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Extol Multi Academy Trust was formed in 2013; it is based in the North East of England, where it has developed a partnership of schools within the Tees and Wear Valley community.

The Trust’s conception was driven by a passion and a moral belief that all pupils deserve to attend a “stand out school”, where they flourish personally, academically and socially.

Extol’s vision is simple, we believe that by schools working in collaboration within a trusting partnership, sustainable “stand out schools”, which develop young people who achieve highly and are well-rounded ambitious individuals, equipped in all respects for a modern, diverse society can be a reality.

I am delighted and extremely proud to be the CEO/Executive Headteacher of the Trust, as I know the Trust was formed on a strong principle of integrity and ethics; these are non-negotiable and shape the way we work with individual school communities, as well as how our schools work together in partnership.

We are an ambitious Trust and look forward to developing partnerships with like-minded schools.



The strap line of Inspiration, Excellence and Partnership underpins our ethos and values.


Extol is a MAT that inspires all of its schools to outstanding school status; to be that “stand out school”; we constantly seek inspiration from local, national and international initiatives/research and passionately believe that by investing in our workforce we develop an inspiring, professional team.


Excellent leadership, pedagogy and the sharing of best-practice across the Trust ensures that pupils have an outstanding and enriching educational experience.


Each school within the Trust is celebrated and recognised for its strengths, we believe that a true partnership allows us to learn with and from each other.


Julie Deville - CEO


Company number of the trust      08561360

Registered office address of the trust   Extol Academy Trust, Eldon Grove Academy, Eldon Grove, Hartlepool, TS26 9LY

Part of the UK the trust is registered i.e England and Wales   England and Wales