? 

What are they doing?

What is the weather like?

Can you spot any animals?

Can you see any ice cream?

I hope you enjoy this activity together.



Please relax this afternoon and have a go at Cosmic Kids again. You will find this on Youtube. Please watch any episode that you like the look of.

Have a lovely weekend Jags.

Stay safe,




Monday the 18th of January-

Good Morning Jaguars.

I hope you are all safe and have had a lovely weekend.


Please read "The Gruffalo's Child" again or watch it on Youtube. Please ask some questions about the story to check your child's understanding. 

Today, please ask your child to draw a picture from the story and to write a word or sentence to match the picture. This is so that we can check whether your child understands the difference between writing and a picture. They can write over your word, write their own word or write their own sentence.


We are going to practise our addition skills again today. Please begin by adding up objects that you can find around your house. Then you can move on to recording your answers. You can do this by adding up some numbers to 10 and recording them on paper. If this is too easy, then you can move on to more complex recording by carrying some numbers over that are bigger than 10. These need setting out in columns. If this is too tricky, please do not hesitate to ask when I ring you later.

P.E. - 

Please use this link that has been passed on to us. It is easy to use and each block has instructions underneath it when you click on it.

Good luck my lovely Jags!

Take care,



Tuesday the 19th of January-

Morning Jags. I hope you are all well and safe.


This morning we will be singing some counting songs and writing some numbers. We sing counting songs every day in class so the children will be used to this. The songs can be found on Google under BBC Nursery Rhymes A-Z. Some examples of the songs are "1,2,3,4,5, Once I caught a fish alive" and "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed."

Next, we will be moving on to writing  numbers. Please help your child by showing them how to form the number first and then asking them to copy the numbers themselves. You can write the numbers in order, as far as you can, or you can write them in a pattern.



Please read "The Gruffalo's Child" again to your child or watch this on Iplayer. Today, please can you ask your child to name their favourite animal in the book? Then, please can you ask them to write down the name of the animal and describe the animal on paper? The children can either write over your words, write a word themselves or write a sentence. Concentrate carefully on forming the letters properly and using finger spaces. Please draw a picture to match if you have any extra time.


Art -

This afternoon, we are going to continue our art work as part of our Sculpture topic. This is the second lesson in our new Art topic.

If you have Playdough at home you can use this  or you can make your own Salt Dough recipe. The recipe is available earlier on this page. 

Next, talk to the children about facial features and look at drawings/photographs of faces.  Using dough create a  face, adding additional dough pieces to the face.

If you haven't any dough, then please just draw and colour a picture of a face. 


Take care my lovely Jags,



Wednesday the 20th of January-

Good Morning Jaguars.

I hope you are all well. I  am missing you all a  lot.


This morning in Literacy we are going to complete two jobs.

First, please read your reading book. Read this book with your Mum or Dad. Look at the pictures together and talk about what you can see. Please try to sound-out some of the words if you can. Can you answer any questions about the book?

Next, please can you practise your handwriting skills? Remember to warm-up your shoulders, hands and fingers first before you begin. Please practise your name first. Can you write both your first and second names? Then, please practise some new words that you have read, perhaps some new words from your reading book?



Please have a go at getting out and about if you can today. Remember your wellies if it is raining outside! Have a play outside or have a walk to a park if you can. If you can't manage this, please have a look at the PE activities from earlier in the week or have a look at the Joe Wicks sessions which can be found on the internet.



Today in History we are going to think about holidays again. Please have a think about a seaside holiday that you have been on. Have you been to the seaside in our town? Who did you go to the seaside with? Which were your favourite things to do there? Have your Mum and Dad been on  seaside holiday? Can they tell you about this holiday? Please draw a picture, if you can, of the seaside that you visited.


Take care Jaguars,



Thursday the 21st of January-

Good morning Jags! I hope that you re all well. I have spoken to lots of Mums and Dads this morning and they are all telling me how well you are all doing. Keep going Jaguars!


This morning, please begin by counting as far as you can. Then, count backwards from your last number. Next, return again to addition and the work you did earlier in the week. You can add some numbers practically together or move on to adding in a single column or even two columns and carrying some numbers over. Remember to write down some of your answers if you can and save them to bring them into me in school.


Food Technology - 

This morning, please help your Mum and Dad to prepare a snack for breakfast or for your lunch. What about some scrambled eggs, or a boiled egg and some soldiers, or some cheese on toast? Don't forget to ask for some help from your Mum or Dad.



This afternoon, we shall have a think about the Seashore and Ocean again. Have a look on Google to see what you can find out about sea creatures. Can you name any of the sea creatures? Please can you talk to your Mum or Dad about the creatures and what you can find out about them? Then, draw a picture of your favourite creature and write down what it is called.

Thank you Jaguars,


Friday the 22nd  of January-

Good Morning.

What a week it has been Jaguars! It has been very wet and very cold. I hope you are all keeping warm.


Please have a look at the sheets attached below. They are all linked to the story of "The Gruffalo's Child." You could read the story first again if you would like to . Have a go at the first sheet . The children could write out the sentences and fill in the missing words or they could simply point to the word that fills in the gap correctly. If you can, you can print the sheets out. Please don't worry about the other sheets. If you would like to ,you can use them later.



Speaking and Listening-

Have a talk today with your Mum or Dad about the week you have had.

What has been your favourite part of the week?

If you came into school, what did you do that you liked the best?

Have you seen any other members of your family this week?

Perhaps you could make a card to send to someone you haven't seen for a while?


Golden Time-

It would usually be Golden Time on a Friday afternoon if we were all in school together. Think of an activity this afternoon that could help you to relax. Perhaps you could play with your favourite toy, or go for a walk or complete a jigsaw - whatever you think could help you relax.

Have a lovely weekend Jaguars and take good care,