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Morning Dragons,


Here are today's lessons and activities:


Lexia: Please try to access Lexia for 20-30 minutes a day as this will help with your child’s phonics and reading comprehension.


Daily Mile: exercise for 15 minutes – make up your own exciting ways to keep fit!


Maths: Recap using objects to practice sharing different amounts into equal groups of two (group 1), four (group 2 & 3 and three (group 4).


Complete the following worksheets:


Group 1: Finding fractions - page 1

Group 2 & 3: Finding fractions - page 3/4

Group 4: Fractions of amounts to 50

Extension: practice writing different fractions in number (1/2) and words (half).


Literacy: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Read ‘Mr Willy Wonka’


What kind of person do you think Mr Willy Wonka is? Why has he invited children in to his chocolate factory? Why did he have to close his factory in the first place? Do you think he is trying to be kind and friendly or just advertising his chocolate so he sells more? Do you think he sold more chocolate while the golden tickets were waiting to be found?


Show a picture of Willy Wonka (use the book). What have we found out about him by reading this chapter?


Group 1: Draw a picture of Willy Wonka and use adjectives to describe him.

Group 2: Write three tick sentences to describe Willy Wonka (Draw a picture of Willy Wonka).

Group 3: Write a description of Willy Wonka. Use sentence starters; The man had.....His face was ...... When I looked closer I noticed that .... The coat he wore was ......

Group 4: Use some sentences starters from above and consider the following points when describing Willy Wonka e.g. appearance, personality, actions.


See below ‘Marking Code’ for three/four/five tick sentences.

Phonics - see below worksheets:


Group 1 (page 3) & 2 (page 2): Complete page 3 of ‘oa’ sound booklet. 

Group 3: Complete the ‘tr’ worksheet.

Group 4: Complete the ‘ie’ worksheet.

Handwriting: Complete the next page of your handwriting booklet.


Computing: Safer Internet Day

This year's theme is:  

An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world. 

Together for a better internet.


BBC are showing a live lesson at 11am today! Please watch the live lesson and complete the activities below:


Group 1 & 2: Safer Internet BBC Live Lesson KS1

Group 3 & 4: Interactive Safer Internet Day 2021 Activity KS2

Enjoy today’s lessons and activities!


Take care.