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Summer Term

Our wonderful Toucan has been so wonderful this week that she was awarded, 'The Wonderful Award'. We are very proud!

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Toucan class joined forces with our neighbours, Caiman class, to put on a spectacular assembly. Our story in Literacy was, The Tiger Who Came To Tea. The children have listened to the story and completed a wide range of activities linked to the story. It has become a firm favourite with both classes! We invited all of the children's parents along to join in and enjoy our interactive assembly. Everyone one had a great time. The children did a lovely job!

Making Pizza 21/05/2024

Lets make pizza! Toucans had an amazing time making pizza today. Each of the children placed their ingredients on their own base. They did a really great job spreading the tomato puree and sprinkling the cheese over the top. Some of the children chose pepperoni to add to their pizza too. Don't they look scrumptious?

Art 17/05/2024

Today, the children have created wonderful, vegetable collages in theme with our current topic, Healthy and Active Lives. Each child chose from a selection of pictures to create their own unique picture. Didn't they do a great job?

Literacy 15/05/2024

After reading our story, 'Grow strong', the children completed an activity around the table. They were each given a plate, split into 3 sections, just like the plates in the story! The children chose from a selection of pictures and matched them to the correct section on the plate. They had to match the pictures to the words eat, move and sleep. They all did an amazing job! Well done Toucans.

Maths - 10/05/2024

Our topic this term is 'Healthy and Active Lives'. This morning in maths the children were asked to match the colour that was on our whiteboard, to the corresponding PEC's symbol in their book. Afterwards, the children had an activity at the table. Each child used their PECs strip to request which colored pencil they would like to make marks on their paper. Good job Toucan class!



8.5.24 - Toucan class did some dancing today in PE. We played with the instruments and then danced along to the animal songs on the interactive whiteboard.




Today the children had a wonderful experience with the theatre group, Bamboozle. Members of the cast visited our classroom and performed part of their show. It was a fully immersive show and the children were encouraged to be free and be as involved in the performance as they wanted. All of the children loved the experience. They interacted with the performers and their musical instruments. Some of the children danced along to the songs too. We all had such an amazing time.

22.4.24 Toucan class chopped up lots of vegetables today in our DT lesson, this helped with fine motor skills and linked to our new termly topic of Healthy and Active Lives.

19.4.24 - Toucan class made tiger masks to link with our new class story "The tiger who came to tea", everyone loved painting!